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Review #1, by Briny Learning

10th January 2011:
ouuuh, i like this story very much :)
the idea of it is so different to all the other stories..
will you go on writing it??
i hope so... :)

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Review #2, by dragoness97 Learning

5th January 2011:
i know you havent updated since '07 but could ya plaease do it for me?

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Review #3, by MunchkinXD September First

18th October 2009:
I actually LOVE this story, PLEASE makee more chapters :D

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Review #4, by the_princess_of_the_darkness Learning

7th May 2009:
no please ontine=) i am in love with this story=) its very different from the rest=)

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Review #5, by heidy Learning

27th May 2008:
You have to continue this!!! You must!!! It is absolutely amazing!!

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Review #6, by MoonlightDeceptions September First

8th April 2008:
Hey lovely first chapter doesn't catch my interest that much but great work regardless :) um who did you use for draco in the banner?

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Review #7, by val Learning

27th February 2008:
very cool story,
i must say ur stry should have more than a 100 reviews, that's how good it is. ha! hermione's learning how to fight! yes! finally! i was thinking she got knocked about way too much.
keep going with the story, it'll be interesting where it goes, and i have to say thanks to my pal, who without i'd never have dicovered this story.:D

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Review #8, by Dracolover1 Learning

29th December 2007:
Hey i really love this story.I love how Hermione is learning how to wrestle.But thoughout the story Ron is being such a prick(sorry for language)but still he is really mean.Draco is really scary but now he is forcing himself to throw up.Justin hes cool but he needs to keep his hands away from Hermione.If Ron ever found out he would surely kill Justin.Harry is just plain out scary,because hes getting possesed by Voldermert.You should most definitly finish writing this story.I love it.

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Review #9, by jenrabbit Learning

1st December 2007:
I like it, its cool in an abusive, slightly depressing way, erm, anyway update soon pleaz!!! luvin it so far, totally a 10/10!!

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Review #10, by draco's_all_mine Learning

18th November 2007:
Updates asap please^_^

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Review #11, by starriblue Learning

17th November 2007:
great job

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Review #12, by crazygrl27 September First

10th November 2007:
omg what about Draco

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Review #13, by dsfjklwern Learning

8th November 2007:
DON'T STOP KEEP GOINGIGNKDSLbnifuqt3i4ukbjq234krl

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Review #14, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss Learning

6th November 2007:
Can't wait until the next update.
Awesome story so far!

Candy x

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Review #15, by ron is SEXY Learning

4th November 2007:
DAMN! o youd beter not take too long to get the next one up, this is so cool!

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Review #16, by muggrrl Here We Are

30th October 2007:
ewww. i hate ron. please kill him off asap.
other than that this is a lovely chapter! nice work.

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Review #17, by muggrrl September First

30th October 2007:
aww cute!!!
~ron is such a loser :(

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Review #18, by starriblue Weakness

29th October 2007:
well, have fun on your hiatus :) great job!

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Review #19, by dark-lord--happy-pants A Mission to be Considered

28th October 2007:
YAY! very very very good! i've read some of your other stories and you are a truly gifted writer! i luv it!

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Review #20, by dark-lord--happy-pants Here We Are

28th October 2007:
YAY! they kissed!!! happy happy happy! anyway- another fab chap and keep on writing- because i always wanna strangle authors who abandon their stories. unless it's absolutely necesary, you know?? anyway- i luv it and keep going!

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Review #21, by dark-lord--happy-pants September First

28th October 2007:
goodness, this is a really good start! i myself am a r/hr shipper but am preparing for some D/hr action. (says so in the summary and ships part) anyway it's really good and i'll review more!!!

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Review #22, by AuburnFair Learning

28th October 2007:
You are such an amazing writer! This story and October Hollow=Two of my faves ever. I was wondering if maybe you could beta my story for me, or at least reveiw it. If not, that's cool. Just wondering!


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Review #23, by quadgirl2288 Learning

27th October 2007:
wow thats intense.i bet he finds her there when he leaves, just a guess! well good chapter and i can't wait for more

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Review #24, by Hp Fanatic Learning

26th October 2007:
I dont love you anymore.

I hope you know that.

And its all your fault.

Not really.

It's...your life, actually.

Whatever has been keeping you.

I don't like it.

Or them.

They are depriving me.

Of a really terrfic story.

And I am not happy.

Just thought you should know.

Also- This chappie was really good.


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Review #25, by Hp Fanatic Make Me Wild

26th October 2007:
Predictions, predictions..hmm, let's see.Draco likes Hermione, but is afraid she'll figure him out, and tell everyone that he did kill his mother- but it was for her own good. Maybe he did it because Lucius was threatening her, or something.

I can probably guarantee you, I am sooo far from the truth. Lol, I bet myself that I am.

Which is fine iwht me, because, then there's more surpise, yea? ^.^

Awesomness, as usual


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