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Review #1, by Anony Mouse A Kiss For The Ages

9th July 2006:
That's cute. :-)

Author's Response: thank ya! x x

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Review #2, by x_Miss_Melina_x A Kiss For The Ages

16th March 2006:
Awwwww..... That's so sad how Neville thinks shes loves him and she doesn't At least I think that's what happened... Anyways that was a very sweet story!!!

Author's Response: thnk ya! thnks for reviewin, not mny ppl review one shots! x x

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Review #3, by Maureen A Kiss For The Ages

3rd January 2006:
What a cute one-shot! I loved it. It was written very well! Great job

Author's Response: thank you! i loved writing it actually, you know the christmnas spirit n stuff! x x

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Review #4, by Ginnys_Long_Lost_Sister A Kiss For The Ages

29th December 2005:
wow, that is so funny, poor neville, all confused and such >.<

Author's Response: haha i know thanks i wasn't aiming too much for funny but any kind of praise counts! thanks! x x

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Review #5, by amanda A Kiss For The Ages

22nd December 2005:
i love that story and nevilee reminded me of a friend i had when my bf went to the hospital and my best guy friend (chad) gave me a gift of a painted picture he did of me and my bf(chad is an absolute great artist). i was so happy i kissed him on the cheek and hugged him. that night they confirmed that he was going to be al right and i saw him and told him about what chad did and he smiled and i loved your story it reminded me just of that. thanx

Author's Response: that is the sweetest thing ive ever heard they both sound like wonderful people! i'm really glad you liked it! merry christmas! x x

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Review #6, by Starfire Potter24 A Kiss For The Ages

16th December 2005:
Awww! That's awesome! Nice Story!

Author's Response: thanks! i love it too! yey! x x

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Review #7, by brassbabe17 11.30.05 A Kiss For The Ages

30th November 2005:
i loved the story, but i wish it was longer. i wanna know what happens next!

Author's Response: lol soz only a one shot... although i mite continue later on... duno! thanks for the review! x x

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Review #8, by Irinia Nightflame A Kiss For The Ages

28th November 2005:
awww. how sweet. let's hope it comes true

Author's Response: wel thank ya! so do i x x

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Review #9, by mum_weasley A Kiss For The Ages

21st November 2005:
OK, call me silly!! I didn't relize it was a short one shot!! hehehehehe, I guess I'll never know if Neville will take the kiss the wrong way! lol!!!

Author's Response: lol wel yeh sorry bout tht... glad u liked it tho! n i dnt think neville wud because ginny's been lik in love wid harry foreva it was jst a friendly kiiss! thanks for reviewing again! x x

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Review #10, by mum_weasley A Kiss For The Ages

21st November 2005:
Oh good beginning. I just hope Neville does't take the kiss wrong!!

Author's Response: lol yeh wel we'll neva kno will we?:P

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Review #11, by Nephele de Tourmalin A Kiss For The Ages

19th November 2005:
This is cute. I think the end was a bit fluffy for my taste, but I really liked the rest of it. Good job!

Author's Response: yeah i was a bit worried about that but I had to tie it into the 'kiss for the ages' title - its for a competition on another site! thanks for the review! x x

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Review #12, by birdsong A Kiss For The Ages

18th November 2005:
This is a wonderful, happy short story that's just in time for the holicays. I liked how you made a snow globe into something magical, especially with the figures resembling Harry and Ginny. I also liked the interaction between Ginny and Neville - especially his first kiss! Good job!

Author's Response: thank you this is actually an entry to a challenge on another site - i hope it lives up to stnadards! x x

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