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Review #1, by Jellyman Wedding Day

11th July 2007:
It's a bit choppy and a tab confusing sometimes, but with a little work, this could be really good =] I noticed you tend to let the lyrics speak for you, and thats a good thing, but you should really put the names in after the lyrics because if you went though this without them you'd get totally lost. The point of a song-fic is for the music to inspire and be incorperated into the song but not to completely be relied on. But the idea is great and all the story really needs is a firmer structure and a bit more description. Good work!

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Review #2, by Dark Princess 06 Wedding Day

6th July 2006:
do a sequal!

Author's Response: i will:D

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Review #3, by Madelynn Malfoy Wedding Day

26th December 2005:
Erm it was a little choppy and most of the time I didn't know what was going on!!

Author's Response: sorry bout that it was my first one but the other one is really good that is i thought it was lol

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Review #4, by Sara4Harry Wedding Day

22nd December 2005:
Lmao that was really good. It was very different too. Lol poor Draco's bride. Aw it wouldve been so cute if Draco and Hermione got back together! :) Loved it tho, the originality, the storyline, the slapping, the yelling and the laughing. All of it. Great job! Luv S4H xox

Author's Response: Thankies a whole bunch! i might make a sequal

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Review #5, by ally Wedding Day

3rd December 2005:
i dont quite get your story? so hermione and draco got married and got it annulled after 3 days, then draco got married agen, this time to a slytherin, and hermiones happy about it?

Author's Response: well see thats the thing that i forgot to put it....they were drunk and got married ya know like you sometimes see stars do because they're stupid and so they got a divorce after 3 days and now hes getting married again and shes happy about it cause then now she cant feel guilty about getting drunk and getting married to a Malfoy... very complicated lol

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Review #6, by annarosa Wedding Day

3rd December 2005:
great!you should write a sequel

Author's Response: i might....

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Review #7, by Curly Wedding Day

25th November 2005:

Author's Response: good or bad wow?

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Review #8, by Tracer Wedding Day

23rd November 2005:
lol, I love that song. good fic ^_^

Author's Response: i do too its soooo funny!

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