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Review #1, by whisky Fascination

19th March 2010:
it reminded me exactly of a dramione. but EW snape and hermione? that is..who thought of something like taht? urgh

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Review #2, by SiriuslyCrack Fascination

30th May 2008:
Oh, I enjoyed this one-shot very much. Currently, I am growing fond of Snape/Hermione and reading this, I could only think of them. Good job! The description was great as well ^_^

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Review #3, by deeps85 Fascination

29th April 2008:
very good
but i think this fic shouts dramione, so i believe it to be that
very well done

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Review #4, by jenrabbit Fascination

16th April 2008:
Hmm, to me it'll be a Draco/Hermione, but Snape/Hermione? I haven't seen very many of those, I might have to check it out sometime.
Anyway, excelent oneshot, and i liked the poem. I also liked how you left the charactors up to the readers imagination, that's an original idea that i've never seen before.
Totaly a 10/10!

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Review #5, by whisper in the wind Fascination

13th September 2007:
You wrote the poem??? That's amazing! lol. Well... great story. I really liked it.

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Review #6, by sunshinedreamr Fascination

22nd August 2007:
So sweet! This was Draco and Hermione for me. It was lovely. :)

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Review #7, by Ravin Fascination

19th July 2007:
I love it! To me it sounds alot like James and Lily, but I do suppose it could be plenty of other couples.

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Review #8, by Belle_Rose Fascination

11th April 2007:
Hm... not Snape and Hermione, too strange, first of all, he's about thirty years older than her...

James, and Lily, I could see that and Draco and Hermione as well, I guess, we just have to fill in the spaces huh? Wait, it can't be James and Lily because how would it go against his beliefs to date Lily?

Fantastic story!


~ Leah

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Review #9, by potterspal1818 Fascination

12th March 2007:
very good!!
it has an air of mystery that makes you want to read more. brava!

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Review #10, by VeniceLily Fascination

28th February 2007:
oh i like that. i like how you didn't use names at all, tho it left me wondering who they could be until i reached the end. it was cute.

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Review #11, by shadowfaxlvr14 Fascination

23rd January 2007:
Queen Sabreen, you are an inspiration to aspiring writers like myself. Your fan fics are written with such a unique and passionate style. Your writing is wonderful and moving and you are one of my absolute favorite writers. This fic was cute and short but mysterious and written with such detail. KEEP WRITING!!

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Review #12, by pisceandreams Fascination

2nd January 2007:
I LOVE THAT!! That was so awesome.

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Review #13, by Dracana Fascination

17th December 2006:
It was certainly Draco and Hermione for me.

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Review #14, by FailureByDesign_x Fascination

3rd November 2006:

i love all your stories, Temperary was amazing!!!

you are an amazing writer and i have to read your stories all in one go i can;t get off them!!!

you have such a captivating affect!

never stop writing!

do you think you could make me a banner, cause you are awsome at making them

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Review #15, by shipwreck33 Fascination

5th October 2006:
hey can i request a banner from u or r u not doing them anymore? also check out my think u would do well in our competition!!!

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Review #16, by prongsie_potter_rulez Fascination

12th August 2006:
that was brilliant!!! I loved the way you didn't use names and let the readers come up with who it may be!!! 10/10 and favs for pure briliiance in writing and everything else!!! The poem was amazing too!!!


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Review #17, by SiriusGal Fascination

5th August 2006:
Great story!! It was fantastic, absolutelyf fantastic! Good job!

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Review #18, by hpphoenix Fascination

2nd August 2006:
I loved this. Truly fantastic writing going on here! Really good descriptions within the story, and the poem really added that extra bit to the concept. For me, it felt like a Hermione/Draco thing going on. As LostMaeblleshire said, the characters being anonymous added a sense of mystery for the reader. This is going in my favourites. Fantastic work!

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Review #19, by Hunny_Baby_Doll Fascination

19th June 2006:
Simply wonderful. One of my favorites. Hmm, i was thinking Dramione/ Lily &James, also... Good, though. Keep it up. =] 10/10

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Review #20, by Skit Skit Fascination

8th May 2006:
That was! I LOVE the poem and the descriptions! I think I'm going to go for... Hermione/Draco. Bravo!!!

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Review #21, by africain queen Fascination

7th May 2006:
that was good. i'm thinking that it's more draco and hermione or maybe lily and james. but hermione and snape? are you kidding me?

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Review #22, by xXHermione's TwinXx Fascination

6th May 2006:
WOW! gr8!!!! fantastic! keep writing! yay! amazing!!!! well done!

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Review #23, by elle Fascination

5th May 2006:
wow, good poem, cool fic :)

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Review #24, by RoxyKisses Fascination

2nd May 2006:
real good.

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Review #25, by laffy taffy nyc Fascination

24th March 2006:

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