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Review #1, by Laughing_My_Tail_Of Heroes

30th August 2009:
i loved this one ! :D it made me cry!!

Author's Response: Really? Wow, thanks! I think thats the greatest compliment a writer can receive. Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #2, by PotterGirl75 Heroes

9th March 2008:
Interesting, i like it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so, thanks.

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Review #3, by Demi Heroes

22nd June 2006:
This is a wonderful one-shot - very riveting. I enjoyed seeing the darker side of Harry. You're particularly strong at making the characters seem more real and relateable. Brilliant.

Author's Response: Thank you! I loved writing this because its so different to everything else I've written and it was definitely a challenge.

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Review #4, by Leah Heroes

30th December 2005:
Well I´m reviewing everything you write cause it´s always brilliant and you´re one of the authors who actually responds to the things I write which I think is awesome.keep it up!gotta go so bye! oh and how´s silly men so far?I really hope you still consider writing it cause stupid boys was fantastic!

Author's Response: Hi again! I like to respond to everything cos I think its the least I can do when people make the effort to review. And sometimes people ask me questions which I'd forget to answer in a authors note so its a good place to reply. Oh, and Silly Men is on the back burner at the moment because I'm trying desperately to finish 'Stealing Sheep' before anything else. However, my friend Leila was desperate to do a sequel of sorts to Stupid Boys, and I'll be beta-ing that for her when she's done, so I'll post that up here.

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Review #5, by Tina Heroes

26th December 2005:
Damn that was good, I especially liked the ending, I kind of leaves you to wonder...

Author's Response: Thanks! That was my main aim with that ending...leave it open to interpretation. I personally like to think its a positive ending, that Harry had a bit more confidence in himself and that he was ready to go defeat Voldemort. However, my friend thought that it meant Harry was going to go off and commit suicide so really it all is in the interpretation.

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Review #6, by Leah Heroes

19th December 2005:
OMG, it´s so awesome! I love that it´s from Jack´s point of view! Great!!!!! you´re writing is amazing!hope you update any new stories soon!I´ll be there to review!!

Author's Response: Wow!! Thanks so much! You review everything I write and I'm so flattered. I'm really glad that you liked this story- I think its one of the best things I've written.

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Review #7, by Limpet Heroes

2nd December 2005:
That was... incredible. As always. You have different ideas for writing that makes you stand out beyond EVERYONE. I adore your writing. ADOORREE it. Now, update Stealing Sheep or i'm afraid i'll send a terrible plague upon your house.

Author's Response: Wow, thankyou! That is such a wonderful compliment! Any writer wants to be told that they stand out from the rest in any small way (but unfortunately, for me its usually just my mother saying it). Thanks so much for the lovely comments and I promise Stealing Sheep is on its way...

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Review #8, by thechosenone Heroes

30th November 2005:
that was written very well! good story, i love it!

Author's Response: Thankyou!!!

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Review #9, by thechosenone Heroes

30th November 2005:
that was written very well! good story, i love it!

Author's Response: Er...I'm sure I've already replied to this comment..Oh well, thanks!

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Review #10, by lucky friday 13 Heroes

27th November 2005:
yummmy. looove it. great! keep on going, darling!

Author's Response: ooh thanks!

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Review #11, by Hobbits01 Heroes

27th November 2005:
Now that was cool. Bloody amazing. It kept me hooked through the entire thing, which is kind of hard to do. I especially liked the ending, where the bartender realized who the boy was. The last line brought it all together nicely. The characterization was also great; it was an all around great fic. I hope you'll r/r my fics!

Author's Response: Wow, that was a wonderful review- my very first one for this story as well- thank you so much!

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