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Review #1, by Casey Will it Ever Stop?

18th June 2006:
oh i love this. that naobe is one sexy lady i tell ya lol!! nice chap!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Review #2, by Skyler On the Rocks

2nd March 2006:
Haa, the end bit was funny. Nice chapter, homie... short and sweet. Sorry, it took me ages to read this... life's been sorta... hectic.
*head but* You need to update your other stuff! Or did you stop, and I'm just... not aware? Oooh I'm so behind. *le sigh*

Author's Response: Yay! thnx sky!! Ah ure grand! No i didnt! I'll update right now. I'm finshed diary of sirius black. but I'm gonna continue where i left off cos its sorta too long for ppl to r&r. thnkies very much sky! ~*~DL XxX

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Review #3, by padfoot and prongs foreva On the Rocks

4th January 2006:
awwww...demius dat was i've been waiting!!! nice job and sneaky little girl putting urself in!!! lol!!! nice job and happy new year!!! lyl lyl and feel better!!!! may sirius (ur dog) rest in doggie heaven!!

Author's Response: Ah thnx soo much lyl 2!! haha yeh i know!! thnkx bout sirius! yeh he in doggie heaven now! but i adopted a siberian husky to get me over sirius! thnkies much! ~*~DL

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Review #4, by SparkzS! On the Rocks

1st January 2006:
Hey laura that was gr8. short but gr8. but your nxt cahppie is gonna be longer and better as i helped write it!! hehe! good work!! SparkzS! xxx

Author's Response: Ah thankies Mark!! U rule!! ~*~DL XxX

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Review #5, by elfbwillow Will it Ever Stop?

17th December 2005:
I really love it - a shame there wasnt more to read in this chapter as it was so so good!

Author's Response: U like remus sirius slash!! Cool!! Shame if ya dont!! Well thanks alot!! ~*~DL XxX

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Review #6, by Sparkz Will it Ever Stop?

3rd December 2005:
Oh yeh Lupin! Write a new fic and not tell me about it!!! Anyways, this was just as good as your other ones!! pls write more. I'll help ya you know what Im like for slash!! SparkzS! xxxx

Author's Response: Aww thanks!! Gee, Sparkz u wrote alot of reviews! but the more the merrier! Help me!!!! yes pls!! I'm dying for help!! ~*~DL XxX

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Review #7, by padfoot and prongs foreva Will it Ever Stop?

28th November 2005:
hey demius!! watch me being a bloody hypocrite!!! lol!!: me wants more chappies!!!!!!! lyl lyl

Author's Response: Haha lol!!! Thanks and im working real hard on the nxt one!! i need help! hint hint!! hehe! ~*~DL? XxX

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Review #8, by Sirius Forever Will it Ever Stop?

21st November 2005:
*gasp* you put up a new fic and didn't tell me?! Anywho... and with the review! *stabs Naobe to death* I HATE NAOBE!!! Gah, Sirius belongs to Remus! REMUS! *sigh* I feel much better now that I let all my anger out. *pats Naobe's dead body* maybe you are good for something.
Toodles! *skips off*

Author's Response: Hahaha! Now whose evil!! I only posted it yesterday though and I was gonna tell ya swears!! Haha!! Get hte title" New year im cheating!! mwuhahahaha!! toodles!! oh and thanks for reviewing!! lyl! *laughs and runs away* ~*~DL XxX

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Review #9, by padfoot and prongs foreva Will it Ever Stop?

20th November 2005:
ooo...siri being a naughty boy!! me likes it!! lol! !! lyl lyl

Author's Response: I know I know hehe!! I loved him!! Thanks soo much bbz!! lyl lyl!! ~*~DL XxX

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Review #10, by padfoot and prongs foreva Will it Ever Stop?

20th November 2005:
a demius, my love...a new gonna read it rite now!! lol cant wait!! lyl lyl ps: i see u liked the slash thing!?! lol!! much love!!! (...and as u always a sisterly way!! winks!! ) lyl lyl

Author's Response: Ah P.P.F. my love yes a new one!!!!!!!!!! hehe!! Hehe!! again! yes i love si slash thing!! *in francois accent* any one see GOF!! Fleur and Krum were DEADLY!! Fleur was cool though!! Merci Hiba!! Au revoir!! ~*~DL XxX

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Review #11, by candy_rock Will it Ever Stop?

20th November 2005:
Hmmm, interesting. I like it. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Ooooo thanks alot!!!!!!!!! ~*~DL XxX

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