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Review #1, by MoonyWormtailPadfootProngs The Begining of the End

20th April 2008:
how amazingly cute! i love the marauders, so its cool to get insights on how they might have met. james is portrayed so cute in this! love it.

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Review #2, by adahpfan The Begining of the End

29th March 2008:
love it, will there be another chapter?

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Review #3, by Nymphie Lupin The Begining of the End

21st March 2008:
beautiful job! dialog's a bit choppy and unnatural, however other than that I think this was one of the most brilliant fic's I've read ALL DAY! (and believe me, I've read QUITE a few fics today, lol)

amazing characterizations, plot, setting development, and ORIGINALITY!!! You're amazing, to put it quite simply. amazing.


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Review #4, by Ollie Vander The Begining of the End

15th March 2008:
Really good chapter! I wish you would keep going...the characterization is really great and most of it is funny. Good job, no negative comments!

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Review #5, by phatsmartarse The Begining of the End

8th March 2008:
well that was interesting.
but there were some things that contradicted jkr e.g the fight with snape and lily on the train. snape and lily were best friends for about five years and i think that he called her the m word for th first time in fifth year and thats when she finally gave up on him. plus snape didnt know any1 xept lily b4 hogwarts and his father being a muggle wouldnt have been able to tell him anything about the wizarding world. also i dont think that remus wld have been as talkative as he is in this. i imagine that he mst hve had very little interactions with peers be4 this as his parents or maybe he himself would have limited his contact with others so as to prevent people from findin out about him. and i sincerely doubt peter would ever have had the guts to trip over anyone let alone james.
and lastly at eleven isnt james a little too young to already be falling for lily and actually noticing her physicl attractiveness?
but on the plus side the humour is great ( im still laughing at ' my mother threw herself on the tracks') and sirius and james seem as they are in the books. love the first part of the title too.

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Review #6, by Kainami The Begining of the End

22nd April 2006:
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: WOOOOO! Haha, thanks!

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Review #7, by sheila1990 The Begining of the End

28th February 2006:
it is great keep going

Author's Response: A sequel is actually coming soon! Keep watching and waiting!

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Review #8, by Brooke Valentine The Begining of the End

10th January 2006:
Brooke:*Jaw drops* Amazing....I never knew that...I mean I was...I read the part with...and I made...I'd say more but....Pablo...take it away...

Pablo: Okay she say she like the story and everything, but she cant like answer since she got the throat clogged, but listen, I try to tell her this is bad to not get the throat clogged, you know, but she get to happy, she dont take time to breath the air, but yea she got her throat swollen...and stuff it not pretty, she get too excited and then you know all that happen so I got to say the stuff for her since she all excited and stuff...well adios, I got to take her to the hospital now to get her medicine...thanks for letting us read this amazing story! *wheels her in the wheel chair* Okay let's go excited girl...

Author's Response: At first this scared me.... but then i laughed! Haha, i am sortakindaglad this made you choke in glee... but then again, i can't lose readers! Haha, but really, loved your review, Thanks bunches!

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Review #9, by pottergirl13 The Begining of the End

20th December 2005:
that was really good!!! i loved it. u did a good job. u should write more!!!!

Author's Response: maybe if everyone is good, i wil write a 7th year addition! Thanks!

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Review #10, by sophie The Begining of the End

20th November 2005:
couldn't dtop laughin ithink i broke a rib i was laughing so much

Author's Response: don't go peircing a lung now! Haha Thanks!

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Review #11, by LadyGryffindor(to lazy to sign in) The Begining of the End

16th November 2005:
Ello there! I love stories about the mauraders and after making your banner...I couldnt help but read it! And I absolutly love it! It is very well written and well thought out of and its definatly going under my favorites when I finally get unlazy and decide to sign in!

Author's Response: WOOOoooooOOOO! Haha! Thanks for that X100000 for the banner! I love this.... spent alot of time on this, and i am really proud of it! Cya on the boards! Thanks again!

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