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Review #1, by jenrabbit Dos Gardenias

5th October 2008:
Aww, that was sweet, and I loved how you added Spanish, from they way you write it either it's your mother tongue, or you've been studying it, either way, excellent job!!! I'm studying Spanish in high school, and have found that I love the language, for all that my knowledge is less than rudimentary.
Anywhoo, totaly a 10/10, you're an extremely talented author, keep up the good work!!! ^.^

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Review #2, by miss_ravenclaw09 Dos Gardenias

11th March 2006:
*Squeaks* I adore this story! I especially like how Draco has grown up soooo much! He's sophisticated....oooooo..... :) Favorites! Anj

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Review #3, by KimMalfoy Dos Gardenias

20th January 2006:
Also... I forgot to say that I thought that Draco speaking Spanish is very sexy :D

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Review #4, by KimMalfoy Dos Gardenias

20th January 2006:
Yeah, Lexi, this was very romantic. I loved it! You speak Spanish as well?! My, my. I studied Spanish for three years but that was like 4 years ago and I thought I wouldn't remember a thing... but I understood everything without reading the 'english translation' afterwards. lol. I'm so proud of myself. Anyways, good job with this story, I loved it.

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Review #5, by real_life_sucks Dos Gardenias

3rd January 2006:
awww, how sweet. Dracie-poo changed. It's good. I still say its better than mine, and you'll never change my mind about that. nope, never, ever,. I really like it. If your other Dramione is as good, I may have to add you to my favorite author's :)

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Review #6, by CharmedLife19 Dos Gardenias

13th December 2005:
Awww this was beautiful! I loved it! Is it too much to hope for a sequel?

Author's Response: so glad you found it beautiful. a sequel, huh? I dunno, I realized I am more of the one-shot writer, I like it because you can imagine yourself whats really gonna happen ... although it would be quite the challenge to make something, I'm thinking about it, same with my the other Dramione one. :) anywho, well see. thanks for R/R, I appreaciate it a lot.

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Review #7, by xobebeox Dos Gardenias

9th December 2005:
I loved this story. I loved the setting, the way the characters met, and how they didn't recognize eachother. I loved how she referred to herself as an insufferable know-it-all and I loved how you made it so that they regretted their past feelings. I like that it wasn't the normal Diagon Alley meeting, and that they were in Argentina. And I really liked the way the flowers expressed who she was. Another amazing job!

Author's Response: dude, wow. I totally lo-ove it when my readers pick out things they liked ... and I was so glad you liked it it general. yeah, I read so many stories of the Diagon Alley meetings - and its so cliché and so .. I dont like it. lol, yes, I wanted her to refer herself as that, and not him, because well, lets face it, thats what she is, but now more in a good way, cause shes grown up. and thats what he sees. the two flowers were such a cute idea that came up while listening to the song ... and I thought it was just fitting. thanks for reviewing, totally make me happy *dances* thanks.

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Review #8, by angeleyes Dos Gardenias

7th December 2005:
aww its weet wel done

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Review #9, by SUNSHiNE ON A CLOUDY DAY Dos Gardenias

7th December 2005:
this was a really good story! i think that it was one of the best ones i have read on here so far! no grammer or spelling errors (which i am extremely picky about) and the words flow beautifully. its a really nice story but personally i dont like stories that talk about after 7th year cuz i wanna know what jk rowling wrote...but thats just me, and your writing is what you want it to be--just beautiful--good job!

Author's Response: wou, thank you so damn much. you seriously make me smile so much. I actually thought there were mistakes in it, cause it wasn't even beta-d (which it still needs to be) ... but goody. thanks again for R/R. loved it.

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Review #10, by timeturner Dos Gardenias

6th December 2005:
I love stories that take the chracters to another time or place and this was no exception. Allowing them the freedom of time after everything had occurred was great as well. I loved the irony of him not recognizing her and the line about Argentina needing another 'know it all' made me laugh out loud. Great great job on this.

Author's Response: phew another so nice review from you. I am so glad you liked it, it's the one story that I loved writing the most, that I loved thinking through, mostly because it came to my mind when listening to the awesome song. *sighs* thank you so much, your nice words mean so much to me.

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Review #11, by luz Dos Gardenias

4th December 2005:
Hola. Tu historia estubo genial pero me dio pena por la gente que no habla espaniol. Sos hispana o nada mas hablas el idioma. Bueno yo soy de Uruguay y eso esta alado de Argentina. Ok bye

Author's Response: ah sí, yo sé, difícil para los que no hablan espanol, y por eso lo cambié :) no soy hispana, pero me gusta mucho la lengua y los paises de america latina ... lo siento por todos los errores pero como lo he dicho ... solo un adicto a la lengua. gracias por leer y por tu mensaje muy majo - me alegró muchísimo.

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Review #12, by The Velvet Effect Dos Gardenias

2nd December 2005:
Wow, i loved that. You are an incredibly talented writer, and your story was awsome! it was so romantic, and i really enjoyed reading it! 10 out of 10! ^^

Author's Response: aww thanks a lot for your kind words. wah all points for me. you rock. thanks for R/R, I love it when you do.

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Review #13, by Miss BubbleGum Dos Gardenias

1st December 2005:
Wow I loved it, :) HEY! My mum is from Argentina! *shakes author's hand* Nice job!

Author's Response: weee that is so awesome, Argentina totally rocks. thanks for the compliment *smiles* glad you enjoyed.

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Review #14, by angel007 Dos Gardenias

28th November 2005:
you know i really hate draco/hermione stories usually but this ones amazing!! good thing i'm learning spanish in school though because otherwise it's kinda hard to understand. btw i loooove buena vista social club, too!!!

Author's Response: hahaa glad I could make an exception with this ... yeah, and I put the translations there so that people would actually get the spanish right away. BVSC is amazing, I love Ibrahim Ferrer. thanks for the nice words, I always appreciate them ^_^

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Review #15, by Felicity Dos Gardenias

24th November 2005:
While I definately couldn't understand your summary (I'm in spanish 2), I was soo happy about being able to read all your other Spanish phrases in here. I even let out a little victory cry when I realized I understood excactly what it said (which caused my brother to give me a odd look as he was walking by). Ok, well enough about me. This story was good. I liked it =)

Author's Response: wah haaa awesome. yeah, it can be very relieving and totally making one go crazy when you understand smth of a foreign language. I totally know what you mean. thanks so much for the nice words, I appreciate it.

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Review #16, by cloudya Dos Gardenias

23rd November 2005:
its just great youre great, .. great stile, great story, . just one question, .. whats with harry and ginny? or nevertheless harry? luv ya, claudsch

Author's Response: thanks, babe. I totally appreciate it. well, I'm not really a very huge fan of H/G and they're not important at all to the story ... just added a little Ron/OC because it fit in nicely with Hermione's new life *shrugs* thanks again *hugs*

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Review #17, by phantom_girl Dos Gardenias

23rd November 2005:
me encanto tu historia, jeje como podras ver se hablar español de, soy mexicana. Bueno esta genial tu historia. KEEP ON!!

Author's Response: waaah muchísimas gracias, chica. me pone feliz que te gustó; me encanta mucho la lengua y pues, pensé que es muy dulce - Draco hablándola. otra vez - gracias *queals happily* made me so happy.

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Review #18, by NachtEule (not logged on right now) Dos Gardenias

23rd November 2005:
WELL: I MUST SAY YOUR SUMMARY WAS A LOT OF HELP (not) I just started studiing spanish and hought, well, my teacher would be proud. but i am happy that i read it. it is sooooo cool. write more, write often, write,write,write

Author's Response: *ducks behind chair* I know the summary was no use, lol. but that was my intention. I hate giving it all away already - so just a little teaser does the trick ;) glad you still liked it ... thank you so so much.

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Review #19, by potterfan226 Dos Gardenias

22nd November 2005:
Wow, that was really good; I loved it. It was so beleivable (I'm not a D/Hr shipper ... to me it's R/Hr all the way) but I really liked this. Nice to see a ... different side of Draco ... he made me laugh out loud. I can understand him telling his fatehr to piss off, but not his mother, lol. Well great story. It was so cute =)

Author's Response: *yay* xD me likey that I made a total non-D/Hr shipper like it anyways *hehe* thanks for the review, I love reading them :D *happy is*

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Review #20, by halfbloodprincess90 Dos Gardenias

22nd November 2005:
that was really good. i feel so happy! i actually understood the spanish! yeah! lol. good job!

Author's Response: hahaa thanks :D glad you liked it and understood el espanol. I love it, best language there is. thanks again.

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Review #21, by UMBlueMusic Dos Gardenias

22nd November 2005:
Lexi, I love this story. Its incredibly romantic, but it doesn't have that overbearing fluffy feel that a lot of romance stories seem to have on this archive. I love the way they bump into each other; what are the chances? But its really cute. :) Amazing, amazing job.

Author's Response: *blinks* wah, I am like uber ecstatic that you liked it; I really loved the idea of them meeting like this and well ... I thought it was cute. speaking of chances - the possiblity is always there ;) hehe. anywho. thank you mucho Mary, I really appreciate your reviews and I always love reading them. *hugs and hands yummy chocolate cookie*

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