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Review #1, by lupa_mannera Laissez un Aller

23rd November 2006:
Wow...that was beautiful! I loved how "death" was touched by Tonks' tears enough to let her go back. Has the haunting whisper of a ghost story. You should be very proud of this.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I didn't want death to ALWAYS seem like some cruel indifferent 'thing'... as much more realistic as it is.

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Review #2, by lupa_mannera Laissez un Aller

23rd November 2006:
Wow...that was beautiful! I loved how "death" was touched by Tonks' tears enough to let her go back. Has the haunting whisper of a ghost story. You should be very proud of this.

Author's Response: [double review] Thanks. ^.^

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Review #3, by tonksloveswerewolves Laissez un Aller

4th October 2006:
so...were the two graves Remus and TOnks? I'm very confused...oh look, a bunny...good story...I'm gonna go chase the bunny now...

Author's Response: I hope it's a plot bunny. Thanks for the review, I know I need to edit this story, it's a bit confusing. Thanks for reviewing though

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Review #4, by Luna501 Laissez un Aller

13th August 2006:
That was amazing! It was so sad how she was more upset about Remus than herself. One question. So, the graves at Hogwarts were Remus' and Tonks'? I love how you portrayed Death as a child. Faulty innocence. I like it.................**HUG** for amazing story!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! *hug back* I'm not sure about the graves, in fact I was thinking of rewriting the ending itself. It's a bit confusing. But I won't mess with Death herself, I'm actually quite proud of myself for that. ^^

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Review #5, by sammy lupin Laissez un Aller

15th May 2006:
i love this story, it is so good, i almost cried.

Author's Response: Oh, wow, thank you. =) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #6, by MarieC Laissez un Aller

7th January 2006:
loll I was very glad to help you, and lol for the cheese omelette (omelette au fromage! lolll) I really like your story and it's been a pleasure to help you ;)

Author's Response: thanks again, ^.^ and also thanks for the review.. so um, thanks! ^.^

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Review #7, by MarieC Laissez un Aller

9th December 2005:
Oh Good, that was brilliant! You're really good, I just loved your story. I love very much the idea of seing Death like this... it look so peaceful... But I though maybe you would need some help with your French ;) I'm from Quebec so I speak French, and yours very good but there are some faults, which is quite understandable (on this website I have to write my stories in english and I'm not used to). The thing is there is a little mistake in almost every sentence (just a word most of the time) so it would be to long to tell you here, so would you like me to send a e-mail to you? Again, really good work, it's really amazing

Author's Response: psst, i dont speak french, i used a translater... << >> sshh... lol but yeah, that would be great, ty so much for ur help and comment.

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Review #8, by bailey Laissez un Aller

18th November 2005:
wow that was good

Author's Response: ty ^^ I'm glad u enjoyed it ^^

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Review #9, by jenniiiiii Laissez un Aller

15th November 2005:
Wow, nice response to the challenge! I can appreciate how difficult this was to write, because I just finished my response, and your characterisation of Death must have made it harder. I loved the way you did that, so different from the normal stereotypical Grim Reaper. The French words made Death seem even more mysterious, and I really enjoyed that touch. Tonks was an interesting character to choose, and you wrote her well. I have to also mention the first sentence, that was my favourite part. It was great, really engaging. I have one small criticism, perhaps you could space out the paragraphs at the end a bit more. At the beginning it was fine, but at the end there were few spaces between paragraphs. So, great job, I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: ty so much ^^ I loved ur story too, very interesting how u made the character u chose choose that O.o i wont name names, no spoilers ^^D

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Review #10, by EvilSmurfa Laissez un Aller

12th November 2005:
Oh, so sad, So happy.

Author's Response: lol ty ^^ sry this is short, my minds preoccupied... is it happy?... is it sad?... is it happy?... is it sad?... o.o... im easily confused

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Review #11, by Lucid Laissez un Aller

11th November 2005:
I really like this, the format with the french lines was very original, not something I have seen before. It was very interesting read, and a great take on the challenge. Its amazing how the different challenges have been so diverse and wonderful, this one is no exception. Terrific response :)

Author's Response: ty I worked hard on it ^_^ ty so much ^^

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Review #12, by Rainbow_Frost Laissez un Aller

11th November 2005:
What a brilliant story, the way you picture dead is so different than what one would think. You made her mysterious and you want to know more about her eventhough the last thing you want to do is die. And Tonks is portraited as a strong induvidual, but also as one who holds love deep within her. The ending with the graves, I like it. Great story I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thankyew thankyew thankyew very much, ^^ i tried to make her that way

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Review #13, by Paloma Patil Laissez un Aller

5th November 2005:
Très bien. Je suis navré…encore plus?

Author's Response: Merci. J'espère le récrire peut-être. J'espère que vous l'avez apprécié. =)

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Review #14, by lunadragonfly Laissez un Aller

1st November 2005:
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that was GREAT,.................... you have done a fantastic job on this. Your discriptions were really good, you really set the atmospher, I would like to say that even though it was real good i think if you put more thought into it, as in what tonks is thinking as death is talking to her, as she see's remus fall, and more feelings, like what she's feeling when this is happening, is she sick is she in a nother zone , stuff like that, i think it would give it more juice, more depth and it also makes it longer, but your discriptions like i said were really good, i would love to see this turned in to a LONG story maybe 10 chaps or more, i think it would be really good, its a big tumbs up from me, keep up the good work i hope to see more, and top idea i think its a real interesting, death as a girl, and how she let her go its real good, SOOOOOOOOO COOL you rock HAPPY WRITING

Author's Response: wow... ty for ur paragraph review ^^ have several cookies ^^P yay im a rock! ... or mebbbe i misread that...

Author's Response: BTW: i might re-write it there were a few parts i have second thoughts on

Author's Response: PSS: ty again

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