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Review #1, by Skendo First Step Towards Healing

20th June 2014:
Really enjoying this story :) Cant wait for Hermione and Draco to realise they like/love each other and get together!!Really good story!

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Review #2, by Anonymous First Step Towards Healing

14th April 2014:
Please keep writing this story. I found it forever ago, and I loved it. Every once in a while I check back to see if it updated, just hoping for another chapter, but nothing. It's really good and one of my favorite Dramione fics.

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Review #3, by AbbyDaiquiri First Step Towards Healing

27th December 2012:
OHMYGODRIC No you need to update and complete this story immediately!!!

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Review #4, by isabella black First Step Towards Healing

28th July 2011:
your going to finish this right? i love it! haha i was thinking about "damon and "hannahs" conversations and i just realized ( when talking about pansy's boyfriend) she called him hot:)

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Review #5, by DarkArtsStuff First Step Towards Healing

31st May 2011:
great story good job

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Review #6, by i have problems and need to meet Draco! LOL First Step Towards Healing

4th November 2009:
aw cute!
update please!!!

this is the 6th time i have tried to review the story but every time i do there is something wrong.the system puts me off reviewing!!

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Review #7, by i have problems and need to meet Draco! LOL First Step Towards Healing

4th November 2009:
aw cute!
update please!!!

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Review #8, by LadyBellaVoldyLoo First Step Towards Healing

21st October 2009:
LOve this story! and think you are a great righter with a very individual plot {the only one that I have read with a hotline involved} and I have read alot of fan fiction especially Draco and Hermione. You better keep wrighting this!

Yours sincerely

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Review #9, by disposablereject First Step Towards Healing

12th April 2009:
GOOD STORY! i just started reading it. I am in love with it and i hope that you can update this soon! :)

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Review #10, by Lillylover22 First Step Towards Healing

4th April 2009:
UPDATE!!! this story is great!!! also update ur other story!!! 9/10 =]

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Review #11, by Lillylover22 Hannah and Damon meets

4th April 2009:
i just re read the whole story because i didnt relise i had read it before but i dont care!! this story is great!! 9/10 =]

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Review #12, by Lillylover22 Turn around and face it

4th April 2009:
i quite like this story!! 9/10 =]

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Review #13, by iscreamdraco First Step Towards Healing

17th March 2009:
aww loving itt!! great job!! keep updating!

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Review #14, by Kaykay First Step Towards Healing

26th February 2009:
OMG!! I can't believe i haven't read this since you put chapter 9 up!! It's one of my favourite stories too!! When i remembered about it i went all but crazy trying to find it and i actually read it from the start again XD

Please update soon! I need more before i forget again! lol XD

x Kayleigh x

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Review #15, by iamme14 Depressing summer

19th February 2009:
this is a cool story. 10/10.

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Review #16, by NickiForDraco First Step Towards Healing

15th February 2009:
I'm really liking the way you made Draco change in time, not like others how they make him OOC already, I'm proud of you for this story, i really think you should continue, i will definetly be reading this to the end, and i'm loving every moment of it.

All my support,

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Review #17, by tammara First Step Towards Healing

4th January 2009:
this is really great plz plz plz finish it cos i really want to kno what happens, i as somewhat of a writer understand that it sometimes becomes difficult to write through lifes ups and downs but take refuge in such a fantastic story and plz finish it

your a great writer and this is a fantastic story so far so thanks for the read

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Review #18, by I_heart_PadfootnMoony First Step Towards Healing

27th December 2008:
There is only on thing I don't like about it. I ended too quickly. Other than that, I love it!

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Review #19, by pyro First Step Towards Healing

22nd December 2008:
thank you for updating!!! i luurve your story with a passion. please try to finish it
take care :D

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Review #20, by me_? First Step Towards Healing

5th December 2008:
Nice chapter ending:)
Love the story
Hope you update ASAP

Author's Response: Thank you! I promise to update very soon lol just sort of having problems with my laptop. :D

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Review #21, by bebeya First Step Towards Healing

1st December 2008:
wow its been ages since an update. its coincidence i found your story again. its great to hear from u again. still enjoying this story. hope u update soon :)

Author's Response: I know. I am so extremely sorry about that. I'm glad you found my story again.
I'll update soon, and this time i really mean it. Thank you so much. I'll update before christmas thats def a promise!

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Review #22, by Deni First Step Towards Healing

26th November 2008:
I love it :)

It's a great story so far.

Author's Response: thanks!! i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #23, by :) First Step Towards Healing

25th November 2008:
Aww so cute. Really great story!! The part with the little girl was soo darn sweet!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I didnt actually plan the little girl... somehow i just wanted to see how Draco would interact with a mini hermione lol.

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Review #24, by dancer First Step Towards Healing

25th November 2008:
Hun don't apologize for being slow to update. Just because we readers are greedy for a good story ( and yes, it is good, spelling and gramar not withstanding) doesn't mean we don't understand that writers have lives too. Thanks again for a good read and I'll look forward to more whenever it gets here. In the mean time, Happy Holidays

Author's Response: Aaaw thanks! I'm glad you understand. Still, i feel so bad about it.. i lost 3/4 of my faithful readers :( but i'm turning a new leaf. More updates and maybe i'll get them back someday.
Thanks for the review!! and happy holidays to you too!

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Review #25, by dramione4eva94 First Step Towards Healing

25th November 2008:
this is a good story! you mixed everything (narcissa being nice, draco being broke and having to get a muggle job, hermione's parents getting divorced, hermione being depressed, draco going soft, etc...) together to make a good story! please continue soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I 'll definitely continue! :D

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