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Review #1, by xXsilent_tearsXx Cold as Ice

26th September 2006:
Oh I really hate this pairing but you've done so amazingly with it! I loved this story! You did excellent description but not too much to where you were overdoing it. Again, love it! Haha

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Review #2, by crystalhermione Cold as Ice

9th August 2006:
That is the sadest fanfic that I have read so far. And it is the best! I was near to tears at the end!!! (Well, I'm a little over emotional, but it still was really sad.)

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Review #3, by secret_soul Cold as Ice

14th January 2006:
My loffly wife (is this story secretly about us? am i harry? am i going to die?!?) just kidding. wow -- i dont ship h/hr but this was so cute and sad that i loved it. it made me cry. you're very talented at writing and it fits the lyrics so perfecly. you're amazing! i loff you!

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Review #4, by andharrywokeup Cold as Ice

9th January 2006:
I believe that this is only the second H/H fic I have EVER read. I hate the idea, and yet you made it so sad..and yet beautiful. There is something in your writing style that I can't quite put my finger on, but it is amazing. A truly wonderful story. If there are any more you would like me to reade, drop the liks on the forums...but from what I've read, I may review them on my own! :) This is going onto my faves. - the only H/H there!

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Review #5, by kristina Cold as Ice

3rd January 2006:
Good story, I was really touched!!:)

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Review #6, by myriad Cold as Ice

1st January 2006:
beautifully written, it was powerful. I have to admit that I cried. you're an excellent writer, please keep it up. I can't wait till I get some time to read some of your other stuff.

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Review #7, by Jaydah Cold as Ice

27th December 2005:
I loved that last line. Very unique and catchy. The story was great, to say the least. As hard as flashbacks are to incorporate into stories, you nailed it here. It flowed perfectly. I really don't think Hermione would ever leave the bedroom without her wand. I think it's glued to her lol. But the one time she does leave it, she really finds herself in a rotten situation. The lyrics at the end round off the story nicely. I like coming across well written romance/angst like this. My favourite. Great job, and I'm so sorry for taking forever to review. Keep up the great work =)

Author's Response: no prob that it took you a while, I'm glad for every review I get. especially if its one that makes me smile as much as yours did. I know, its always risky to incorporate flashbacks, I'm always very careful with that but it was necessary cause otherwise the story wouldnt work. glad it fitted in like I wanted it to, I tried to put it at a point where it wouldnt disturb the whole action. I know shed actually never really leave her wand, shes too careful and just .. too Hrmione for that. but you know, in this case it was Harry who distracted her. lol. glad you liked my choice of the lyrics, hit me like a spell in the back when I listened to them. thanks for that awesome review, Jaydah, I heart you for it.

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Review #8, by Hermione_Crookshanks Cold as Ice

23rd December 2005:
Wow, that last line, "Because she had turned to ice. Ice that only Harry’s fire could melt," was amazing. Wonderful job. That has to be one of the most gorgeous one-shots I've read so far.

Author's Response: zomg thank you so much for that compliment, it means so much that you like it. seriously. ya, it always takes me a while to have a nice finishing line, but I gotta have that and I'm really trying to think of ones that make you think. so glad I could nail that. thanks again.

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Review #9, by Scarhead Cold as Ice

9th December 2005:
Very beautiful touching story! I was so impressed with your use of the flashbacks, they blended seamlessly into your lovely story! You painted such a lovely image in my mind of every scene but the scene that i found to be the most real was the scene where they reveal their true feelings to each other. Very believable (and I am not a Harmony shipper) Wonderful job!

Author's Response: well, believe it or not, neither am I a Harmony shipper. actually doesnt even work in my head. but the idea about the ice somehow fit to both of them, I didnt want any other pairing to live through this (although I'm an ardent Dramione shipper). I'm glad you liked the scenery, always very self.conscious about these parts, whether theyre too unrealistic, too short or too long, if they actually say smth, etc. thanks for the nice review, I appreciate it. you rock.

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Review #10, by xobebeox Cold as Ice

9th December 2005:
Where do you get these scenes and descriptions? You make the scene come alive and flow... its so wondeful. This story was so good, especially the part about her being like ice, and her relating herself to the cold surroundings. I thought that the scene with her and Harry went a little too fast, but other than that, absolutely no complaints. I can't stop reading your stories! You have such wonderful descriptions and language. Good job!

Author's Response: another kickass review from you, wow, seriously. yes, I agree, I know the part with the two revealing their feelings went way too fast, it was difficult to get the flashback moving so as to be able to come back to the present, so it was pretty rushed, I'm still trying to fix it. I'm glad you liked the rest of it, especially the part with her and the ice, which came to my head so clearly one day and I thought it fit perfectly. well and as for scenes and descriptions, thats the part I always am the most self-conscious about cause I always think its too long, too short, too undetailed, too unrealistic or too I dunno what. happy you liked it, though. thanks for the nice words, nice review, I always love when you do

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Review #11, by timeturner Cold as Ice

6th December 2005:
You have quite a gift for imagery. The beginning of this piece was absolutely wonderful. It flowed nicely, the setting was perfect and you tied her emotions into her surroundings amazingly well. The break where the actually action occurred seemed to move too quickly...the confession to each other seeming to go more easily that I would expect. But the actual moments between them were excellent and the "spark" is such a clever thing...we see it in the movies all the time but rarely do I ever find someone who decribed it as great as you did in this piece. Great job.

Author's Response: wow, you really have a gift for making my day. yup I know it went WAY too fast, I have it on my to-do-list to work it over again because the flashback was very bad. I actually wrote it at the end after I had the part that I totally loved writing already finished ... I guess that's way. anywho ... ya, I think the spark is there between them, especially in the movies surprisingly, and although I'm not a H/Hr shipper at all, I somehow thought my idea could only work perfectly with the two of them. thanks so much for the kind words, means a lot coming from you, since I totally adore your works.

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Review #12, by moonlit_rose Cold as Ice

22nd November 2005:

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Review #13, by UMBlueMusic Cold as Ice

18th November 2005:
Wow. I completely loved this. Your writing flows so well and the narrative was just perfect. I'm adding it to my favorites. ^_^ My banner completely doesn't do this story justice.

Author's Response: *wraaah* *jumps* thanks a lot, girl, it means so much coming from you. *looks shocked* doesn't do it justice? pah, I like it, thank you very much ;) and well, I'll sure be requesting from you again if you're not satisfied :) *mwah haaa* thanks again *hugs* ^^ Lexi

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Review #14, by fate48 Cold as Ice

17th November 2005:
wow. This story really sucked me out of reality. I could relaly imagine what would have been going on then. Great job.

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Review #15, by RavenMiracle_92 Cold as Ice

15th November 2005:
I can't believe someone else except me knows 'No Angels'. But that's not the point. Your story is so sad... I like the grammar and your style though. It didn't make me cry, but I'm sure that If I would have been in the mood for it I would have. Nice theme. I'm not really a Hermione/Harry shipper, so that's the one thing I don't like... great One-Shot! - Raven

Author's Response: thank yous *yay* well, believe it or not, I actually don't even like the H/Hr ship but somehow it fitted for the story I had in mind. so yeah ... turned out to be the perfect ship for that. wee yeah No Angels ... I actually hate them, but then again, the song fitted (like the ship) - so perfect timing. amazing that someone except me knows them ... but then again of course you do - Deutschland ;) thanks again for the review *huuuugs*

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Review #16, by SarahPotter Cold as Ice

15th November 2005:
oh it was so sad it made me cry heart rending very well ritten i luv it pls rite more i think sad stories are ur speciality

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