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Review #1, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy I Cant Have You

3rd April 2005:
ah. that is sad. but i love it none the less. The real side of Draco Malfoy. <3

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Review #2, by rw_hrg I Cant Have You

3rd November 2004:
wow sad

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Review #3, by soocergrl I Cant Have You

2nd May 2004:
it is ginny

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Review #4, by Julia I Cant Have You

15th June 2003:
Hmmm...I\'m guessing it would be Harry or Ron. ::Everyone looks at her strangely:: What?! Both have beautiful smiles! and...yeah. -.-; Anyway...great poem!

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Review #5, by *KAT* I Cant Have You

12th June 2003:
hermione all the way! it could also be ginny anyway its cool keep going

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Review #6, by Dan I Cant Have You

10th June 2003:
Cute little poem. I\'m not quite sure about where the line is between angst and romance myself...but never mind. As I said it\'s a nice little poem, with a lovely sense of depth and emotion in the words that have been written. Although it isn\'t something we\'d expect from the Malfoy we know, it is entirely plausible that he did write it, he\'s got to have some release for his feelings hasn’t he? It\'s a nice touch too having the unknowing recipient of his feelings not known to us, the readers, as it allows us to draw our own conclusion from our own personal preferences (*chants* Hermione Hermione....) Let’s hope to see a \'story\' from you too…I’m sure you won’t disappoint (nope there’s no pressure now…) Dan

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