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Review #1, by American Ginny Heartbreaker

28th December 2010:
Sequel please I must know how this ends!

Author's Response: I am very much thinking about it! Thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by hpfan02 Heartbreaker

8th August 2007:
sequel! there needs to be one

Author's Response: I'm not sure if there will be one. But, I'll still keep it in mind.

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames Heartbreaker

16th March 2007:
why didn't Ginny let him walk away like tat? she should of grabbed him and never let him go if she was still love with him *cries*.
oh and you could make the story smaller, without the HUGE gaps!! just a thought. yea do a sequel!!


Author's Response: well, maybe a sequel will come, but i am really busy right now with school and work and a boyfriend and friends, it's hectic. but thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by Silke Heartbreaker

27th February 2007:
You´re story is good. I like it. But I really think you desoeratly need a beta reader. I could do that for you if you want...

Author's Response: i'm glad you think so. and I would love for you to be my beta tester, how do get in contact with you? thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by bk Heartbreaker

21st February 2007:
do u know how to spell??
or can u just not type.

Author's Response: Do you know what grammar is?
Or are you just and Asshole?

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Review #6, by Hufflepuffgirl Heartbreaker

21st February 2007:
I like where the story was going...and I wouldn't mind a sequel. The end was a little funny. I think Ginny attitude is a little odd, but I am open minded to it. Maybe a little more story..I mean like details. Not bad though!

Author's Response: i'm glad. a sequel will be put into works. and don't worry, you will know exactly how she feels, the sequel will be in her pov. so it should be a little intersting. thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by magicalgirl13 Heartbreaker

21st February 2007:
sequel! sequel! sequel! sequel! sequel! sequel! sequel! please please please!!! i loved it, but cliffhanger?!?!?!



Author's Response: okay.....i'll do a sequel, lol. but, i'm sorry too, i didn't mean to make it a cliffehanger, but it's just what i'm good at. thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by lola Heartbreaker

14th January 2007:
what the heck was that

Author's Response: a flipping story, deal, you suck too.

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Review #9, by addictedtohp Heartbreaker

26th January 2006:
well,isnt the new ginny a little <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored?why did you have to do that to her???shes sensitive and caring not like that!and i can ttly understand harry.but,it wasnt written that well...=)~addicted

Author's Response: okay, thank you for the review.

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Review #10, by me Heartbreaker

30th December 2005:
sry but it was a sucky ending....

Author's Response: well, at least you were being honest. And i apreaciate the honesty. Thank you for reviewing!!!

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Review #11, by dim at best Heartbreaker

30th November 2005:
It's a good story, and a good song, (plus i LOVE your banner) but i can't help feeling sorry for poor Harry. *tear* not a happy ending, but hey, it isn't that ahppy of a song.

Author's Response: Thanks. And Yea now that i think about it i kinda feel sorry for harry too.

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Review #12, by Hermione_88 Heartbreaker

18th November 2005:
Hey - let me be the first to read and review. I like it - but it ends kinda abruptly (sp?). First he's obsessing over her then he just decides that he's going to get over her? Anyway - it's still good. Any luck with the banner yet?

Author's Response: yeah i know. I yea George said the same thing. and no, no luck with the banner.

Author's Response: yea I got the banner to work

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