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Review #1, by Tayla I'll be there.....

9th October 2008:
This story is so wonderful!!

Author's Response: thankyou :D

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Review #2, by Nymphie Lupin I'll be there.....

11th February 2008:
this was a stunning piece of... art. everything in this was absolutely beautiful. :) GORGEOUS! You did a wonderful job, dear. You should be proud of your wonderful writing style. :) AND I loved the banner to this. You've got to amazing talents! :)

Author's Response: Ohhh... You're soooo sweet. **Blushes**

Thankyou so much for the Read and Review girl it makes me Smile :D
~ Kaz

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Review #3, by lily james harry family I'll be there.....

24th November 2007:
brilliant [tres bien]

Author's Response: Ty, This fic was my first & I love ti to peaces so thankyou so much for your read and review...

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Review #4, by kina I'll be there.....

31st May 2007:
WOW!!! that was . . . WOW I wanted to cry. I still do. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey Kina,
Thankyou so much for your review! It is kinda a crying story. I'm glad it was WOW!!!.... Again Thankx for the review...

~ Keira

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Review #5, by ClementineBlack I'll be there.....

30th May 2006:
Me again i am not suffering from insanity im enjoying every minuite of it thank you

Author's Response: Ok thats just weird... and no its not coz you reviewed twice.. its because you used a line that one of my best-ies uses.. LoL, THANKX SOO MUCH FOR THE REAVIEWSSSSS...................

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Review #6, by ClementineBlack I'll be there.....

30th May 2006:
'whack' you said to hit you with my thoughts so here you are 'whack' this 'whack' story was 'whack' GREAT no thats an understatment it was crap.Scrap that one IT WAS BLOODY BRILLIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: **Ducks** Well i'v never had this response before **ducks** SO **Ducks** ThankYou **ducks** I'm glad you enjoy it, Thankx so much. I can't stop laughing.. You rock.... I'll make sure i get the second one out soon......~~~ Keira-Lee

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Review #7, by Messer_Mischief I'll be there.....

26th February 2006:
it was sad. very well written, but there are some errors in spelling, but they are very minor. It happens to all of us. I really like how u incoporated the poem because it was beautiful. Some parts of the story were a little confusing for me, like who's THEM? and who's She? but great story.

Author's Response: Oh Hey there Again, Yes this is a sad story, in more ways than one, And i liked the poem, it was given to me when my daddy died so its close to my heart, Thankx for R&R*ing, Again, It means alot

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Review #8, by Paloma Patil I'll be there.....

17th February 2006:
Thank you for the mention on your author's page...I really appreciate that! Can't wait to read your next piece! Paloma

Author's Response: No worries girl! you rock and if people like my work then they are sure to LOVE yours.....

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Review #9, by Nymphad0ra_T0nks I'll be there.....

24th January 2006:
Aww really cool! It was so.. touching! Hehe. good job =)

Author's Response: Hey girl Thanks again, it was touching wasn't it......

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Review #10, by fudgemudgecracker I'll be there.....

20th January 2006:
OMG this is like the most touching fic I've ever read. (somehow reminds me of that song... Solitude :) am literaly sitting here and crying and everyone's looking at me strangely!!

Author's Response: ARRR!!!!!!, you have know idea HOW MUCH YOUR WORDS MEAN TO ME!!!!!, THANKYOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!, i'm not sure i know a song called solitude..???, hmm who's it by ????, anyhow THANKYOU SO MUCH for reading AND Reviewing, you means alot..... ~~~ Keira-Lee

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Review #11, by Angel_luvs_harry I'll be there.....

19th January 2006:
Sorry to hear about your dad. your story is really good for a first story.

Author's Response: Thanks Heaps, for both reading reviewing and you words, have a GREAT Year..... Keira-Lee

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Review #12, by NTandRL4ever I'll be there.....

14th January 2006:
That was so happy yet sad. I loved it so much! Very descriptive and I love how Sirius had the poem. Is the next one from his parents? Dumbledore? Cedric? I love Hedwig, she always understands.

Author's Response: Hey there NTandRL4ever, {Love the name BTW, very cool} This story is very bitter/sweet and i'm glad you liked it, its funny really, I was given that poem by a family friend of mine when my father died and it just fit so well with sirius, so i had to do it, Hmmmm the next letter, well i'll give to a hint, you picked it!!!!!!, the question is which one, Hmmmm, guess you'll have to wait, thanks for R&R*ing~~~~~ Keira-Lee, ps. i love hedwig to, she's cool......

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Review #13, by hpf_85 I'll be there.....

8th January 2006:
i thought it was cute, i really likd the letter from hedwig from his parents??

Author's Response: Thankx hpf_85, glad you liked it, Hmmmmmm, from is parents...... *rubs hands together* i'll never tell MUHAHAHAHAHAHA............ ok maybe i will but you'll just have to wait and see, By the way thankx for reviewing~~~~~~~Keira-Lee

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Review #14, by evil-aunty I'll be there.....

8th January 2006:
There are two (2) mistakes in the lower A/N. There are 9 mistakes in the passage, including three (3) punctuation mistakes.

Author's Response: thankx, i'll be sure to go through and find them.............

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Review #15, by prongsie_potter_rulez I'll be there.....

5th January 2006:
*high-pitched voice* That was a lovely story!!!! *depper voice* Right - back to my character. I loved your story, but your grammer COULD improve. Sorry to hear about your dad - the poem was really nice and - just remember - those we love never really leave us...

Author's Response: you know what you super, i wanna thankyou for all your review, first i know my grammer is bad, this was the first story i did and i really jumped the gun on it, i am thinking later on going through it all again and re-doing it, but at the moment i'm just going to leave it, and your right the one that love us never really leave us, ......... thaks again~~~~ Keira-Lee

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Review #16, by AManda I'll be there.....

29th December 2005:
I loved it. It was awesome

Author's Response: thanks for the review i'm glad you loved it, HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~keira-lee

Author's Response: thanks for the review i'm glad you loved it, HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~keira-lee

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Review #17, by Paloma Patil I'll be there.....

24th December 2005:
Ah - poor Harry- you've really evoked the feeling of sadness and exasperation that he's experiencing. I can only imagine how heartbroken he'd be at this point in time. Here's a line I liked: "vibrating to a different measure" - that's an interesting use of imagery, I think. I love the final line, too, although I think I'd change it to "Failing" miserably, just to match with the "Trying" - does that make sense? I can't wait to read more of your work, and I want to thank you again for your tremendous support. I think you're awesome! Paloma

Author's Response: I think you're awesome!!!!!!! thankyou so much Paloma, you rock, i really did try to show that he was hurting deeply, i mean we didnt get much from j.k and sirius is like one of my FAVE's and i was heaps dumbed that he died so yes...... your so right i think i might go change that right now, THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, well i must be of i have something to change ;) you have a great day/night girl, and THANKYOU!!!!!!! your stroy ROCKS so UPDATE your i'll have to get violent.....LOL :D......... ~~~~~~~~~keira-lee

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Review #18, by GoddessOfTheDragons007 I'll be there.....

27th November 2005:
hey there! Very good! I liked it a lot... just a little hint for this is that you might want to have some one read it before it goes out. I noticed that you had a lot of run-on sentences and a few spelling errors. I will be more then happy to help you with these things... I tend to notice little things that other people don't. Oh and... try and cap. the beginning of a sentence... it didn't happen that much, but it did and I do it too so don't worry about it. Also I would like to say FABULOUS job on describing(? I'm a little tired) everything. The whole thing with Hedwig was amazing! I really liked it and I hope that you continue to keep writing!!! You should post more!!!! Great job and I'm afraid that I must go... oh and the HP movie is FABULOUS!!!!!!! I won't tell you more then that though!!:):):) toodles Julie

Author's Response: Hey there Julie........ Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know i should so have someone read them before i post them, i total jumped the gun with this one, i have posted new story and fingers crossed that one is better............. I'm so glad you liked my describing, i do try!! i loved writing the parts with hedwig so i'm gald you liked them, i really enjoyed writing this and the other one so i have to thankyou for giving me alittle push here and there THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe............ Now i must call you evil thats right EVIL....... i still have to wait 2days for the movie, its so rude, but yes glad you enjoyed it i cant wait to go see it........ well i must sign out now thanks a bunch oh and hey do me a fav UPDATED LOL :P, Have a great day/night girl and go check my other oneshort and tell us what you think laters keira-lee

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Review #19, by pumpkinprincess I'll be there.....

21st November 2005:
The keyboard is blurry as I type these words I cannot begin to tell you how much this story touches me All that i can say is you write so strong and pure And the only way I can respond properly is through poetry.

Author's Response: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thankyou so much you have no idea how much that means to me, i love writing, but most of all i love to read and i love reading stuff that can make me feel emotion, and for you to say those word means soooooo much to me, thankyou soooooo much for your review, and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your poetry, Have a GREAt day/night and thanks again :-D

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Review #20, by Padfoots Girl 32 I'll be there.....

20th November 2005:
i love it the only spelling mistake that really juped out at me is when i think you ment to say harry you said happy. i love it great job

Author's Response: Thanks soooo much for your review, i'm so glad thats the only mistake you picked up on that mean i must have killed all of them .....YAY, thanks again for your review glad you liked it :-D

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Review #21, by brunettesrule I'll be there.....

18th November 2005:
My review is in two sections… The first (boring) part is about grammar and such and the second part is the actual story. Firstly, watch for your spelling, ‘wont to’ meant to be ‘want to’, and such. If you have Microsoft Word then type it into that and it should highlight the wrongly spelt words. I’m not a massive complainer once I can understand the word, but it’s just something to look out for. Also, watch your punctuation, at the end of Harry asking Sirius, “Do you see how this is killing me” there should be a question mark, grammatically speaking, or a full stop, to add impact. Also, “Would I give to a peace of my mind,” does not make sense. Now, done with the boring stuff, onto the actual story! It’s a nice plot, you’ve drawn readers in a little and there’s good potential there to have a really decent fic. I like how you’ve portrayed Harry with quite a bit of pain – as opposed to the almost idealist, airbrushed version J.K.R. gave us. “the thick grey clouds close around the full moon.” Is a beautiful image, and a particular line I like, “to the hole that lived inside him.” I like how he dreads but desires the letter coming towards him. About the descriptions, there’s some excellent comparisons and metaphors and stuff like that in it, and some stuff that’s more of a filler, which is nice to have… evens it out a bit. And how much do I love love love the bit where Sirius says, Stand strong like your father, use your mind like your beautiful mind, and don’t take any <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored from THEM.”!!!! Overall, yes, good, I want to read the next chapter! The amazing lunadragonfly has stuff out! You rock, girl! Oh, btw, I'm sorry this review was boring the next one will be better!

Author's Response: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no its not boring, i need to know these thing so i can fix them, and the moment i read this i went and had a another look and fixed some more things up, so THANKYOU, now to say thankyou again to you, i'm glad you liked it, it really came from the heart, the pain that harry is going through, i was a little upset to tell you the truth when her harry didn't really do or say much, i mean he just lost someone like a father and he has a screaming match and thats it i dont think so, but what can you do. I find i quite funny that you have picked out some of my fav line, one's that just come out of know where while typing, i'm glad you love love love what sirius says, i could just so see him saying that and just had to put it in, Thanks a bunch girl YOU ROCK NOT ME and yay i have stuff out, but you will have to wait for a while for the next one of this i am doing a different one, but yes it should be good, again i say thankyou, and have a GREAT day/night

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Review #22, by mint_43 I'll be there.....

17th November 2005:
Sorry I didn't log in, but your story's pretty good! Keep it going! I should let you know that I don't really read about Harry... Goo job! You're food at this! :)

Author's Response: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your review i never knew i was food at this :P i get what you mean, thanks heeps you rock, *smiles* and have a GREAT day/night

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Review #23, by SummerFrost I'll be there.....

16th November 2005:

Okay, time to give you what you asked for! I am going to be as honestly honest the most honest person could ever be!

First off, you have a lot of spelling and puncuation errors. They are every where as well as some words that are there that don't make any sense. Like you have 'wont' when there should be 'want' is what I mean. Proofread or do a spellcheck after you finish typing up chapters. That way you'll know where you went wrong and what needs to be put in. That was the biggest thing that you needed to fix.

As for the theme of the story, I didn't mind it, truly! I thought it wasn't half bad and I would really be happy to read anything else that you might put out on the site! :D

With some work and practise I really think you could be great! I'm being dead serious!!! You should keep posting on here if you like to write that is. I would be happy to read what you put out, give you tips, help you and anything you might need!!! Lol, you can already tell that I like to help people! You've got some talent, you just need to work at it!!!:) Your description was good! I think you could have added a little bit more but over all the description was well done! :)

Great job and keep me updated on your writing! I will definitely come back and read whatever you put out! :D

Author's Response: THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i think thats all that really needs to be said, i DO have BAD spelling and i know i should have got someone else to check it out first but silly me jumped the gun, i should really re-do it *shakes head* thankyou sooooooo much that means alot to me that you are honest, i am sooo going to be fixing this one up before ANY more get done, but thankyou heep, your word have helped me really and it buts a smile on my face to know that you would love to read more THANKYOU again :D have a GREAT day/night

Author's Response: SEE I DID IT AGAIN.........PUTS..... not buts , LOL

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