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Review #1, by funkymonky101 Broken

21st February 2006:
that was confusing but good

Author's Response: yeah, can bit confusing yeah.. ;) but I'm glad you liked it! :D thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by koreangirl9480 Broken

30th December 2005:
awwwww! sooo sad! maybe you should make another part to it, only in Malfoy's POV, just a suggestion, though. ^.^

Author's Response: hehe, yeah, i've got that suggestion a couple of times ;) thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #3, by Snapeist Broken

5th December 2005:
omg ;) I dunno if I've review and I don't care 'cause I lurv this fic and omg write more of these! and what was it you told me on msn? 'forgive me'? I wanna know what fic that is! write the damn thing and post it!!!!!! ;D wanna reeeaaad..... love yah as always :)

Author's Response: hehe okay, and, yeah, I think you've reviewed this one..err...hrm, anyways, I have written it, and I'm just going to fix some stuff, and then I'm going to post it :D

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Review #4, by Snapeist Broken

15th November 2005:
wow honey! I love this one! the heart like swells into a warm ballon! :D and I just looove that song... oh yeah, this is one of your best ff! såå, hehe, nuu miinsann så ska ja fixa mina historier! men asså gud de tar ju långt tid för historierna o komma in här me ju... jobbit ;) ajja, love yah babe

Author's Response: well but thank you sweetheart =) men nää de kanske bara tar typ 2 dar eller nåt så lång tid tar de inte, de e fan värre på mugglenet! aa but hope to see your stories soon! hugs :P

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Review #5, by tarkytee Broken

9th November 2005:
i loved the way you did this from hermionies pov

Author's Response: well thank you! :) you know, I thought about doing the story longer by writing from Dracos pov too, but I didn't...hmm..anyway, thanks for your review! :)

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Review #6, by Sam M Broken

3rd November 2005:
*patiently awaits an update* Jag är femton :) Ett år äldre :P Hah. det finns ett par till svenskar på denna sida. KimMalfoy t.ex. för att nämna en. Du skriver mkt bra engelska för att vara 14, min vän. Fortsätt så! Thanks for your review, btw ;) ~ Sam M

Author's Response: okej, hehe ska kolla upp henne,eh honom?,. men tack, fast ja, man har ju inte MVG i engelska för inget ;P and yeah, that story was great! :) //madde

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Review #7, by Sam M (not logged in) Broken

3rd November 2005:
This was so sad! Your language could use some improving and maybe you should get a beta, but I am overlooking your mistakes because the plot is so good. Beautifully done. It flows and it is written very eloquently, but I suggest that you correct the small errors you have. As a fanfiction writer it is important not to make small irritating mistakes that can annoy the readers. Jag såg just att du är svensk, så du har säkert inget emot att jag fortsätter på svenska. Jag gillade din one-shot. Har du skrivit fanfiction tidigare? If not, then welcome to a new world! Jag har skrivit i ett år. Är svensk, precis som du, så jag vet hur svårt det är :) Men du klarar det galant! Very good! Hope to read more fiction by you :) ~ Sam

Author's Response: whoa! finally someone from sweden! :D men jag vet, jag borde ha en beta jag är inte så jätteduktig på engelska och så men ;) jag har skrivit flera fanfictions förut, men dom har förmodligen samma fel som i den här ;) började skriva för ett tag sen då :P men hur gammal är du? I'm 14 =) but anyway, I'm glad you liked it! :) and there's more to come people, more to come... ;)

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Review #8, by BabyMagicWitch Broken

3rd November 2005:
wow. deep, sad and deep

Author's Response: thank you! yeah, I know, it's a bit sad, but it seems like I can't help it, almost everything I write end up sad ;P but if you liked it.... ;P

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