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Review #1, by Galinda If Only She Knew

7th March 2007:
Your story was almost as wonderful as me! And look at all the reviews you have! Its nearly as popular as me as well! I think I'm going to write about your story in my letter to my dearest darlingest momsie and popsical! I'm feeling rather inspired to change my name to Glinda! You're gonna be popular!

Author's Response: No one is as popular as you!

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Review #2, by Vatina If Only She Knew

1st March 2007:
Wow! I expected it to be something like when they asked why Taylor, i think her name was, and Harry could not marry, Ron would speak up!

- Rita

Author's Response: Yeah, it was definitely a little OCish.

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Review #3, by pigwidgeon385 If Only She Knew

13th November 2006:
sequel! sequel! sequel! This was so bitterswet. Couple of missing commas here and there, but nothig major. ;) Loved it!

Author's Response: Aww thank you. There actually is a sequel up :)

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Review #4, by SnitchSnatcher If Only She Knew

3rd July 2006:
You HAVE to do a sequel!!!!! Grr, I hate that Taylor girl. Why'd Harry marry her? I wanna pummel him now! Grrr!

Anyway, great story! I really enjoyed it! Don't think I've ever been that made at block-head Harry

Author's Response: There is a sequel, dont worry. : )

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Review #5, by illusionalmystic6 If Only She Knew

12th February 2006:
awwwwwwww THAT ONE WAS SO SAD! yet so good. kudos <3

Author's Response: Well, I am glad that you liked it.

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Review #6, by a.j. If Only She Knew

30th January 2006:
dude you are soo talented i really liked that story!! make another one! lol

Author's Response: A.J.!!! You dont know how happy it makes me that you like it. yay. *happy dance* yeah, I'm weird, but you still love me. I have other stories, I even have a sequel *gasp* I know awesome right? lol. Ladies and Gentlemen, my best friends, a.j.

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Review #7, by pigs_rok123 If Only She Knew

15th January 2006:
Great Story! You should make a sequel.-pigs_rok123

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it. Thanks for the review!!

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Review #8, by Caitlin If Only She Knew

12th January 2006:
oh my god. i'm like crying! how could he not be with Ginny. do a sequal!!

Author's Response: Aww, I never meant for anyone to cry. lol. I did actually make a sequel so check it out ;). Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by aussie_princess_94 If Only She Knew

9th January 2006:
That was a great story!! Aww, but it was soooo sad, poor Ginny!!! i hope you write sequel!!

Author's Response: There is actually a sequel now. It's called "You Never Forget Your First Love." Thanks for the review

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Review #10, by DarkWizardKiller If Only She Knew

3rd January 2006:
Good story. Sometimes life doesn't turn out how we expect it to and you show literary courage to write it that way. Sometimes people change after stressful situations, but Harry going to America after the war is a bit too (out-of-canon) for me. I really liked it anyway...

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad that you did like it. The reason he went away was because I really wanted him to have a new girlfriend and what not. Thanks for the review

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Review #11, by birdsong If Only She Knew

2nd January 2006:
Good story! It makes sense that Harry would start a new life,, being in the States for 4 years. How many marry the one they dated in high school anyway? That's something I wonder about with the HP series.

Author's Response: Haha, I would agree, but I'm not out of high school yet, so who knows. Lol. Thanks for the review

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Review #12, by eVille If Only She Knew

25th December 2005:
u spelled suit wrong, but it was still awesome, yet sad. poor ginny

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm not the best speller in the world, sorry about that one. Thanks for the review

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Review #13, by rainbow_13 If Only She Knew

18th December 2005:
please write another sequel!

Author's Response: I would, but i dont know what to write, so i think i should just leave it, and let your imagination end their story

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Review #14, by rainbow_13 If Only She Knew

18th December 2005:
please write another sequel!

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Review #15, by rainbow_13 If Only She Knew

18th December 2005:
please write another sequel!

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Review #16, by slytherinwolfie If Only She Knew

12th December 2005:
awwww that was so sad! poor ginny! if i were ehr i would have ran out of the the wedding sobbing with maskera running down my face! i loved it~!

Author's Response: haha yeah, probably me too. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by LunaB1134 If Only She Knew

9th December 2005:
NOOOOO!!!!! Plz write a sequel where you kill off Taylor!!! Well, maybe not that extreme... but harry's being such a JERK!!!! oh... poor ginny. sob.

Author's Response: A sequel has been written. I'm just waiting a little while to post it, but it has a much better turn out then that one. Your comment makes me laugh, but you'll understand when you read the story. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by bobby If Only She Knew

6th December 2005:
Omgsh, Harry was so mean. He would never do that to Ginny or anyone. It just seemed sooo outta character... Oh well, it was still great writing and i hope to see more from you. Great job!

Author's Response: Yeah, the whole Harry being a jerk thing. Well Harry had left for a while, and sometimes when people leave they change, so thats what happened to Harry. Thanks

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Review #19, by ginnyevenstar (not signed in) If Only She Knew

2nd December 2005:
That was terrible...I mean, it was terrible that Harry could be so unconciously mean. The story was great! I felt like I was in Ginny's place...I felt her anger and sorrow. Well done and PLEASE do write a sequel elsewise I'll be very depressed ~

Author's Response: Yeah, I made Harry really jerky, but then again it was fun. lol. Sequel is in the making right now, so look for it in the future!! Thanks for the review

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Review #20, by SadForSirius If Only She Knew

1st December 2005:
Oh!!!!!! So sad! Great story with a great song!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #21, by believeintrees_emfl If Only She Knew

1st December 2005:
omg, extreemly good. i was soo sad!!! in this ff, harry is such a jerk!!! but really awesum, means good ff if it goes 2 people's hearts, and this one definitely does this 4 me!!!! omg, really good, do a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and quick, i wanna find out what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Lol, Im glad you like the story. I know, I made Harry such a jerk, but all guys are jerks at least once, right? I've started writing the sequel, I'm just not sure if I want it to be a one shot or a mini fic. Thanks for the review!!

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Review #22, by XxXCrookshanksXxXP3 If Only She Knew

27th November 2005:
Wow, omg i almost cried for Ginny! Poor girl she's not having a very good life is she?

Author's Response: I know Ginny isn't having a good life. I felt so bad, since Ginny is my second favorite female character (Luna's first). That's why I'm going to make a sequel, because I love Ginny. Thanks for the review!!

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Review #23, by Houlestar If Only She Knew

25th November 2005:
I like the song. Michelle Branch is a great song writer. If you are thinking about doing a sequel, i think that 'hotel paper' by her would make a great sequel to this fic.

Author's Response: Yeah, Michelle Branch is a very talented song writer. I like the song Hotel Paper, except i might to a sequel with no song, or even make a mini-fic. Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by TheOneAndOnLy If Only She Knew

24th November 2005:
Great Story! Loved It! I hope you write a sequel

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Yeah, I'm probably going to do a sequel don't worry! Thanks for the review.

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Review #25, by luckychik30 If Only She Knew

23rd November 2005:
thank you soo much! i knew it was by michelee branch but i wasnt exactly sure, she is actually my favorite singer. for some reason i kept on thinking that that song was by avril, luv your story, i really hope you write more, you are an awsome auther!

Author's Response: I love Michele Branch too. She's a wonderful song writer and musician. Thanks so much!!

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