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Review #1, by KitKat Boulevard of Broken Dreams

24th December 2005:
awwww...sad-ness....very well written suicidal fic...not that suicide is's's bad...okay i'm gonna stop rambaling now &!!!

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Review #2, by WhiteRoseBlackSky Boulevard of Broken Dreams

8th December 2005:
oh god, that's so sad! i loved it, write again, it was beautiful and just so awfully tragic!!

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Review #3, by Diyallah Boulevard of Broken Dreams

5th December 2005:
well, this fic is quite touching...sad...well atleast he got to b with the ones he LOVES. not get the oicture, You should write more.

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Review #4, by ronxdraco Boulevard of Broken Dreams

3rd December 2005:
Awwww that was sooo....sad......sucide sucks......I love the story...though it was pretty short!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! ya suicide is a really sad thing.... thanks for your review!

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Review #5, by Jennifer Hollis Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:
I thought for your first song-fic it was a good go as well as first angst. But...and I mean this 'but' in the nicest way possible as I am a firm believer in constructive criticism and improvement of writing: I think it would be wonderful if you put a bit more thought into what Ron was feeling. Maybe do a flashback sequence to divulge in what happened with Harry and Hermione...something of the sort. The song is also great for what you're trying to tell and I do love Green Day and this song works will with what you're trying to get across. Keep writing and keep up the great work! *loffs all around* -Jen

Author's Response: thank you for your advice!! i really like you idea for the time i will definatley consider it!!! thank you again!

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Review #6, by Leafscar Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:
it was good, plus i like that song, plus i like ron. but sad, because he died. poor ron. hermione died for him, so sweet. thats all i have to say, hope you liked my review.

Author's Response: yes i liked tyour review!!! thank you so much!!

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Review #7, by bahh_jo Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:
That story made me cry :( I love it. It's amazing! Oh my. I'm absolutly speachless. It's an amazing song for such a story. Aww, Im so sad now.It was such a great, wow, so speachless. Amazed. Crestfallen. So speachless. Keep it up.Cheers. -bahh_jo (Joanna)

Author's Response: wow i was speechless when i read your review because i didn't actually think that people would cry over it and think it was that amazing...thank you so much!!!!

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Review #8, by roselilah Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:
*sniff sniff* this is so sad! every one dies! awsome story though! love the song!

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it

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Review #9, by tonya_malfoy Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:

Okay, I really, really love songfics. And I really, really love Green Day. So, don't think any of my Constructive Critisism is for either of those excuses. :D

First off, let me tell you, for your first time writing a songfic and an angst fic. That was pretty good.

The reason I say pretty good, because it could use some work. *means taht in the NICEST way possible*

Your fic's plot/overall writing is really good. But I really would have liked this better if you had written more. I felt that it was too short to get a GOOD grasp on what Ron was feeling.

To go further on that last part. Dude, Ron just lost everyone in the world that he loves, I think he would be a little more emotional. You seem to have a block in the way of Ron's emotions. (That's how I felt.)

As far as the songfic itself, here is what I think. I think you are using the lyrics WAY too much. You are making the lyrics tell your story. What you should be doing is, telling your story...but the lyrics kind of uphold it. That is what makes a good songfic. (Once again, my opinion.)

Overall, this was a good fic. Your grammar and spelling are really nice, and easy to understand. I can't stand reading fics where the person has written in half internet slang. :P So, it made me happy to read a fic that didn't have that. :D Thanks for the nice read.

:hearts: Tonya

Please, remember that the contents of this review are not meant to be rude, mean, or cruel. They are meant for the soul purpose of improvement on the writer's behalf.

Author's Response: thank you! i really appreciate how much thought you put in to my review to help me when you don't even know me...and the constructive critism was really good and i will really take it to heart! thanks again!

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Review #10, by eileen Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:
you should try to think of another song to write

Author's Response: umm...sorry i don't understand what you mean by this review...if it's a different song for this story or just a new story...but thanks anyways for the review :)

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