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Review #1, by RnHrJenn Prologue

20th August 2007:
great start!

Author's Response: thanks♥AMW

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Review #2, by Charlies_Gal Waking Up

1st September 2006:
Apart from a few spelling mistakes, I think that was great.

You should definity write more and expand on this fic. Please don't give up on this fic.

Go on, do it for me.

How can you abandon an 11/10 fic like this one? Please reconsider. I have faith in you.

Author's Response: did you know I'm a sucker for guilt trips?! That's terrible! lol. Awh, now I'll feel horrible if I don't consider... alright alright, you've got me. I'll really try to pick this back up, but it'll be a while. I'll want to write a couple chapters before submiting, but I guess I'll work on it in my spare time...11/10? really? Wow. Well, thanks so much! ♥AMW

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Review #3, by Charlies_Gal Prologue

1st September 2006:
That was just way cool.

Why did you abandon a fic with such great potential to become one of the best ever written on this site?

Most people might say that I was being a suck-up or brown-noser but I have been reading since the age of three and I have a huge obsession with books so I think that I have some experience in this particular area. Seriously, there was no good reason that I can see as to why you haven't continued with this fic.

I don't read many Ron/Hermione fics coz I'm a Dramione fan but this is a great beginning to any fic.

I really feel that you should start this story up again. If you need any help or advice on this, you have my email address. It would be a real shame if you didn't continue with this.

Anyway contact me.

Author's Response: Awh, thanks so much! The ironic thing is, I was just thinking about this fic this morning, and I couldn't even remember the title. I liked the plot of this, butI gave up because I kinda got lost in my own plans and I also had two other multi length fics to work on. I also wasn't getting much response for readers, or really, many readers to reveiw in the first place. I might go back though, if I can find more to do with the plot. Thanks for the encouraging review!! ♥AMW

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Review #4, by fleur Waking Up

19th April 2006:
a little bit of constructive criticism...hermione's reaction after hearing about harry's death was quite unrealistic...i think she should have been more distraught. great story however.-fleur

Author's Response: yea i kno. i think imma delete this story! ♥AMW

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Review #5, by ginny Prologue

17th December 2005:
that was random bt cool add some more on id like 2 see how it turns out

Author's Response: thank you. the next chapter is written adn im on winter break, so it should be out soon. please leave areview for the next chappie 2! much love~AMW

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Review #6, by Celeste Prologue

1st December 2005:
That was awesome. I just don't like the fact Hermione is dying. But other than that its cool.

Author's Response: Yea, Hermione is so sick. But we couldnt haev the story without her, so you'll see., things will get better soon. Thanx for the reveiw. Much love~AMW

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Review #7, by spiffichick Prologue

29th November 2005:
it was very good-i like it!

Author's Response: Cool. bout time you read it. lol. Thanx for the review. love you. Toostsie rolls~AMW

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Review #8, by mini molly wealey Prologue

28th November 2005:
i quite like it, reminds me of my first attempt of a fanfic which is now in its godknows what draft. maybe a bit OTT, just get straight to it, its Ron + Hermione, they need no introduction!

Author's Response: Well, yes they do. If i jsut started off saying that Harry died, ppl would be like "WHAT?!?!" and then I'd ahve to go and explain it all, so it works much better with a prologue. And yes, it is Ron+Hermione, and thats the way it should be, cuz they rock! lol. much love~AMW

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Review #9, by FantasyObsessed Prologue

28th November 2005:

Author's Response: If i killed Hermione, how could this be a Hermione/Ron story? I'll hopefully update in about a week. Thanx for your review, much love~AMW

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Review #10, by harry4me Prologue

28th November 2005:
Oh, I hate it when Harry dies, but I really liked your start to this story. Please keep going.

Author's Response: Me too. Its really sad, but he needs to be gone for the story, cuz it wont work otherwise. but, yea i will definately keep going. Thanx for the reveiw. much lvoe~AMW

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Review #11, by unknown_force Prologue

27th November 2005:
Angsty prologue, but I want to find out what happens next. I like the ending paragraph.

Author's Response: Yea, and the story will have a lot of angst in it to. I'm not sure how longit will be though. Probably no longer than ten chapters, but it will be sad for this couple. Thanx for your review. Much love~AMW

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