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Review #1, by theblacksisters Tom Riddle and the Sorting Hat

4th October 2013:
Actually, Hagrid is at least two years younger. Tom was fifteen or sixteen when he opened the Chamber, and Hagrid was expelled in his third year.

Author's Response: Thanks! Appreciate it

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Review #2, by Narcissa48 Tom Riddle and the Sorting Hat

25th February 2007:
hello again. I like this one a lot cos its different then all the others (i mean its 2 do with the time voldie woz at skool not wen harry or james were) Interestin includin the sorting hat

Author's Response: Thanx very much!!

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Review #3, by fanof24 Tom Riddle and the Sorting Hat

21st October 2006:
I think this is a great idea for a story! Very creative, and well put together. I think you could add a bit more detail, because the pace was a little too fast for me. I would give you an 8/10! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: thanx very much!! i was actually thinking of changing it a bit.

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Review #4, by Golden Phoenis Tears Tom Riddle and the Sorting Hat

30th November 2005:
Really good story. I luv it. Just one objection didn't Tom try to get people to think he was some kind little boy.

Author's Response: Um, thanx, but i'm not sure what your question is!

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Review #5, by bellas blanky Tom Riddle and the Sorting Hat

19th November 2005:
i really liked the idea of this peice, you seem to right tom riddle very well, even at eleven hes distant and almost teenaged in his actions towards others, hes desire to be alone on the boat spoke volumes. i would have liked it to be a little longer though, it was over before it really began. overall quite a good fic.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, I kno it was short, but it's a one shot! :}

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Review #6, by my karma ran over my dogma Tom Riddle and the Sorting Hat

15th November 2005:
omg, this story is like VERYTHING GOOD!!! hahaha..... i think it would be cool if you wrote more chapters about his whole first year at hogwarts....... cool, was the boy who looke to be "a lot older than 11" hagrid? it probably was...... once again, cool.

Author's Response: lol, verything? I might write more, maybe later. Ya, that waas hagrid. Anyhoo thanx!

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