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Review #1, by Daryl A.K.A. Your BFF The Hogwarts Express

7th January 2006:
WOW!!! Malfoy good! I stil don't like it but its your story so I'm going to let you keep this story line. What were you implying went on in the prefect and head compartment. The old train breaking down. "Snogging" I still think that word is very weird. I thought that Ron never liked the idea of Harry and Ginny going out? Ow well I still love the idea except for the fact that we used to let Amanda play Ginny when she just had to play with us.

Author's Response: okay

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Review #2, by Daryl A.K.A. Your BFF Trouble

6th January 2006:
Harru! you need to watch that spelling of yours. Draco and Hermione are Hear Boy and Girl. Sorry! It's really good, but why would anyone trust Malfoy now. Isn't there a HEAD Boy and Girl for each of the four houses, you make it sound like Malfoy is Gryfindors Head Boy. Talk to you later.

Author's Response: im not the best speller, lol no there is are a boy and girl prefect for each of the 4 houses.

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Review #3, by Daryl A.K.A. Your BFF Curiosity often leads to trouble

6th January 2006:
It is definently different than the one you were writing the one you were also reading to Kristelle. Its good so far, I'll read on and let you know what I think.

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