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Review #1, by Lexxie The Grand Finale

25th May 2012:
Loved it!!! Hehe :)

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Review #2, by Petter The Grand Finale

4th April 2012:
Really cool story :-)
Rated because of great unusuality

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Review #3, by Teimoshi The Grand Finale

7th August 2009:
That has to be like the worst... yet greatest story I've ever read so far in Harry Potter fandom... at least, in that combination. Truly though, I loved it. I laughed when Harry tried to use Voldemorte to get out of the wedding. It was definitely a lot crazier than The Cerebral Coordination of Ginny Weasley.

All-in-all, what Harry's real problem was that he had Restless Heart Syndrome, courtesy to Green Day. I rate this story a 10/10

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Review #4, by CaSurferGrl The Grand Finale

9th February 2009:
This whole story was absolutely hilarious!

Author's Response: Why thank you!

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Review #5, by KittyKarma The Grand Finale

6th January 2009:
Ok, that was just oo much. I loved it, like some dysfunctional love thing. I know, it is suppose to be representing the song lyrics, what a twisted, sweet, sick thing love is. Thank you so much for the great read.

Author's Response: Dysfunction is what I do best...well, at least when it comes to these two ;)

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Review #6, by KittyKarma The Beginning of the End

6th January 2009:
So understanding the crack addict thing right about have one helluva dark sense of humor. Not to mention a whole new idea of love and hate.

Author's Response: *dies* I think the crack addict line is one of my favorites from this whole story. Glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by KittyKarma And It Still Continues...

6th January 2009:
ROFL! I cannot even think of any intelligent way this could end, but you must have. I bow down to the God or Goddess of ill-fated love and angst!

Author's Response: lol...I wouldn't say the ending was intelligent, but hey, I'll take it!

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Review #8, by KittyKarma The Madness Continues...

6th January 2009:
OMG! I love it! You have a gift that is all I have to say. I am dying here. I am not sure I can muster up any sympathy for Harry, it is just so sickeningly hilarious.

Author's Response: No sympathy for the boy! He does it to himself!!! lol

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Review #9, by KittyKarma Everything About You

6th January 2009:
I am blown away! This is a totally well thought out story that works so well with the lyrics, strange thing is, it works like a video in my head now, I can almost hear the song, only thing is, it keeps trying to sound off with Brit accenting. You did a great job on this. Glad you took the advice of so many and continued the story.

Author's Response: lol When I first thought of this song for a songfic, Harry and Pansy were about the only two I could think of that would be suitable for it. Guess it worked!

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Review #10, by delta The Grand Finale

6th April 2008:
Wow. I love this.

The cynical nature of this is absolute awesome-ness and the fact that neither Harry nor Pansy ever turns romantic and mushy fits the utter silliness, yet brilliance of this piece. It truly deserved its Dobby nomination. You had all the characters beautifully placed in this story - from Ron's fierce denial and Hermione's love-is-so-wonderful attitude to Voldemort's showing up at the wedding. I've always wanted to read a Harry/Pansy story (if DHr can exist, why not HP ^_^) and this was an amazing intro to the ship as a whole. Awesome, awesome job here. =]

Author's Response: lol I completely forgot this was nominated for a Dobby. I think it was the first ever Dobby's, obviously got runner up looking at the ribbon =/ Oh well, glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by xoliversxxgurlx Everything About You

9th February 2008: looking past the absolute absurdity and randomness that is Pansy and Harry, this is fabulous! Okay, I lied. I can't look past them, but that doesn't matter because the story is hilarious. Where in the world was Voldemort when you needed him?! I mean seriously, can't he help a brother out? The sarcasm, the bickering, the sheer randomness of it all...I love it! I can't wait to read the rest.

Pugface Parkinson + Saint Potter = 4eva!!

Dani *offers cookie*

Author's Response: *dies laughing* Your mathematical equation is awesome. But...I need more cookies ;) Hey, I'm hungry!

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Review #12, by sweetgrl1988 The Grand Finale

20th December 2007:
Lol. I think that pretty much sums it up. So I definitely went back to reread this whole story to remember what happened before this chapter (its been quite a bad). This fic is hiliarious. I love that this was a direct plunge into insanity -head first- and all downhill from there. Great work!

Author's Response: haha I don't know how to not be direct sometimes, so I guess this fic really reflects that. Glad you liked it :)

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Review #13, by OriginalCharacter Everything About You

16th December 2007:
"Where was Voldemort when you needed him?" Absolutely brilliant. As the rest of this chapter of course. I can't wait to read the rest, so I'll finish this comment here :) Great job!!!

Author's Response: Well hey, sometimes Voldemort is needed in such dire situations!

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Review #14, by silver phoenix The Grand Finale

7th November 2007:
Oh, oh my hell. My sides. My they ache from all the are so amazing. I love you. I love you. I love you. I. LOVE. YOU. Ten bazillion squared times pi/10

Author's Response: *dies with you* Thank you!

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Review #15, by silver phoenix The Beginning of the End

7th November 2007:
This is the greatest thing I've ever read. I am so glad I caved in and read this, after seeing it all over the place. Humina humina humina...

Author's Response: Greatest?! Wow! I'm honored!

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Review #16, by silver phoenix And It Still Continues...

7th November 2007:
...I can't even formulate the words necessary to express the intense love I have for this. I may need a cigarette after I finish this, though.

Author's Response: Haha, see caving to reading this WAS worth it!

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Review #17, by silver phoenix The Madness Continues...

7th November 2007:
But haven’t you heard? Harry Potter is the dumbest person to inhabit the Earth. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I LOVE YOU. This is exceedingly short of...of...something pretty damned phenomenal...

Author's Response: What can I say...I tried ;)

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Review #18, by silver phoenix Everything About You

7th November 2007:
Oh. My. God. Yet another bit of BRILLIANCE. I absolutely LOVE the way you write this; it's so sarcastic, bitter, and cynical. I do believe I'm in love with you, madam. Completely, utterly, madly, in love. Or maybe that's the cold talking...either way, 10/10, favorites, blah blah blah...

Author's Response: Sarcastic, bitter and cynical are what I do best so it better be good! lol, but seriously, glad you like, no love it!

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Review #19, by iloverupertg The Grand Finale

12th October 2007:
lmfao i loved it. its great.

Author's Response: Thank you much!

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Review #20, by maraudersmap The Grand Finale

5th October 2007:

Oh. My. God. I have just read this whole story in one sitting (I heard about it in the forums) and it is AMAZING. Awesome. Hilarious. Brilliant. Whatever you want.. :P Anyway, I enjoyed every minute of it. I actually never thought I would enjoy a Harry/Pansy that much, but I was very wrong. This was just... fantastic. And in this chapter, when Voldemort turned up, I thought I was going to pee myself from laughter. I mean, seriously!! Big V!! :D That was just too much... lol. I don't know what else to say, really, because I feel like words can't explain it. I just thought I should let you know that you are an extremely talented author, and I love this story.

Author's Response: Yea! The forums did get this story circulated after all. Glad you enjoy it so much. As for Big V...well, that's my little nickname for him that I just couldn't resist throwing in there.

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Review #21, by infested_with_NaRgLeS_14 The Grand Finale

4th October 2007:
Totally awesome...omg I hate it but at the same time I love it to death...AWESOME!!!

Author's Response: Hahaha, I love the dissonance!

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Review #22, by a potter po The Grand Finale

23rd September 2007:
You story was completely hilarious! And I love it! I came across the story because of a recommendation in HPFF forums. I thought I'd never read a Harry/ Pansy story, but there, now I've done it! Well done!

Author's Response: Another satisfied costumer =)

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Review #23, by Elysium Everything About You

22nd September 2007:
I'm thoroughly intrigued. I think you handle the absurdity of this pairing perfectly, and your refusal to turn Pansy into some sort of beauty queen is what makes this all the more potent. I enjoy flawed characters and the fact that neither of yours have been alterred makes for great reading.

I loved this line : In actuality, it was the beginning of the annihilation of the senses. The common senses. Simple, but terribly clever writing.

There is one are of CC I would give you and that is to be careful of your tensing, some of which changes from past to present. In reading the end of the chapter it looks to have been deliberate, but there are a few verbs sprinkled in the middle of your story which were presnet tense also.

I shall continue to read this story and share my thoughts once I've finished your chapters.

xox Kylie

Author's Response: Hey Elysium! Thanks for stopping by to review. I'm glad that so far you are liking what you've read. Yes, I know the tensing is off in some places. This was originally a one-shot so I kind of had it transform...I should probably go back in and edit it since I made it a short story. Thanks again =)

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Review #24, by lyramoon Everything About You

18th September 2007:
What an original story :)

Work on:
1. Your imagery. There is almost no details within the story.
2. Controlling OOC-ness. Harry seems to cuss incredibly much. He also experiences emotions that are very OOC.
3. Vocabulary. I don't mean this in a horrible way, but your words are very simple. Try more variations in word choice.

Good luck :)

Rated 6/10

Author's Response: Hey lyramoon, thanks for stopping by to review. As for the CC, I think if you actually read beyond the first chapter you would see there is plenty of imagery. As for Harry language...well, I just attribute that to him being in such a high-stress relationship with dear Miss Parkinson ;) And the vocab...again, if you read beyond, I think you would find that vastly improved.

Anyways, thanks again, at least I got points for originality =)

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Review #25, by GryffindorSeth37 The Madness Continues...

5th September 2007:
Whoa! lol...It's brilliant! Odd but brilliant!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing =)

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