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Reading Reviews for Hand in Hand
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sissalie Hand in Hand

15th August 2006:
That was heartbreaking! Aw, he's forgiven! I feel like you showed me a different side to an overused plot, and it was refreshing to read about! Also, the way you described the happiness was so perfect! I love reading your stories, and I forgot to tell you, but I adore your screen name, it's so true! Actually, I have a sort of similar one of foreverfandom.net, Padfootrax. It was supposed to mean about the same thing. But I'm rambling again! You are so good at writing! Loved it! -Siss:)

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Review #2, by NTandRL4ever Hand in Hand

21st December 2005:
OOOOOOOO now Tonks is a werewolf too!!!! How cute! Remus and Tonks are soooooo perfect together. But who saved her? And how the hell could Remus forget it was the full moon?! Oh well, it was so cute and awesome!!!

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Review #3, by ba alzamon Hand in Hand

4th December 2005:
Why didn't she just dissapparate?

Author's Response: She was too shocked and paralyzed with fear... that and it had to be dramatic =)

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Review #4, by Misty_Rey Hand in Hand

2nd December 2005:
Its a really sweet but the beginning was a bit slow and boring but it was still sweet. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for your opinion =)

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Review #5, by Elle Hand in Hand

21st November 2005:
Very good could be a bit longer but really realistic.

Author's Response: Thanks, I might try to go back later and add on.

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Review #6, by moomoo_withmoremoo Hand in Hand

20th November 2005:
Ahhhhhhh......... How sweet!!! It's sad, but sweet!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! You always review too, It's so nice, thank you!

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Review #7, by ginnyevenstar Hand in Hand

13th November 2005:
Wow! The story is so descriptive in every way and yet not too much so! For once I have no criticisms!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! That's awesome! =D

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Review #8, by HeRmIoNe13 Hand in Hand

13th November 2005:
Fabulous! Never read one with such vivid imagination!

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

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Review #9, by purplepygmypuff Hand in Hand

12th November 2005:
I always read your stories with the anticipation of trying to figure out who you've captured so insightfully. As always, I stand amazed.

Author's Response: Aww, your too sweet! Thank you so much! I love my wonderful readers. -Sighs happily- =)

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Review #10, by Mandy Hand in Hand

12th November 2005:
OMG this is a great story!!! keep on writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #11, by thegoldentrio07 Hand in Hand

12th November 2005:
really good. the only part is, it's lupin and who else? really good though.

Author's Response: It's Lupin and Tonks. Sorry I didn't make that very clear. I'll have to work on that. Thanks =)

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Review #12, by RubySlippers Hand in Hand

11th November 2005:
*sob* The hard life of being a werewolf but she forgave him!! =D Awesome story (as always!!) Is the characters in this story OCs? Or maybe include Remus? Either way... still amazing story.. I was just wondering! Keep writing or I shall have to send a werewolf after you!!! Hee hee!

Author's Response: These aren't OC's. I just don't like the readers to know who the characters are so I don't put their names. Sorry! I didn't steal J.K.'s wonderful, amazing characters!!! And thank you so much! Again!

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Review #13, by Sweden Hand in Hand

11th November 2005:
Beutiful story! Really. Keep this going!! :) Skriv mer!!

Author's Response: Oh thank you! =D

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