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Review #1, by dramaqueen728 A Web of Truth

2nd March 2008:
wow someone's been reading sarah dessen lol

its ok... i like her too :]

Author's Response: Who? Me? Never! Silly you. Lol. JK. She's pretty amazing. I do adore her books. Thanks for the review. ♥AMW

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Review #2, by dramaqueen728 Threats and Progress

2nd March 2008:
i like the james/lily dynamic in your story... its not too forced and not too easy for them to get together

great job :]

Author's Response: Thanks! I do what I can and it's good to know that it was appreciated. ♥AMW

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Review #3, by u no poo The End of the Start and Start of the End.

24th January 2008:
it was nice... i liked it . good job

Author's Response: thank you. [= ♥AMW

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Review #4, by Squibwife The End of the Start and Start of the End.

29th October 2007:

Author's Response: thanks!♥amw

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Review #5, by Concused_Duck Leaving for Hogwarts.

12th June 2007:
Gah. I'm SUPPOSED to be writing my SECOND CHAPTER but this DISTRACTED ME!!!

psssh. Ok so I admit that I probably shouldn't have been on here in the first place... searching for a fic... but still, it was for a good cause!!

I was looking for some innspiration for my diagon alley bit... its not cheating really... i've run out of inspiration... but you havnt got one =[ (DAMN!!!)

lol. but I shall read on anyway because from what i've read its very good =]

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Sorry this couldn't inspire you any tho! Hope you continue to enjoy it. ♥AMW

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Review #6, by beastboysgirl12 The End of the Start and Start of the End.

29th May 2007:
I LOVED IT! I think you could have put in there wedding though cause that would have been cute :)

Author's Response: Thanks! But I can't write weddings. I've tried. It doesn't work for me. lol. Thanks for your review tho! ♥AMW

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Review #7, by AliKt716 The Letters

26th May 2007:
Not so rushed. Just dramatic, which, of course, works because of You-Know-Who's uprising. I like it. A lot.

Author's Response: Awh! Thank you!!! Glasd you liked it. ♥AMW

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Review #8, by nikiyer The End of the Start and Start of the End.

24th May 2007:
a bit of an abrupt ending but the story was awesome.

Author's Response: thanks! ♥AMW

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Review #9, by loony luna A Web of Truth

19th May 2007:
you like sarah dessen, hm?
this story started out great, but i was a little disappointed that you used the food/Truth thing.

Author's Response: yea I do. sorry you were disappointed tho. ♥AMW

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Review #10, by dennisnmike The Dying Flames

3rd May 2007:
Hehe, James does not seem like a Romeo. More a Sampson, and Sirius could be Gregory. Or maybe I'm saying that because for some strange reason I love cameo character (Sirius isn't one, but he's my favorite HP character) and Sampson and Gregory are definitally that? They fit, though. The nasty puns . . . anyway. James and Lily were not star-crossed . . . necissarily. It worked out for them, they died after being together for quite some time, not mere days. Besides, I think Romeo was secretly gay or at least just on the rebound, and really, what thirteen year old girl could so make up her mind? They knew each other for a whole of a minute and they decided they were in love. I like the Lily/ James story much better, don't you? But . . . Again, tiny mistakes, that's all. They get a bit bothersome after a while, it would be much better if there weren't any, but that's all I can find wrong with it! Good job!

Author's Response: no, he's not really, is he? But I was in a Romeo and Juliet type mood, then, because that's what we were doing in class. Sorry about the mistakes tho. I hope you continue to read the story, they start becoming smaller in number. Thanks! ♥AMW

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Review #11, by dennisnmike The Chapter of the Third

3rd May 2007:
This is good but it has simple mistakes, I've noticed. A letter added, a word missing, letters arranged differently than they should be. Things easily corrected. Would you like someone to fix them? I'd be happy to help. Great story so far!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I know I had LOTS of mistakes, but honestly, I'm not too worried about it right now. Thanks for the offer to help tho. If I ever decide to write fanfic again, I'll let you beta it! Thanks for the review! ♥AMW

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Review #12, by Hermy818 The End of the Start and Start of the End.

27th April 2007:
Oh!! I love it! going on my faves!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks! ♥AMW

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Review #13, by Estelle The End of the Start and Start of the End.

25th April 2007:
I really liked your last chapter. It ends well, and, myself, think too that it have been not as long as it could be, but that's great. I think that's awesome. Myself, I would like to make one story like this one, but not with the same things, same events that you've taken for your story. If I have time, I'll try to make something. But that's pretty good. Nothing else to say ! lol

Author's Response: Awh! Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it! ♥AMW

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Review #14, by Misting through the trees The End of the Start and Start of the End.

14th April 2007:
Oh, that was such a good ending to the story! It kind of tied it all together. My eyes are going a little bit misty. It's so sad that James is an orphan! Awesome, you get an 11 out of a 10!

PS: I do read your A/N's.

Author's Response: Awh thanks so much for the review! ♥AMW

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Review #15, by StepUpx_Gryffindor A Web of Truth

13th March 2007:
hey, I noticed that you don't have a banner. and i just wanted to review and let you know i would love to make you a chapter/story banner. anything along those lines, just ask me and i'll make you one! just thought i'd stop by and let you know, just incase you would like one =] email if your interested!

Author's Response: Someone made me a banner, but the bandwidth was exceeded or something stupid, and I think they fixed it and gave me the link, but I dunno what I did with it, so I might get back to you! Thanks for the offer! ♥AMW

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Review #16, by DimondMoon The End of the Start and Start of the End.

8th March 2007:
I liked everything, once again you had a beautiful chapter. I hope there is going to be a sequel to this sometime, I would Love to read some more.
But since you asked here's a little bit of constructive criticism-->
You may want to read over your chapter before you submit it. I've notices a lot of times when you type "they" you accidentally put "thay". And just a few others like that, but otherwise I think you are doing wonderfully.
Rating from me: 100!
Rating from the site: 10!

Author's Response: Thank you. I agree. I get going so fast that I forget to slow down and proof read. And then when I do, I read it so fast, and I read it they way it should be read, because I wrote it and I jsut read what I knwo should be there. I should probably get a beta. Thanks for the review tho! I really appreciate it! ♥AMW

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Review #17, by DimondMoon Hospitals

8th March 2007:
I don't think it was boring at all. It was sad about his mom, but YAY he woke up! and it had a very cute ending!
Rating: 10

Author's Response: I rather liked this ending. ♥AMW

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Review #18, by DimondMoon Blood and Tears

8th March 2007:
oo that's so.I want to say sad but it head a happy ending. oh well it was sad.
Rating: 10

Author's Response: lol, yea it was. ♥AMW

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Review #19, by DimondMoon Sectumsempra

8th March 2007:
YAY! Lilly forgave him!
oh gosh! this is scary, must read more!

Author's Response: hehe. Scary? lol. Thanks for the review! ♥AMW

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Review #20, by DimondMoon Fighting the Moonlight

7th March 2007:
eeks stupid Lily! how could you not believe?
Rating: 10

Author's Response: Lily is very emotional, which makes her dramatic. lol. ♥AMW

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Review #21, by DimondMoon 'Christmas on the Closed Ward'

7th March 2007:
ooo I want to cry. That is really sad. But I keep thinking of Alice and Frank Longbottem.

Author's Response: I'm sorry. Please don't cry. Frank and Alice make me sad. ♥AMW

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Review #22, by DimondMoon Great Expectations

7th March 2007:
oh wow, too bad he couldn't find out from Lily her self, oh well good enough lol. YAY
Rating: 10

Author's Response: Yea. lol. ♥AMW

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Review #23, by DimondMoon Half Truths.

7th March 2007:
I honestly think that Lily was overreacting. It is a stupid game and she should understand it's not his secret to tell.
Rating: 9

Author's Response: I think it's fun to make Lily over react. She sort of seems the type, sometimes. So, yea. Sorry if you didn't like it too much. But thanks for the review! ♥AMW

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Review #24, by DimondMoon Multiples of Six

6th March 2007:
I'm happy for him, he finally told Lily how he felt.
I hope Him and Lily stay friends after he answers this :S
Rating: 10

Author's Response: Well, just wait and see. ♥AMW

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Review #25, by DimondMoon A Web of Truth

5th March 2007:
I read you A/N!!!
Well sometimes I'll skip it if I just want to keep reading lol. It's no offense to you it's just I'm hooked lol
Rating: 10

Author's Response: hehe, no problem. Thanks! ♥AMW

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