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Review #1, by Padfoot_is_mine Disaster

27th January 2010:
Oh I loved it! I liked the several POVs in the middle and thought the attack was well written. Also I love how you took the truth and dare concept and used it. Haha also my name just happens to be Caroline... But it was very good!

Author's Response: Well, then ;D Caroline. Haha. Thanks, a lot. I remember when I first wrote this years ago, I wasn't sure if I liked the multiple POV idea, but I ended up having to like it anyway. Glad you liked it as well! Thanks!

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Review #2, by luvinpadfoot Disaster

21st January 2008:
Good story! Sad and depressing, but really good. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks, luvinpadfoot. ♥ It's just the way I imagined it went for dear lovable Remus. I appreciate it!
♥ Ginni

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Review #3, by sunshinedreamr Disaster

19th August 2007:
Very good! I love stories about how Remus came to be a werewolf. This is a really good take on it. I wonder if Remus ever forgave his sister, though? I think it would be interesting if you wrote a sequel to this about the way his relationship with his sister changes after this.

Author's Response: I tried writing a sequel to it, but it's just one of those things that remain better on its own and open ended. Thanks so much sunshinedreamr!

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Review #4, by Bloo Disaster

8th April 2007:
Very good! I think you captured Remus's character quite well. 9/10

Author's Response: Aw, Bloo! Thanks so much! A nine is good enough for me!!

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Review #5, by Healer_25 Disaster

17th January 2007:
hmm...I don't know this story didnt do much for me honestly. The plot and the story line are good, I just felt little emotion, maybe if you added the stand off of remus and the werewolf?

Author's Response: I meant it to be sort of a cliffy like piece, flashing to and fro, so you're kept in suspense...there's a little bit about him and the stand off of Fenrir Greyback in there, but alas...maybe I should go bounce over to word and fix it up some. =)
Thank you!

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Review #6, by Hershey Girls Disaster

11th November 2006:
This is Becca from Too Much sugar girls. Ummm.well we had do get of that file because someone plagerised us and the staff didn't do anything about it. One good thing about thit...we get to review all your stories again.

Love the story

Author's Response: If you go onto the forums and report it then the staff can do something about it. =) Trust me, if you tell them, they can take charge. =) Thanks Becca!

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Review #7, by DirtyLittleSecrets Disaster

6th August 2006:
The first thing that I thought was interesting about this story was that Remus had siblings. I have always thought of Remus as an only child. I enjoyed reading about his brother and sister in this story though. I think that this was a really unique take on how Remus was bitten by the werewolf. I don't read many stories about young Remus but this one was good. I enjoyed it a lot. :]

Author's Response: I always thought he was an only child too, this was written before HBP so I didn't know the full story about Remus being bitten, like it explained. Thanks so much!

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Review #8, by Too Much Sugar Girls Disaster

29th July 2006:
I love it! I never am really in to reading stories about how remus became a werewolf but I like this one. (Marianna is trying to tie my hair in knot's for saying she snores! I was just telling the truth. OW!) Anyway 10/10 and adding to our favs. (Must Duck because Mari is getting mad about my little descriptions of me and she is throwing heavy book!)

Becca-The girl who needs to really tell her friend that books are for reading and not throwing. AHHHH!

Author's Response: Mkay! Thanks heaps again! ~Gin~

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Review #9, by prongsie_potter_rulez Disaster

23rd April 2006:
OMG BLODDY BRILLIANT (again)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!favs!!!!!!!

Author's Response: TANKYTANKY!!!!! (again! lol). I feel so LURVED!!!

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Review #10, by Padfoots gal Disaster

20th March 2006:
wow this is great ... you should do a sequel, something like Remus a few years later and he hasn't spoken to his sister since the accident. you wrote this really well !

Author's Response: Hmmm....I never thought about doing a sequel...I'll consider it after I take everything else off my shoulders first... (my coach is cramming me hard because we have our first softball game next tuesday...urg!) Thanks!

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Review #11, by jackinthebox Disaster

2nd November 2005:
I LOVE IT!!!!! Out of all the 'werewolf' stories I have read, this one beats 'em! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: O really? You really like it that much? Hmm...I do agree, this was one of my better writings. Ever since I have signed up for the English Honors class, my writing style has improved dramatically, I'm glad you think that this one is the best one you have read, but do be careful you don't harm others opinion and their stories, I'm sure theirs is quite good as well. Otherwise, thanks alot for the review, I appreciate it!

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