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Review #1, by ravenclawqueen522 here she is

3rd November 2006:
If you want you can send it to me for some beta'ing. It would be so cool to beta a story with my name in it! My E-mail address is I really hope you take me up on my offer b/c this is a really good story and after all the small mistakes are fixed I am sure that it will be even better than before!(Which is kinda hard to believe but I'll try)
(Its so cool reading a story with my name in it) :)

Author's Response: Hehe that would be cool i am not writing this story atm but when i do i will send u my chapters thanks :D

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Review #2, by ravenclawqueen522 here she is

25th September 2006:
First of all I am like so happy that I finally found a fic that has my name in it. Alayna is a very uncommon name where I live and I have never met another person with the same spelling and way of saying it the same. How do you pronounce it in your story? I pronounce mine Uh-lay-na. Oh and if you want I can be ur beta, I am great at grammar and spelling. my e-mails is if u want me to beta ur story. Oh and great story by the way.
Happy Writing

Author's Response: Hiya coolio hehe i pronounce it the same way. once i heard it on a TV show and i just loved hehe i am glad you liked my story i will complet it some day lol.

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Review #3, by jennifer williams big mouth

22nd February 2006:
I thought it was hilarious that she stood on the bench and yelled for everyone to hear. Although two things are confusing me, one is if she hated Snape so much and is friends with the Weasleys, how could she be close to Draco? And again the only things bothering me is the spacing and having everything lowercase..other then that I love the character Anlaya so much! She's so...blunt and doesn't care what people think..

Author's Response: rigth you will get this more as you read on. it has alot to do her family and that and you will also see a change in felix and her. but remember they are all family and in the end family does come first to them. rigth she is so close to the weasleys because of her past with george and yet agian you will understand it more as you read on.

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Review #4, by jennifer williams here she is

22nd February 2006:
I think the plots itself is really good. I like how they're twins yet Alayna is more like the trio rather then her brother Felix who is like Snape. Althought I think that if He's like Snape he wouldn't take to her insults that easily, or he could just be like that. THe part about Alyana knowing George was very surprising. LoL I did always think in fanfiction George is a bit hidden just because people then to write about Fred and Angelina instead. One word of advice is that I think you should space your lines to make it less jumbled up. I could read this but other people have told me something about that. On to chapter two..

Author's Response: aww thanks for reading this!!!! yeh i really need to work on the spaceing and that!!! well felix is very different from her!! they are twins but completely differnet. and you will see more of that in later chatpers.

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Review #5, by CharlotteMarie i cant do that!!!!

29th January 2006:
Aww, no problem! I love your story so much! :) This was a really great chapter! Draco's being a pretty big prick in your fic as well, lol! Hey, I can rhyme! O_o Wow, poor Felix! I feel so sorry for him. I couldn't believe that Snape was actually being lenient! Rather nice change, lol! I'm very impatient for the next one, Georgia! And, that is a very nifty banner you've got there! ;D

Author's Response: awww thanks!!!! i know draco being a prick here too!!!! poor felix sometimes lol!!!!! but remember snape is still there uncle so now and then he has to be nice to them lol!!!! yeh im banner is great but i did not do it!!!! elf did and i will update very very soon!!!!!

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Review #6, by hawaiianchic16 i cant do that!!!!

29th January 2006:
omg.. draco was a butthead for doing that.. jeez.. such a meany! i hope alayna gets him back for it.. great job! i like hopw you threw in the whole.. death eater stuff..

Author's Response: yeh i fout that it around the rigth time to put the death eater stuff in it and yes draco is very very mean!!! hmmm we have to see what happens!!!!

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing my story!!!!!! ~georgia~xx

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Review #7, by hawaiianchic16 sometimes you can hate one person for one reason but love them other reasons

29th January 2006:
oh no... now what does snape want.. lol.. great one.. i liked how they got in fights.. made it really funny/interesting.. cool cool cool. great job!

Author's Response: awww thanks!!!

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Review #8, by hawaiianchic16  a figth and new friends

29th January 2006:
omg.. so.. blaise kissed alayne on the cheek? eeee.. what will draco do about it?!

Author's Response: i know it not that good is it that he kissed her and draco very hmm how can i put this.....selfish!!!!

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Review #9, by hawaiianchic16 the kissing was great!! the office not so!!

29th January 2006:
thats interesting how snape wants draco to get with alayna. then again.. draco is one of snapes like.. most cherished students.. great job!

Author's Response: yah thats what i was going for that whole your my fave soo you have to go out with her thing.

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Review #10, by hawaiianchic16 big mouth

29th January 2006:
hahaha! omg.. i could SO see that all playing out in my head. fantastic how you made her stand up on the bench and say that. haha. id love to see that happen to snape. lol

Author's Response: i know would that not be just great!!!!!!!

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Review #11, by hawaiianchic16 here she is

29th January 2006:
haha i liked it. thats funny how u made it so that george and alayna like.. exes. a little mispellings here and there.. but not to worry. its readable! lol

Author's Response: yahhh im glad you liked the first chapter i was not sure if i should have done her and george as exes or not but it seems people like it!!!!!

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Review #12, by Cill sometimes you can hate one person for one reason but love them other reasons

22nd January 2006:
Felix = prick. Sorry to say it, but I really don't like him anymore xD I like how draco's like “ well we all die someday” He's nice, and I like him :)

Author's Response: lol i know felix nasty and a bit of a prick to her and draco nice to her (mabey).ohhh i wonder what that means hahaha!!! yeh draco funny when her wants to be!!! thanks for your review cill and ill send them chappie later on thanks george xx

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Review #13, by CharlotteMarie here she is

22nd January 2006:
Hey, hey! I got some good news! I just finnished and added my next chapter of UL! Yay! But, there is also some bad news... :( The chapter was too long, so I have to make it into a part one, part two deal... I hate having to do that! Anyway, I just wanted to let ya know! :D I can't wait for your next chapter! *hint, hint* Lol!

Author's Response: yahhhh im glad you updated wow how long is it lol!!!! and yes i will update soon tuesday mabey befor but i cant wait untill it come up yahhh!!!! but this means i got 2 update very soon which i will!!! ~georgia~ xx

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Review #14, by CharlotteMarie sometimes you can hate one person for one reason but love them other reasons

11th January 2006:
Haha! I loved this one! Sibling rivalry, huh? Well, at least they made up. I'd tell ya to hurry up with the next one, but then I'd be telling you what I should be doing with my own stories! Ha, I can't wait to see what old Snape does to them this time! *cackles evily* I promise to add my next chapter of Unexpected Love right now, just for YOU, missy! :) *Whispers to Georgia: I just had an after thought... Where are the long, juicy parts which revolve around the delightfully delicious twins?* Lol!

Author's Response: awwwww thanks!! hmm i wonder what old snape will do to them this time hmmm i wonder???? and mabey the twins do have somethink to do with it just wait and see it migth be it migth not hmmm i wonder!!! and thanks agian 4 updating and I WILL update soon!!! georgia xx

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Review #15, by elle21 sometimes you can hate one person for one reason but love them other reasons

10th January 2006:
hey i luv the story!! write more soon!!

Author's Response: ok i promise i'll update asap!!!! but i would like more review first but hey you can't always get what u want lol thanks 4 the review anyways georgig xx

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Review #16, by JOLIExYAEL here she is

10th January 2006:
i like this story so far, but there are a bunch of spelling/grammar errors, that kind of confused me at some parts. but now hearing that you are dyslexic, i understand that this will happen. GOOD STORY THOUGH!!!

Author's Response: thanks im glad u liked it!! and thanks 4 your review yeh i will get someone 2 edited it soon (hopefully)wont be that bad. thanks again georgia x

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Review #17, by Cill  a figth and new friends

7th January 2006:
Go George! I read so much Hermione/draco I wasn't really used to other pairings (altho i've got a t/h story, haha!) but I was like, i'm gonna give this a chance and it was great! Still, I like the idea of a/b, cause i like how you portray Blaise :) AND NO CLIFFIES ALLOWED, YOU ARE SO MEAN! Okay then, I kinda like cliffies, but not when there's no chappie updated after! You update this instant, george! Also, i saw somewhere you wrote that ppl complained about your spelling, and if you want a beta just visit . Hugs - Cecilia

Author's Response: thanks for ya review and hmmm i migth do the blaise thing i am just about to update RIGTH now but i checked review frist sooo there wont be a cliffhanger 4 much longer but it still dose not really answer it at all you just get a little peek and that it you have to what to find and i wonder what it is???? hmmmm!!! and i no i am very very mean hahaha

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Review #18, by CharlotteMarie  a figth and new friends

28th December 2005:
Aha! I really feel stupid! I now know why I can't post anything! Lmao!! Submissions have been closed for a bit! Why didn't I think to look on the front page first!?! ;) Ahahaha! *dies laughing* I guess it's not <that funny... *shuffles away, head bent low*

Author's Response: awwwwwwwww i know it sooo sad!!!

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Review #19, by CharlotteMarie  a figth and new friends

28th December 2005:
Yay! I finally read it! It was so wicked! Ooooh, shame, shame, shame, Georgia! No cliff hangers allowed! It's a new rule! Lol! I can't wait to see the next chapter! I have not really worked on my own stories this past week because I was with my brother, his fiancé, and her 15 year-old son *swoon* who just happens to be my boyfriend. It was sooo much fun! *mutters to self, 'think good thoughts, Charlotte, not naughty thoughts'* Anyway, after all that stuff you didn't care to know about (lol), I'll be working hard to get the next chapters out for you! But I can't figure out why the "add a chapter" button on my account is not there. Until it comes back, I can't add anything... *pout*

Author's Response: lol yahhh!!! i know really really naughty for doing a cliff hanger but hey it much more fun like that lol * evil ha ha ha* i know i was like why have they been closed???? but hey when they do put it back up im going 2 add a new chapter !!!!! and i think you should 2 !!!!

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Review #20, by Meganelf here she is

23rd December 2005:
this was a good story - it is a good concept and good character development. Since you said yourself that you have trouble with spelling, I can beta for you if you like. I think that if the spelling and grammer is fixed up, this story will become much more popular!

Author's Response: thanxs if u want 2 u can!!!!! thanks 4 your reviews!!!

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Review #21, by elle21  a figth and new friends

18th December 2005:
hey u udated!!!! it's still good!

Author's Response: thanks it took sooo long 2 be oked!!! im gunna update again soon!!!! alot happens in the nxt chapter!!! hmmm i wonder what??

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Review #22, by CharlotteMarie the kissing was great!! the office not so!!

15th December 2005:
Yes! I love the twins so much! *whispers to the better twin: Of course, you come first, George* Lol! I'll be lookin' out for the update! *hugs* ;)

Author's Response: lol i think the twins are really really funny!!! it should be update really really soon becasue i did put it up on tuesday and it is now thursday soooooooo it should be up soon!! i glad u like this story but at the mo i have got writers blocks i olny got the next chappie!!! oh no what going 2 do * bangs head get out writers block now*

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Review #23, by CharlotteMarie the kissing was great!! the office not so!!

14th December 2005:
Great one, Georgia! Lol! It was so cute! Snape's attitude was funny, too! I can't wait to see more of George and Fred! Yay! *dances in anticipation* I loved it all! ;)

Author's Response: lol im gussing u love fred and george!!! i update the nxt chapter yesrtday but when it will be up i dont no but sadly :'( this chapter anit got fred or george in it but the nxt 1 will!! i glad u like dis story * dances* i hope ya lky the nxt chapter 2 !!

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Review #24, by elle21 the kissing was great!! the office not so!!

10th December 2005:
it's short but good.

Author's Response: thanxs for ur review!!!! i will make the ntx chapter longer!!!!!

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Review #25, by Brooke Valentine big mouth

8th December 2005:
YEA! Update soon! I'll be waiting cuddy...

Author's Response: thanks glad u lky it!!! the nxt chapter is up!!! but i will hopefully adding the nxt chapter on tuesday!!!

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