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Review #1, by stranger_than_fiction Back at the Burrow

10th February 2007:
I don't really get what happened, but that's probably b/c I was speed reading. Sorry about that. :(

Author's Response: Yeah maybe okay, thanks for reviewing anyways girl! :D

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Review #2, by stranger_than_fiction The Expected and Unexpected Visitors

10th February 2007:
Interesting, once more, and you might want to consider making more paragraphs, instead of sort of squishing them all together. :)

But one question-how old were you when this was written?

Author's Response: a year or two ago so 12-11 I think. Yeah when I edit I'll do that, thanks :)

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Review #3, by stranger_than_fiction The Note

10th February 2007:
Pretty short and sweet! Off to the next chappie!


Author's Response: Yuppers, off you go again.

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Review #4, by Teardrop Back at the Burrow

1st January 2006:
I loved it but i dont think tiredly is a word, i may be wrong but I'm just saying.

Author's Response: glad to hear you loved it, I'll look it up in the dictionary or change the sentence, thanks for letting me know!

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Review #5, by ginnyevenstar Back at the Burrow

11th November 2005:
Good start, but I think it would easier to read if you cut down the paragraphs and included more dialogue ~

Author's Response: k as i saied, well i can't remeber if i did or not but i started this before HBP and haven't really had a chance to edit it yet, i'll work on it, my other non one-shot ficcy has too much dialog for my liking so yeah i'll work it, thanx you the feedback(always luv to here opinions) and thanx for the review!

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