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Reading Reviews for A Trip Down Marauder's Lane
38 Reviews Found

Review #1, by the marauders are awesome Every time

2nd September 2007:
This is a very cool story please write more soon

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Review #2, by Marauderlovers Every time

9th May 2007:
Its very god!

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Review #3, by fortunate_fool Every time

25th November 2006:
I think this story is awsome!!! very very very (insert alot more verys) funny... i like to read it over and over again that is how much i like this story...

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Review #4, by Dragonette Every time

7th November 2006:
I wish i knew how to amke a banner - can anyone show me? really. now to your story.very nice job. 9/10. more spelling and you called geroge "gregg" once.anyway.

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Review #5, by Dragonette STOP YELLING

7th November 2006:
You keep saying that. Spelling, as usual. but funny. (actually, you even spelt a swear wrong.srry, I pick up on these things...)

Why do they keep yelling? It's a bit choppy.you might want to go through and make everything a bit more connected. just a thought. no pressure. it's a great story. 8/10.

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Review #6, by Dragonette A missed memory

7th November 2006:
I'm remembering. Still spelling and still grammar, but still brilliant. Cannot wait to read more. This is funny.

Actually, i found this by hitting "random story" and I'm glad I did!! :) another 8.

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Review #7, by Dragonette This Means war

7th November 2006:
Wonderful. Amazingly funny. Brilliant plotline. There's quite a bit of spelling and formatting, but nothing too TOO major. This is spifftastic. 8/10.

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Review #8, by user Every time

21st August 2006:
hey, could you please check your spellings? they suck. if english is not your first language, then get some other english-speaking person to check it out for you. the story is nice, but the lack of correct spelling and grammar takes out all the fun.

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Review #9, by Lise Every time

30th April 2006:
please please update i love this story!!!

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Review #10, by Liski Every time

12th January 2006:
Please Please update i want to know what happens how will the marawders (i carnt spell *crys*) beat the weasleys?? will they beat the weasleys at all?? Dun Dun Dddddduuuuuuuuunnnnnn

Author's Response: i will update soon, my word is medded up so i can't get to the chapter

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Review #11, by xybolic This Means war

9th January 2006:
YOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Are u there??? Cant wait anymore!

Author's Response: I will update soon my computer just got fixed

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Review #12, by Liski Every time

2nd January 2006:
I love it. i carnt wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks it is comming soon

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Review #13, by Lorene. Every time

30th December 2005:
This story is so great!!!!! Love It!!!!

Author's Response: thank you o much

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Review #14, by Sierra Every time

18th December 2005:
I loved every single chapter so far and i will probably like the other chapter or chapters you do 2. please update soon

Author's Response: i will and thank you

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Review #15, by naioka1992 Every time

17th December 2005:
the story is sooooooo amazing! please keep updating cos im in luv with ur story! its so funny and original and devious (spelling? dunno oh well!) and its fab. BLOODY BRILL! pls update! naioka1992 - xoxo

Author's Response: i will soon, but i have to get my computer back, i am using my bro's and my story is on mine, it is broken and when it is fixed i will write more

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Review #16, by MyRemus Every time

16th December 2005:
I loved this chapter, although Fred and George probably would not have sunk that low- using silver. And of course, Sirius would not have got off that easily, but that's not the point of the story so it doesn't matter too much. anyway, I can't wait to see Moony and Padfoot PWN Fred and George.

Author's Response: I know, but they had to do something, and he didn't fall 4 it, and yeah sirius shouldn't have gotten off that easy, but he had to be able to go out in public and stuff, i hope u like it

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Review #17, by ems25 Every time

15th December 2005:
I am loving this please update soon

Author's Response: I will

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Review #18, by xybolic Every time

15th December 2005:
This is bloody blasted hilarious! I really mean it! I cant wait to see/read what would Fred and George's reaction if they found out about Sirius and Remus.... Rock on,, my Sirius,, my love!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I will write more soon, I just need to get my computer fixed, it is being done today, 4 now i am on my bros, and my story is saved on mine

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Review #19, by Snape_N_Dracos_Badgirl Every time

15th December 2005:
Funny!!!! HA HA HA!! Glad Sirius is now free!!! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #20, by Pluto STOP YELLING

10th December 2005:
wowww interesting... lol i like it =D

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #21, by Makori This Means war

8th December 2005:
Puh, the Marauders will SO pwn the Twins!

Author's Response: i no and I can't wate to write about it, I am just having a hard time thinking of ideas of pranks, if u have any send them to me

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Review #22, by nat STOP YELLING

30th November 2005:
ha ha ha ha thats funny

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #23, by mark STOP YELLING

21st November 2005:
that was like oh look over there a flying pig sort of thing

Author's Response: ha ha thx 4 the review

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Review #24, by mark A missed memory

21st November 2005:
this really funny

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #25, by mark This Means war

21st November 2005:
really funny a change from your romantic stories

Author's Response: thx i thought i needed a chang

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