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Review #1, by Marauder Mcgonagall Mystery

30th June 2006:
*sniff* That was so beautiful. AD/MM stories are my absolute favourite!!!!
10/10 huge, gigantic stars!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by Rebekka Mystery

6th January 2006:
This was so incurably cute and fluffy. Ah, must love it. :) Well-written, nicely done, very sweet. I don't know what to say. It didn't have a lot of plot, but it didn't have to have. I loved the way you portrayed Dumbledore. He was well in character. McGonagall was a bit OOC, because she's actually quite tough and strict, but I guess she could be slightly weak, too, when it came to dancing and an old powerful wizard. I really enjoyed this piece and I think you're a very good writer. :) Good job, Lexi.

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Review #3, by nomikkin Mystery

9th December 2005:
Lexi, my love, i thought this was a very cute fic. something i never would have thought of; it was lovely. however (i know, the big H word), Dumbledore did seem to be a wee bit OOC. i can totally understand why you give him such a stern character feeling, however, if the war is over in this fic, i would imagine him to be a little more gentle with the bickering Heads of House. just a thought though. lol. loved it. great job. keep it up. much love! ;) ~nomikkin

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Review #4, by mallory Mystery

7th December 2005:
i think they should of kissed but it was great

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Review #5, by LostMaeblleshire (not logged in) Mystery

2nd December 2005:
Ah, I do adore a good Albus/Minerva story every so often, and this one was definitely excellent. The way you progressed up to the dance was great, and at the end, it was so sweet. Well done, m'dear.

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Review #6, by WickedWitch25 Mystery

28th November 2005:
First off, I was a little confused at the beginning. I wasn't sure if this was AU because I couldn't figure out what school year it was. You stated the year but not everyone knows what school year equals which real year. I only realized it was the trio's 7th when you said Hermione and Draco were head girl and boy. (How AU IS this? Draco head boy after what happened in HBP?)

I also must be just a little bit picky about the characters. They were OOC at some points.

Hereare a few typos: a year in which’s first half it hadn’t been too clear if it would already see Hogwarts’ doors open again. In paragraph 8, the word peace should be peaceful, I think. ;-) There are a few more but I won't pick at them all.

Now, to the dance. It was kind of odd that you made this Yule ball out of the blue. The Yule Ball is ONLY for the Triwizard Tournament. If I wer you, I'd rename it to another type of ball. The first part of it was speedy, but when you got to the dance it was like a whole different story. You described it beautifully. It was cute. :-)

Overall, I feel that this could have been better had you taken a little more time thinking it out. For example, you could of set this during the Yule Ball in GOF. It would have fit perfectly like that becuase it just would have been them dancing from Dumbledore's POV. So, good job. :-)

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