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Review #1, by Smiling Ghost The one where Ron is worldly

26th December 2007:
ok, happy much?
that was awesome!
I'm still on tenterhooks. Waiting for that moment when something happens and they decide to be all

"I don't actually hate you after all"

so looking forward to it

loved it!

bring on chapter 5!

Author's Response: HOW on earth did you foresee that happening??? mwahaha...
Thanks so much for coming back to review my stories - Chapter 5 is gonna have to wait a few weeks cos I'm supposed to have written a challenge fic for Checkmated (it's R/Hr & I'll post here when it's done!) Plus, I'm putting together a portfolio for uni interviews right now, so I might have to let real life take over for a while. BUT I have some really good plans for where Odd Ones Out is headed, so once I'm sorted it'll defo get written properly :)

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Review #2, by Sahara Weasley The one where Ron is worldly

20th December 2007:
This is cute.
Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I intend to carry on writing this one really soon (rather than leaving it 2yrs like last time)... :)

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Review #3, by crazygurl17 The one where Ron is worldly

8th December 2007:
wright more a.s.a.p!!!

Author's Response: Ta for reviewing...I'm working on the next chapter but I have a project deadline next week so I might have to put it off for a short while before I can finish it. Hate to do that, but getting into UNI is more important in the end. Thanks once again!

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Review #4, by Ron is my hero The one where Ron is worldly

1st December 2007:
like it a lot! i really cant wait to read more; and i wonder wats going to happen...lmao =] cant wait to find out!


Author's Response: Thankyou so much for reviewing! I'm splitting my time between this fic & my Sirius/OC so I intend not to wait 2 years to update this time! I'll post chapter 5 soon - glad you like it :)

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Review #5, by Smiling Ghost The one with the reunion

25th November 2007:
Oh that was gorgeous, like seriously bravo!!
Oh dear though, I can already see the tension heating up...hmm, much awkwardness!

lol, tis gorgeous!

Author's Response: Lol, Thanks for coming back to read & review :) hehe, awkwardness is what I aim for with these two...I love them :D

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Review #6, by pinky_spinx The one with the reunion

25th November 2007:
this is very very very well written. you have a God-given talent. i started reading this unaware of what to expect, but i adore it. it's well written and it's a good storyline and i think it's sweet that your friend is dating fred/george... whoever it may be. and you've got the characters spot on, you could be Jo herself...very very well don 10/10. i totally look forward to hearing more from you!

Author's Response: Wow! Um, thankyou for being so complimentary of my work :D Just so it's clear...I'm not Jo...although it would be amazing to be her :)
The next chapter will hopefully be validated later tonight, judging by the queue size. Thanks so much!

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Review #7, by rupertsluvr The one with the unexpected visitor

25th November 2007:
I like it!! But James? I hate for a bad reputation to be put on such a good name.

Author's Response: I see exactly what you're getting at! When I first started writing this, I wanted to abolish that un-written rule about there never being two characters with the same name...and 'James' fitted the character I'd built up in my head. But, since I've started working on this again, recently, I've been a little worried that it's putting people off reading on once they hear James is a bad guy...
Also, just to make a point, I named him after the first guy I ever crushed on (aged 6) who just so happened to like my best friend...I still liked him when we were 11, and the two of them ended up James didn't hold good 'guy memories' for me at the time I wrote his, cos I never knew anyone else called James after that particular guy. But now I have several friends who go by the name, and I think Cooper is as much an insult to them as he is to Potter!
SO, to rectify the situation, I updated my chapters last night with James being called Hugh, instead.
I hope very much that this stops people from being put off reading, and thanks a lot for your honesty :)

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Review #8, by crazygurl17 The one with the reunion

24th November 2007:
aww the begging is so sad but wright more when u can

Author's Response: Waiting for validation on chapter 4 at the moment...and I have lots of ideas for the rest, up my sleeve... :)
The start IS a little sad, but I'm hoping it will work in the context of the rest of the story - we couldn't have them just waiting around for each other for years on end, could we! Thanks for your review :)

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Review #9, by LostInTranslation The one with the reunion

17th November 2007:
It looks like a good story so far, can't wait for the rest ^^

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'm currently debating wether or not to keep stick to Canon...or not? Hmm...I think I might keep him to spare the angst/grief/messiness. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by ron is my hero The one with the reunion

16th November 2007:
like this story a lot; yes to more!

Author's Response: Oh, thankyou...Once I've written some more of my Sirius/OC fic, I'm gonna go back to this for a little while :)

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Review #11, by Smiling Ghost The one with the unexpected visitor

19th October 2007:
Of course I don't think badly of Hermione! She is brilliant! Like a women's libber kind of strength and resiliance, if she was a color I think she'd be purple...yeah, ok, I'm gonna run away now!

Great again!


Author's Response: Purple like Royalty! Yes, that sounds suitably fitting for our favourite lady :) Ta for the reviews...

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Review #12, by Smiling Ghost The one where the plans change

19th October 2007:
Ok, well, given that I have reviewed all your other stories (and yes you most definatly have a fan lol!) I have decided that I should make myself feel better (serious detox of chocolate today...*sob*) and as such have decided to read this one.

Would just like to point out that I completely love using the twins in a sort of AU way -tis awesome!

Now, I must continue into the next chapter...who knows what words of literary brilliance await? Certainly not me...I'm not psychic...but if I was...than that stupid monkey wouldn't have salt in his coffee...not understanding what I'm talking about?

Don't blame you, sorry for the review, I'm working on auto-piolet at the moment and just sort of typing what I'm thinking promsie the next one will be better!

Author's Response: :D Golden rule NO1...NEVER detox from chocolate - it's too tasty, releases happy hormones, and is IMPOSSIBLE to give up! I don't know how you're managing...but I'm glad my story helped cheer you up :)
Haha, well the AU thing has only happened cos I started this like 2 years ago and haven't gotten round to writing it quickly enough bit, so its kinda just worked out this way, and I'm too reluctant to change it lol
Don't worry bout the auto-pilot thingie - I do exactly the same & I'm sure people think I'm a bit crazy hehe...although possibly the fact I put 'lol', 'hehe', 'haha' and WAY too many smilies in everything I write doesn't do much for making me appear sane...Ah well! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by ginwannabe The one where the plans change

7th October 2007:
I love the "Friends" reference with the chapter titles, lol. I hope you decide to write more of this story.

Author's Response: Yay for Friends ;D thanks for all your reviews!

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Review #14, by ginwannabe The one with the reunion

7th October 2007:'s been years since you've updated this...what happens next?

Author's Response: Oooh, well...I'm gonna be mean & not say cos I do actually have half of chapter4 sat in my computer (for about a yr & a half mind!) and ...I know I keep saying this... but as soon as I get a break in my workload I'll finish it and work on the other one-shots floating around too. But at the mo, I'm building up my portfolio for uni interviews, so it's not the best time...
PROMISE I will update sometime though!!! :)

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Review #15, by GrungGranger The one with the reunion

25th September 2007:
I was really enjoying this story but it appears to be dead. Is that true? Any way I like reading from Hermione’s point of view. You do it well. Thanks

Author's Response: Do you know, I looged on to my reviews just then & thought someone had been writing stoies for me...all I saw was the word DEAD, & I was like "huh, I never killed anyone off!" lol
But in answer to your question, NO! it's not dead at all...maybe a little sleepy ;)
I was thinking, in fact, that I might need to rewrite some of this story as it isn't as good as my more recent ones - possibly, the phone convo in the first chap is a little short for a whole chapter!!? but anyways, I have chapter 4 in the works (& titles for the rest!) so not to worry :)
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by GrungGranger The one with the unexpected visitor

24th September 2007:
Ice-queenish my back side. She should have taken her wand to his ego inflated head. Are you kidding me, Ice-queenish, she was the picture of servility. LOL Really good story so far, going on to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Ah...Hermione is nothing if not controlled in her approach (except for Ron that is!) so I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #17, by watersprite5 The one with the reunion

3rd September 2007:
i think this could be a really good story if you persue it more!

Author's Response: Okay, thanks for reviewing! Do you mean, like if I re-work some of it or write subsequent chapters???

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Review #18, by bron The one with the reunion

3rd September 2007:
Great work

now that i'm addicted...

keep writing

i really enjoyed it but is this as if the kiss in deathly hallows didnt happen? i'm a bit confused

Author's Response: Yeah, odd ones out was started WAY before DH was written - I think I started it just after HBP was released so obviously at the time there never had been a kiss written into the books! However much I like to try and keep my stories in line with canon events, I already wrote both twins in etc... but for all purposes, this story is set about 5 years after the fall of Voldemort and ...well, I shall reveal more about Ron & Hermione's history as the story unfolds. Am writing chapter 4 right now!
Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #19, by SweetAngel0246 The one with the reunion

26th June 2007:
Hey I Hope You Haven't Gave Up On This Great Story!!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence! Not to worry though, I haven't given up...I plan on writing more very soon indeed...The joys of summer holidays & all that :)

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Review #20, by GriffinClaw The one where the plans change

27th April 2007:
James is a creep! I like it!

Author's Response: Ha, well he definately thinks a lot of himself, that's for sure lol!

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Review #21, by desigirl The one with the reunion

4th January 2007:
OMG! YOU HAVE TO UPDATE THIS ASAP! it is so good i cant wait to see what happens =D

Author's Response: Okay, take a deep I'm working on it... :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Emily The one with the reunion

5th March 2006:
Lol. Poor Hermione. Stupid James. I don't like him. I like James Potter, but not James Cooper. Grr. Poor Ron. Were Ron and Hermione dating at one point? And how long after Hogwarts is this? Four years? Good story so far. *adds to bookmarks*

Author's Response: Yes, no slur on James Potter! Its set about 5 years after "The flaw in the plan" in DH, but obviously, certain canon details can't be included because I started writing this oh so long ago.
Thanks for your review!

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Review #23, by Faith The one with the reunion

28th February 2006:
Please update this story! I really liked the idea of it because it included Fred and George and their romantic lives (or it at least foreshadowed that it might) THanX

Author's Response: Hi. Thanx for reviewing (everyone else that did so as well). I am going to update this story soon (hopefully), but I kind of got a bit bogged down by a spot of writer's block, not to mention a ton of college work, and ended up writing a Ron/Hermione 'missing moment' fic from HBP, because it sort of just popped into my head. I'm waiting for it to be validated at the mo' but it's part of what I imagined happened with their relationship, and works in running before 'Odd Ones Out' (by a few years), so for the time being, I'll leave you with my missing moment, until I find time to sit and write chapter 4 of this one. The good news is that I've started writing it... Thanx for sticking with me - Hermytwin027 x

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Review #24, by RupertsPheonix The one with the reunion

29th December 2005:
thisis really good. I'm writing the title down so I can check back with it! update please =)

Author's Response: :D

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Review #25, by elfbwillow The one with the reunion

14th December 2005:
Absolutely brillaint. You write the characters so well that it is easy to love the story. It flows great and has a brilliant story line. I can not wait until you update!

Author's Response: Shall update soon I promise! Thanks :)

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