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Review #1, by RemusBlack Of Deep Thoughs

21st July 2006:
Great once again! I love how you defined Sirius` character and his thoughts. Update soon please! :OD

Author's Response: You flatter me, dear. =) Thanks so much for reading yet again; I'm glad you enjoy my work enough to read more than one fic.

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Review #2, by unknown_force Of Deep Thoughs

27th April 2006:
Cute, even though it seems kind of inappropriate to describe it like that in a 'General' fic. Its just the whole friendship thing always makes me go 'awww' with Sirius being so nice and always helping his friends out. Is there going to be a next chapter? Because I was about to suggest that you include their party as well, but since you had that in mind already. Never mind. =)

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this one, but if I do, it will be a party for sure, and there may be a hint of other genres that may cause me to change it, but as on now, it's staying a General. :)

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Review #3, by SilverQuill92 Of Deep Thoughs

12th March 2006:
Awww! Soooo sweet! I loff Sirius!!! *you glare* but he's all yours *shoves Sirius to El* I have George remeber? *smiles at the dream when George and I first sn-----* nvm Anway, this was brilliant! I absolutely loffed it! I liked all the back stories of when Sirius helped everyone and when him,Remus and Peter(gr) dressed up as girls! HA! But, then wouldn't James have a crush on Sirius??? *shudder* The only Marauder slash that works well is Sirius/Remus :P You know when I think about it I owe you like a bazillion reviews since when we first met ont he HPFF Forums I never reviewed anything for you :P So, I'm paying you back! xX...Steph...xX

Author's Response: Steph, Steph, Steph.... You are just too messed up to keep track of anymore. No, James would NOT have a crush on Sirius, because then I would have to smite him. See how it all works out?

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Review #4, by dim at best Of Deep Thoughs

25th January 2006:
Ohhh! You must update =) There's a celebration that needs celebrating! There's pranks to be pulled! Hearts to be broken! Cake to be devoured!...You get the picture =P lol

Author's Response: I wish I could continue, mate, but it's the hellish fiend that is writer's block that's keeping me from doing so... As soon as I get something up, I'll drop you a line or something. ^^

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Review #5, by andharrywokeup Of Deep Thoughs

13th January 2006:
Sorry it took me so long to get here!! Haha this was wonderful! It made me giggle! A couple of canon facts though - one a wizards 17th is much like a muggles 18th - since Sirius' birthday is in the summer this could work. Oh and on this side of the pond we call sidewalks pavements! :) I'll get to more of yours soooon!

Author's Response: I'm learning things myself, how cool! I'll go change the sidewalk/pavement thing as soon as I finish up this project that I am working on. I understand the bit about 17/18, but I sort of see 18 as more of an important age for them, as it is the time that they are getting out of school and so it begins their time in a new world - being on their own for the first time, in an essence. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by jynx67 Of Deep Thoughs

13th January 2006:
Ooh! What a great story. I love how you delve into Sirius' mind. It was all so in character, or how I perceive him to be. He cares, but even when he's cheering you up, he's flippant about it. I think the way he cheered up Lily was the best. "Well, that was a doozy." *LOL* I laughed so hard. :-D Excellent job!

Author's Response: Siri is my favorite character, and since we're similar people, I think that it was easy. I'm glad that you enjoyed the sequence with Lily - it's possibly my favorite part as well. Thanks!

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Review #7, by moony127 Of Deep Thoughs

8th January 2006:
and i'm not hopless *sigh*

Author's Response: Yes you are. And reviews are not notes, that is our LJ.

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Review #8, by moony127 Of Deep Thoughs

8th January 2006:
almost sounds like u mate! lol yeah hp account works! ^^ *dances to eclypse of the heart* i'm sooooo bored!! lol luved it though! ^^

Author's Response: Sounds like me, eh? Good for you, now why did I bother attempting to get you a new one? You are hopeless.

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Review #9, by timeturner Of Deep Thoughs

6th January 2006:
I really enjoyed the internal thoughts of Sirius at the beginning. They were very well though and show you have a good grasp of his true character. The memories were great as well and I loved that they appeared so he wouldn't be alone...classic Marauder style. Very well done

Author's Response: Thanks, timeturner! Glad that you enjoyed this one! I don't know it I'm going to continue this one, or just leave it hanging in the balance, though. Hm....

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Review #10, by LisaMacKay Of Deep Thoughs

30th December 2005:
yay! good! fluff! marauders! ^^ okay, the word "Insurmountable" is very new to me, never heard it before, i'm guessing it means "uncountable"? also i like the idea of sirius and remus dressing up as lily (i don't want to imagine peter doing it though).. they had a tickling fight, huh? do i sense an aspiring Sirius/Lily shipper there?? *winks meaningfully* this is a very nice story, it's a little sad that it's so short, but it's beautiful, i realls like your style! it was hard to choose a story out of these, all the summaries looked so interesting, so maybe i'll just go and read another one...

Author's Response: Thanks! I really don't know what was up with the tickle fight, and as I never did a Siri/Lily fic, I may do that for an Out of Your Realm challenge. I would love it if you went and read some of the other fics for me. Glad that you liked it!

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Review #11, by Sophia Montgomery Of Deep Thoughs

29th December 2005:
That's really cute! I like how Sirius shed his 'bad boy' identity for his family.

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed it! I kind of see Siri as thinking that his only family is the Marauders, so I tried to relay that in this. Did I do that all right is the question. Thanks again!

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Review #12, by sagesolon Of Deep Thoughs

23rd December 2005:
Yayy, he's not lonely on his birthday... almost enough to make me cry.... almost. Well, keep the hits coming.

Author's Response: I plan to update this right after my birthday, when the inspiration is fresh, as well as the exprerience. Glad that you liked this one as well.

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Review #13, by HermioneFreakazoid Of Deep Thoughs

23rd December 2005:
i love it! hmm... i'm gonna check out your other stories. maybe you will become one of my favorite authors. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it! I hope that you do add me as a favorite author! : ) Hope that you like my other fics!

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Review #14, by Riddle Wood Lupin Of Deep Thoughs

2nd December 2005:
Sirius can be such an amazing person. ;) I loved the flow of this story, there was a nice, even amount of happy and sad moments. The beginning was absolutely wonderful. Sirius does, indeed, have many secrets. Oh, what a tale you'd have to write to explain them. :) I really love how the only thing that seems to really matter to him is that his friends are happy, and doing well. And I adored the little bit of memory of Lily. How brilliant our Padfoot is, I tell you. ;)

-Riddle Wood Lupin

Author's Response: Why thanks! If you care to make up a list, I shall gladly write the Tale of Sirius's Secrets. That would be a great story, it would. I read a fic once, where the Marauders were described through the things that they do in secret for the good of all, and I tried to do something like that here. I don't know if it really worked out all that well, but I hope it did. Glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #15, by tobeysgurl712 Of Deep Thoughs

21st November 2005:
*bows* i have 2 agree with lady evans messr. padfoot i think u have a talent for fluffies. and u make fun of me! lol

Author's Response: Eh? When did I do this indecent act? And I do not have a talent for fluff. This wasn't even supposed to be a fluffy! How do you get fluff out of this? Indecent! You cabbages.

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Review #16, by Lady Amara Of Deep Thoughs

19th November 2005:
Aww... *sniffs* *wipes tears from eyes* Padfoot, you're so sweet. You go fluffy really well! ;) Keep it up!!!

Author's Response: Remind me to hit you really hard later.

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Review #17, by Sandra Of Deep Thoughs

14th November 2005:
This was a really good story, i enjoyed it :) If you want read my story it's called Behind These Lost And Haunted Eyes.

Author's Response: I'd love to read your fic, and so I shall. I will even review it for you, as I am such a great person. Glad you liked the fic, try some of my others! Hobbits01

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Review #18, by iLoVe_SiRiuS Of Deep Thoughs

12th November 2005:
that was really great

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, hope you enjoy what is to come! Hobbits01

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