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Review #1, by Lucius_Malfoy_Must_Die Unpredictable

5th August 2006:
Thats hilarous! I LOVE it! 10/10

Author's Response: tks:) glad u enjoyed it. if ur a funny stories' fan u might wanna read "the true way harry died". it's some ppl's favorite

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Review #2, by 2sxc4u_080292 Unpredictable

2nd August 2006:
That...was weird, but oddly captivating. Will there be more chapters??

Author's Response: unfortunately..i like sudden endings so...there won't be any chapters...just if i might get a taste for writing fan fic again i might re-write it in a longer and better way. this story...well...i kinda rushed it:)

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Review #3, by voldielocks Unpredictable

5th February 2006:
I Really loved it. Ilike a dark Harry. Please update mare as soon as you can.

Author's Response: glad u did...i have some other stories where the dark triumphs..."back to where it all started"...r&r this one's short...tks

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Review #4, by EnigmaStar Unpredictable

23rd January 2006:
jeeze thats a very morbid story! interesting to see how much nicer and easier harrys life couldve been, but not very satisfying, it proves what could happen if he was lead astray!

Author's Response: tks ... i guess...i wanted it to be morbid and truly tks. yeah..indeed, harry's life would have been piece of cake if he had chosen the easy u said it wasn't very satisfying....not everything that's easy is also good jk says;)

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Review #5, by RavenClaw_Potions_Master Unpredictable

19th January 2006:
Lol, that was so twisted and tragic!

Author's Response: tks! i'll take it as an compliment...cause i wanted it to be tragic...and of course...unpredictable;)

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Review #6, by buttonlady Unpredictable

18th January 2006:
Very different.

Author's Response: i know! i wanted it to be that way!

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Review #7, by Anastasia Unpredictable

6th January 2006:
Interesting story lol ! Original subject..good job Christina! Have you thought of writing a sequel? By the way, ''I have it from Nocturne Alley'' It's Knockturn, not Nocturne. ~Anastasia

Author's Response: yeah...tks for spotting the errors...glad u liked it...errrr...i'll think about ur idea...

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Review #8, by Adriana Potter Unpredictable

2nd January 2006:
Woah?! That was so weird! But I really liked it!!!!

Author's Response: thanks! u are threw the few who do!

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Review #9, by Harrys1Gurl Unpredictable

14th December 2005:
I like the plot and the story!

Author's Response: tks! i'm glad u do. pls read more of my ff. i need to know all your opinions!

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Review #10, by SicklesPride Unpredictable

10th December 2005:
This was a really good story i liked the darker Harry but you should definitely write a sequel and make it loger cuz most people like long stories with good detail just dont start taking two paragraphs to describe someones offit or something not important like that

Author's Response: ok, tks. i really wanted to know these things.

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Review #11, by allie Unpredictable

3rd December 2005:
you should finish it this story because you left us there hanging! fill in the blanks

Author's Response: lolz. ok, i'll try. i justm like sudden endings

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Review #12, by Blerk Dirgin Unpredictable

30th November 2005:
That was a good story... I think you should continue it so the people who read it can find out what happens next...

Author's Response: well, ok, seeing the fact that many of you asked me to continue it, i might just do it.

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Review #13, by Emily Unpredictable

15th November 2005:
Choppy... not the greatest

Author's Response: well, sorry to disappoint u. i'll do my best at other stories

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Review #14, by Voldie_lover Unpredictable

7th November 2005:
is english your first language? the grammer is all wrong. Lots of spelling mistakes, and sooo many people are out of character. Good idea though. I say. re-write it, adding more detail and the like. MAke it longer. It has potential!

Author's Response: k! tks for the advise! i'll keep it!

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Review #15, by Vessa Unpredictable

7th November 2005:
Way to fast... it needed more to it.

Author's Response: yeah, i know, but i hate making long stories. i think they don't attract the readers

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Review #16, by Humiliated_Grape Unpredictable

2nd November 2005:
I think that you need to woek on your writing skills a bit more. It was rushed and didn't have a lot of details and descriptions. The dialogue seemed a bit off as on your skills before you post a story. Your formatting also makes it a bit confusing

Author's Response: err..ok, i'll do my best.

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Review #17, by rupert_grintfan01 Unpredictable

1st November 2005:
EWWWW!!! sorry but I really don't think that was good at all!! I can't belive that you mad Harry evil! That's so not right!! He didn't even want his parents back?!?! I dont think so!!!! sorry but that was awful

Author's Response: what if i wanted harry to be evil? ever thought?!

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Review #18, by Unicorn Girl Unpredictable

1st November 2005:
Way to fast...take it easy girl...more chappies...more actions...more information...if u do this u'll probably have the best story on this site!

Author's Response: well..i didn't have the nerve to make it longer.

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