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Review #1, by beautifullyfatal Lingerie Party

20th August 2007:
Did you do a one shot exactly like this except with draco ? cause i remember reading that and if you didn't there's one out there somewhere with the exact same words adn everything except with draco in place of harry

Author's Response: No I didn't write that story, it was actually someone who decided they'd steal my story and change Harry's name to Draco's but it just doesn't work and its also stealing, I've been trying 2 get her deleted for it ever since but the staff here are useless

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Review #2, by Sara Lingerie Party

27th June 2007:
Good story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Tell everyone you know 2 review, I feel lonely...

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Review #3, by Caboodle Lingerie Party

14th October 2006:
Hey, you like totally flamed my friend for a review she left on a story of yours that was pladgerised. Instead of complaining about your story having been taken from you and messed with have you actually thought to report it!

Author's Response: Yeah I did report it actually. Has she been deleted yet? I wouldn't be surprised if all her stories were stolen. I know my story wasn't amazing but it's still MY story.

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Review #4, by Glitterstar2 Lingerie Party

6th August 2006:
That was really good. I don't normally go for Harry/Hermione stuff but they way you wrote it made it not like the other ones I've read. Anyway I said I'd give you a reply so now I'm off to read and review your other stories :D. It is more or less impossible to get a ten from me so nine is normally my top score, just thought I'd let you know that :D. And just in case you didn't figure it out it's Bec...Your not gettin a review from yourself :D

Author's Response: Thnx V much

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Review #5, by amberg93 Lingerie Party

11th March 2006:

Author's Response: Glad ya think so!

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Review #6, by Sandra Lingerie Party

22nd February 2006:
this was really good. i'm not a fan of hermione and harry, but u wrote it really well. Graphical! I find it kinda hard 2 do one shots, thats why i think it's so good when others do it

Author's Response: I found this quite difficult to write to begin with but when I figured out exactly what I wanted to do it just flowed. Thanks for the review

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Review #7, by Ambur Black Lingerie Party

9th February 2006:
Good in detail and it really needs to happen in one the movies

Author's Response: I think it would definatley be a good idea but maybe a little too explicit for a PG film.

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Review #8, by choco_chick Lingerie Party

2nd February 2006:
awesome story.

Author's Response: I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Review #9, by ererer Lingerie Party

26th January 2006:
its horrible! no descriptive words at all. you should write about harry being attracted to hermoine's physical beauty first. what a horrible piece

Author's Response: I'd like to see you do better. It's not horrible at all if it was I would have had loads of reviews like this and I haven't everyone else thinks it's great.

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Review #10, by tiffanylovesdan Lingerie Party

20th January 2006:
i loved it even though i'm not a big fan of hemione and harry being together, but i think this story has changed my mind about reading othes thanx

Author's Response: I'm happy to hear (read) that and I want to recomend several stories: Love Before Death, The Rage Of Potter, While The Cat's Away, Changes, Bewitched Senses. You can find more on the search pages. Happy Reading!

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Review #11, by zfvsdycc Lingerie Party

11th January 2006:
This story was pretty damn good but i love your humor stories

Author's Response: I might write another one but I don't think I have the patience. Sorry.

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Review #12, by Song_of_the_Phoenix Lingerie Party

8th January 2006:
I liked your story. ^^ It was a bit different and it was well written. I hope your other stories are good like this one.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #13, by Hermione_224 Lingerie Party

7th January 2006:
Brilliant and funny story.

Author's Response: I tried to make it as funny as possible at the end and that was the best I could do.

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Review #14, by Ginny Is My Love Lingerie Party

4th January 2006:
Nice story glitter. (im obviously a guy) You've earned a spot on my revered favriot authors list lol.

Author's Response: I have other stories. Read them and I will answer your request. A girl/girl story? If you were a girl I wouldn't bat an eye but seeing as you are not I think you need a porn site not fanfiction. But I will write it anyway.

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Review #15, by gingercat Lingerie Party

1st January 2006:
more please

Author's Response: Sorry this is definately staying a one-shot but I am working on two more stories one of which will be James Potter's diary

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Review #16, by xAbix Lingerie Party

23rd December 2005:
Oooooh i loved this totally orgasmic lol that wasnt meant to sound wrong! Ure w wkd writer lv abi XXX

Author's Response: Glad you liked it cause I definately enjoyed writing it

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Review #17, by sophie_masson Lingerie Party

10th December 2005:
great story . i love a story with so much information expeshly sex storys they are my favourite can you maybe write a sex story with 1 chapter about the same length but with ginny and harry . thanks. oh and read my story plz it's called Dracos Romance

Author's Response: I would but I am a very strong Harry/Hermione shipper either that or Harry/Draco but I will read your story

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Review #18, by Smells Like Team Spirit Lingerie Party

5th December 2005:
whoops i get it kmow i missed a bit sorry youll kill me for that great story jodie trust me i wont critiise you big thumbs up to you and a pat on the back and a cherry on top i think ill shut up know

Author's Response: glad you liked it. i really thought you would hate it. Glitterstar2

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Review #19, by Smells Like Team Spirit Lingerie Party

5th December 2005:
it doesnt make sense whot happened to herr freinds harry and hermoine just made love in front of her freinds!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: No it says after the party I'm sure it does I'll check though. see ya

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Review #20, by Candace Lingerie Party

4th December 2005:

Author's Response: Glad ya like it

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Review #21, by Caity Lingerie Party

30th November 2005:
very nice one-shot!!

Author's Response: Glad you like it. I have another one called Hungry for the Wolf. It was my first fic so its short but its not bad. Luv Glitterstar2 x

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Review #22, by Shoghak Lingerie Party

29th November 2005:
Lol.. ver-ver nice. its kool how u thought of it. Heres an idea: write about Hermione/Draco and Harry/Ginny there nice combonations too

Author's Response: Thanls glad you like it! Might do a Hermione/Draco

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Review #23, by stephanie_potter Lingerie Party

28th November 2005:
eww jodie you've gone beyond you're limits! lol i cant exactly tell you i like this so i wont (no offence but its not exactly my kind of story) i'll c u at skool byeexxx p.s i'm the first reveiwer *whoops*

Author's Response: Read Hungry for the Wolf it's good. Glitterstar2 xxx

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