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Review #1, by Katty_1818 Dead?

21st January 2007:
i love the plot of this story.. i think its really good!!

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Review #2, by harryluvsginny Dead?

17th July 2006:
Okey-dokey then.......................................

Author's Response: um?

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Review #3, by XoX_Mrs_Potter_XoX Dead?

12th April 2006:
ok i love this to death i just want more NOW! please keep writing you are naturally gifted. i love the plot keep it up!!! i give you a 10!

Author's Response:
haha too bad

im naturally lazy too.

well i actually think.

I might write the next chapter today.

since im grounded

and only allowed on the computer

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Review #4, by katyb219 Dead?

6th March 2006:
Please hurry with the next chapter very good story!!!!

Author's Response: thanks love. will try

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Review #5, by Jessica Dead?

3rd March 2006:

Author's Response: thanks love

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Review #6, by fairyville Dead?

21st January 2006:
crazy story .... i love it !! lol why is harry making everyone think hs dead

Author's Response: lol like im going to tell? meh I cannot!! You'll see though

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Review #7, by ginny<3harry Dead?

1st January 2006:
a little confusing but i love it update soon!! :-)

Author's Response: THANKS! AND I SHALL!

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Review #8, by Squishy_Fred Dead?

30th December 2005:
Intriguing... hm.

Author's Response: ??

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Review #9, by TheHalfBloodPrincess Dead?

28th December 2005:
Good plot, short though. lol. I'm just racking my brain trying to figure out the big twist...

Author's Response: haha isn't every1/ I would post but it seems to not let. it just says look at review and profile and that kind of stuff

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Review #10, by kandy Dead?

27th December 2005:
OMG but why make everyone think he was dead updare soon

Author's Response: lol mauahah you'll see

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Review #11, by katyb219 Harry.

20th December 2005:
hurry with the next chapter!!!! Great story

Author's Response: lol thanks, im about to put it in

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Review #12, by Squishy_Fred Harry.

11th December 2005:
Interesting. Strange. I like it, though, lol. I think. Hm.

Author's Response: Thankies so much my beloved Squishy!!

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Review #13, by Munio Die'Metal Harry.

10th December 2005:
wonderfull...please write the next chapter quickly!!!!

Author's Response: Thankies so much!!

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Review #14, by shannon Harry.

7th December 2005:
write more!write more!it's very good.

Author's Response: lol thankies very much!

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Review #15, by trixter99 Harry.

6th December 2005:
OMG!!! i think this is my new favorite story!!! its so mean of you to give us that teaser and not keep goin!!!! :-p lol jk keep goin

Author's Response: lol thankies so much m'dear I had a good time writing it!! BTW you made my day

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Review #16, by ems25 Harry.

5th December 2005:
ok very weird but you have got this reader interested can't wait for your update

Author's Response: *bows* lol thanks very much!! my beta's got it right now, and I'll put it in when she sends it to me

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Review #17, by Neptuneuranus Harry.

2nd December 2005:
Pretty good

Author's Response: *bows* thank you very much

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Review #18, by Emma_Rules Harry.

1st December 2005:
Luv it!! Do you need a beta?

Author's Response: yes actully, if you intreted then click the thing where it says email in my profile lol

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Review #19, by harryrocks Harry.

1st December 2005:
loved it! keep it up!

Author's Response: lol thankies alot!!

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Review #20, by wvb Harry.

29th November 2005:
im liking it so far!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #21, by Miranda Harry.

29th November 2005:
really good. should write more.loved it

Author's Response: Thanks!!....again lmao

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Review #22, by Miranda Harry.

29th November 2005:
really good. should write more.loved it

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #23, by bobby Harry.

28th November 2005:
very good, can't wait till the next chapter. i liked it when harry was mad, idk why! it just intrigued me, haha. well, keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: lol thanks so much, its was kinda fun

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Review #24, by TheHalfBloodPrincess Harry.

28th November 2005:
Tis good. Keep it up! _^_

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #25, by Potter widow Harry.

28th November 2005:
Interesting story so far. A bit confusing when he puts her in bed, though. I think you've got his and hers mixed up, or I am that tired as I read this. I am looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Author's Response: lol okie im bit a confused with what you erm...okie? I think i got the edited and un-edited verison mixed up *dies*

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