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Review #1, by Purple Flames Destination Farside

18th January 2009:
I really hoped you would have finished writing this! Any chance you possibly could? I've been enjoying it! Purple Flame

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Review #2, by katie.rv Destination Farside

14th January 2008:
Wow! I really liked 'Harry Potter and the Unexpected Turn of Events', the ending really was unexpected! And this is cerntainly intriguing. I like the mix of muggle science with magic. The only thing I'm not convinced by is the 'time passed' style of shwing that well, time passed! You use it quite a lot, maybe interchange it with, I don't know, 'May turned to June etc'?

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Review #3, by chillychick95 Destination Farside

9th August 2007:
Very good but you haven't addded chapters or AGES!

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Review #4, by DarkHeart Destination Farside

6th May 2007:
so far so good.

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Review #5, by Dragon_of_Ice Technobabble

14th March 2007:
How are they containing the reaction?

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Review #6, by Hal72940 Destination Farside

4th February 2007:
Not sure where this is going but it sounds intriguing. Would appreciate knowing if this story is being continued or abandoned.

Author's Response: Mos def not abandoned - on the back burner as I have way too much other stuff going on in my life.

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Review #7, by Crizbin Destination Farside

11th December 2006:
this is so cool and i really love the mix between sci-fi and harry potter, two of my favourite things

please update really soon

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Review #8, by John Voldemort Destination Farside

10th August 2006:
Loved the prequel as well! Keep it up!

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Review #9, by lizh12795 Destination Farside

28th May 2006:
Okay, Harry Potter mixed with Star Trek. I would love to read more. I must say that you are leaving me in the dark with all the tech talk but if you include more interactions of the characters I think it would be a great read. I loved "Unexpected".

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Review #10, by unshed_tears Destination Farside

8th March 2006:
i loved your last story! and this one seems to be comming on nicely, its origanal to mix muggle with wizard but i do say its working. more chapters please. skunk o

Author's Response: Thanks - I'm trying to be a little different...

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Review #11, by Lollu Destination Farside

2nd March 2006:
i think this will come up as two reviews, not sure, ok heres my thoughts, i like the way your combining muggle and wizard technology, its certainly interesting, and i think its great you have brought back oliver and katie in this chapter. great!

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Review #12, by Lollu The magic that was lost

25th February 2006:
I've just finished reading "Harry Potter and the Unexpected Turn of Events" unfortunately I have not left a review there, but starting to read this one, I am deeply interested, and express my wishes for it to be continued as soon as possible. Great Work!

Author's Response: Thank you kindly!

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Review #13, by upallnightmom The magic that was lost

19th February 2006:
I really like the way this story is going! Yeah! A Harry Potter/Sci-fi. I'm a sci-fi freak. I hope you continue this story unlike so many stories that I have started and gotten into and then the author decides to let it fizzle. This story is on my favorites. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks... The intention to continue is there - and I did manage to finish my first attempt at a novella length HPFF - so it's lookin' good!

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Review #14, by Beowulf Summertime, and the living is easy…

29th January 2006:
Well I have certainly left you a lot of reviews today. That was great again, thought you handled the universe transition well. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Why - thank you, kind Beowulf!

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Review #15, by Houlestar There’s a lot of it about

16th January 2006:
Yeah! evil! ^_^ will snape turn up? please???

I have to say, the tripple wedding is really over done.

Author's Response: Overdone? It only appears in the latter half of this one chapter! Anyway - it's there for a reason ;) ! Ah, you have also to rem,ember that I turned time around quite a bit at teh end of 'Unexpected Turn of Events' and now I'm writing in what is effectively an Alternative Universe. Snape has already made an appearance here - he's the fifth Marauder, Slither, I think I called him (yes, his animagus form is a snake). But..... No, I won't give ANYTHING away!!!!

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Review #16, by Houlestar The gnome service

17th December 2005:
Hehe... funny.... Oh yes, the classic blonde moment. My tkd teacher says that all of us girls have constant blonde moments [even though i'm a redhead] if he forget the moves of our paterns or say something stupid we are having a blonde moment, since one of the girls in my class is blonde, but she says she isn't. Well i'm rambling.

Author's Response: I've been known to enjoy the occasional ramble - so don't mind me, pray continue to your heart's content...

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Review #17, by KGB The gnome service

17th December 2005:
nice chapter, i really like where your taking this story, its very original take on it. keep it up and update faster !

Author's Response: I hope I can work on this a bit faster now... I've got through all the nasty proof stages with the novel and it's in preproduction. Amazon should be listing it in January...

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Review #18, by Deanna The Manor of the Malfoys

15th December 2005:
brilliant....that the house elfs and ghosts can remember but ur last story was fantastic =)keep writing

Author's Response: I absolutely intend to!

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Review #19, by KGB The Manor of the Malfoys

21st November 2005:
w00t, didnt know if youd ever start a sequel but here it is! go faster! get that other book done and out of the way so you can concentrate on something important... like fan fics... which you dont get loads of cash for... anyway yea, i like the way its going keep up the good writing.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #20, by Houlestar The Manor of the Malfoys

10th November 2005:
Really good!! I hope the next cahpter will be just as good. Can't wait for snape to show up agian, he is my favourite character.

Author's Response: I hope it will be too, Houle... The trouble is that the plot I have worked out involves quite a bit of necessary scene setting as it takes the Harry Potter universe off into a new direction. I think I can pretty much guarantee that I am boldly going where no HPO fan fictioneer has gone before - and no, I'm not talking Star Trek crossover here! Before the HP Scooby gang can fight the next adversary, they need to be equipped for the battle...

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Review #21, by Houlestar Summertime, and the living is easy…

10th November 2005:
So happy about the sequel. Got your email.

Author's Response: Thanks - I was wondering if I could get away with "...fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high" as a title for chapter 2 - but I resisted the temptation to put some form of kelpie in the Malfoy's lake (I might save that for their swimming pool though!).

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