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Review #1, by Mictionary101 I got in!!

1st June 2011:
Nice, but Hermione wouldn't really act that excited about stuff.

(Oh yeah, for future references, my Y key is playing up.)

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Review #2, by qwerty I got in!!

28th January 2011:
can't wait to read the next chapter :)

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Review #3, by janke I got in!!

8th February 2009:
pls continu writing i think its good

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Review #4, by wanna be witch I got in!!

12th March 2008:
Congrats! It's a nice begining. You should write more! Oh, please if you get the chance read my story "Enemies or Lovers". It involves Hermione and Draco aswell. I'm trying to get people to review it but so far, only 5 people have reviewed it. They all seem to love it. Please read my story.

Author's Response: sure! i'll be happy to read it. I've been looking for a fanfiction to read myself. Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #5, by Mistress I got in!!

4th March 2008:
Ok, I have some suggestions. I really like what you have going---the plot and the fact that her dream is to go to Paris but you can't just mention it and then say it in review replies. You have to really say in that introductory chapter why Hermione is going to Beaubatons for an exchange program. I understand Hermione's reaction, so I do not have a problem with that, but I do have a major issue with your spelling and grammar. I know you said a while ago that you were going to get a beta reader. If you want to be taken seriously you should do so immediately. If you look on the forums under the section "things that make me die inside" the vast majority of people click out of stories after only a few spelling/grammar errors. Please stop putting off a beta reader and get one fast.

Also, I just wanted to pose a bit of a rhetorical question. Hogwarts must be hidden. Even though it has all those spells on it, it still has to be somewhere big enough for a castle. Even though Wizards can hide places like #12 Grimmauld Place, there is no proof that they can physically hide something as large as a castle. Therefore, do you think that somewhere as completely PACKED as Paris could house an entire school for every magical person in France and perhaps the surrounding area of Belgium and Luxembourg? (perhaps it could be in the outskirts of Paris or something)

Author's Response: we will never know with magic lol.

and this story was 4 years ago. I do have a beta-reader but not for this story. This story was a heat of the moment kind where i just suddenly thought of a story and wrote it down in a day lol. but anyway thanks for all the advice!! :D

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Review #6, by oni_yakamiza I got in!!

4th October 2007:
Wow...thats evil...that is really evil.I cant wait to read more of this story, I hope that its no 2 chapters, it seems like it would be more.

Author's Response: haha yea i'm not so sure if i should go on with this story but i'll definitely think about it. Thanx for all the reviews!

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Review #7, by Lumos_Queen I got in!!

8th September 2007:

Author's Response: lol sorry haven updated in FOREVER but i'm gonna try and put up the next one..

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Review #8, by Lsort I got in!!

3rd August 2007:
i like!!! ALOT!
the exchange idea is really good!! i wouldn't have thought of it myself!!
i can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by kyle231 I got in!!

20th July 2007:
it sucks i want more a.s.a.p got it!

Author's Response: lol.. sure, ok!

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Review #10, by Missy Padfoot I got in!!

10th February 2007:
love it

Author's Response: thanx :D

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Review #11, by Adaleine I got in!!

9th February 2007:
Huh, good beginning. I like it. Please update. But the punctuation and capitalization wasn't that great. It's okay, though.

Author's Response: haha yeah i know what you mean, they havent beta read yet.. lol i need to fix that soon hehehe... thanx so much for review! :D

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Review #12, by kap_ron I got in!!

31st January 2007:
fantastic... ur great. but in the future.. make it longer... i can't wait to read the next chapter buddy.
By the way, don't forgert read my stories... The precious of Friends. Chapter one is "Hermione 's concern".. wonderful.. give u comment.. honestly.. ur story was great..!! :)

Author's Response: actually, this story already had about 4 chapters but i deleted them :( i'm trying to rewrite this one :D and i'll try to read yours. thanx so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #13, by MadameMalfoy75 I got in!!

15th January 2007:
This has a lot of potential! Really well done, I'm excited to see what you're planning for this story!

Author's Response: lol :D thanx so much!!

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Review #14, by Queen_Lucy I got in!!

4th December 2006:
Very good, please write more.

Author's Response: i will! thanx so much for the review! :D

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Review #15, by x_marauder_x I got in!!

26th November 2006:
hahaha! love how it ends...I can totally picture her doing that though.

Author's Response: lol i'm actually thinking of abandoning this story.. sorry.. i already have the next four chapters but my in serious writer's block after that so i dont know if i can still go on.. i might rewrite everything though so hope u watch out for that :D thanx for reviewing!!

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Review #16, by Evil Topaz I got in!!

7th October 2006:
really cool please update soon!


Author's Response: i'll try!! hehh thanx for the review!! :D

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Review #17, by jezz rivett I got in!!

5th October 2006:
ok so i guess theres another chapter? its a one-shot (one off randum thing that pops into your head) anyway this is really gd im going through all your stories

Author's Response: lolz nah.. actually i deleted all the chapters of this story.. i wanted to start with a clean slate.. lol it's wasnt really that well written so im rewriting the whole thing.. i'm soo sorry to everyone... :( and omg ur sweet thanx for reading all my stories.. :D

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Review #18, by Bugaboo I got in!!

14th August 2006:
it seems interesting and ill definently read the next chapter, but beauxbatons isn'tan all girls school any ways, in the movie its just girls but in the book its both

Author's Response: teehee yea i know!! but all this people kept telling me it's an all-girls.. i havent read the 4th book in such a long time.. heehee but with all the people telling me it's an all-girls i just though I was the one wrong.. LOL thanx soooooooo much for reviewing!! :D i'll update asap!! :D

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Review #19, by daphne greengrass I got in!!

12th August 2006:
i'm lovin it

Author's Response: thanx for the review!! :D

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Review #20, by Trick9 I got in!!

26th June 2006:
I like the idea, but I don't see Hermione acting the way she does in your story. Yes, she would be excited, but... idk.
and also, there are many errors. Names should always be capitalized.
The entire chapter is made of dialouge. There isn't a lot of detail like you would expect from the first chapter.
but honestly, it's good. I really like the idea.

Author's Response: yeah she is a bit ooc.. but it's always been her dream to go to paris.. i mean.. if your dreams would come true wouldnt you be jumping up and down your bed and peeing yourself.. heehee kidding.. LOL dont have time to edit my chapies.. but i will get a beta reader soon!!! sumone's already volunteered to do this story... so yaaay this'll get better!! i promise!! LOL thanx for reviewing!!!!! :D

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Review #21, by dracoluvr35 I got in!!

20th February 2006:
update soon i really like your story and ive been waiting for wat seems like forever for you to update!!!!!!!

Author's Response: i'm so sorry i've been really busy this past few weeks.. i'll post up chap 4 maybe next week.. thank you soo much for reviewing!!! i'm really glad u like my story! ")

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Review #22, by Shootingstar_miracle I got in!!

16th February 2006:
I feel neutral about this chapter...why did you let Hermione go to Beauxbatons? She was perfectly happy at Hogwarts. I saw your reply to Annon's review; it doesn't matter if you're allowed to write anything you want. If you want to become a writer then write sensibly; no editor is going to take stories that aren't. Anyway, I liked the cliffhanger.

Author's Response: because she's always dreamed of going to paris.. even before hogwarts... i dont want to be a pro writer.. i just really love hp fics! ") i love books but becoming a writer is not on my goal list.. to finish all my stories is on my goal list.. you can call me an idiot if u want it's alright heheh LOLz.. thanx for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Dark Goddess I got in!!

1st December 2005:
Ooooooh!!! PARIS!!! "Ebony & Ivory, lived together in perfect harmony..." lol sorry, dont know why i did that... well get the next chapter out reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally soon ok??? Plz and Thank you!!!

Author's Response: OK!! LOLz.. umm.. who's ebony and ivory?? LOLz...anyweyszz.. i promise i'll post the next chap up!! thanx for the review!!

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Review #24, by Nikkie I got in!!

30th November 2005:
Yes, please go on. It's interesting.... very interesting.

Author's Response: i will!! thanx for the review!!

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Review #25, by aimz I got in!!

29th November 2005:
yes! you should definately continue!! hellooooo plz hurry up n update coz that was soooo good!

Author's Response: i will... thanx for the review and i will definitely continue this story.. ")

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