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Review #1, by hanoverpretz01 Chapter 8

9th October 2007:
really goood

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Review #2, by Babette Chapter 8

4th February 2007:
wow, she acepted? well this is going to interesting, very interesting.
i wonder wat you have in store for me? love reading and will hope to
finish soon as you have finished it!

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Review #3, by Babette Chapter 7

4th February 2007:
well that ain't going to happen, now is it??! Silly Ronald Weasely!
Speeking of Weasely i don't like hi mor anything it's just he could be funny at times, and He STILL the same block-headed dolt that I most dispised, and it will always be like that!

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Review #4, by Bsbette Chapter 6

4th February 2007:
wow, this is a great story, he kissed her, she gets invited to work with
the dark lord and well lets just say she could have been killed but since she has one of the thee coldest hearts she was spared. wow, that kiss though really cayght me off guard! I usually have great idead when and where there kiss is going to occure!? Hot stuff you've got here.

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Review #5, by Babette Chapter 5

4th February 2007:
wow, will she really kill him?!! oh wat a day that will be, Hermione Granger killed Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy free from the damned man!!
But will he miss him or take it as hermione did, cold Heartless, Evil and never to come back! Hermione can't be that serious killingthis man won't set her free, it'll just make things worse, well not really cause in the end everything will be happy-ish, her and Draco will love each other, even though the Weasel and Potter won't aprove, but hell to them, she diserves a new happy life with someone who knows wat she's going through. And i do hope she kills him.

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Review #6, by Babette Chapter 4

4th February 2007:
*whinning*well who was it??! Yuo make so ancuious, sorryif i spelt that wrong. never thought i could be so into a story it sounds so real, and quite funny actually.

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Review #7, by Babette Chapter 3

4th February 2007:
wow, there really mature!! um, you really dicribed his feeelings very well, not to mushy, and yet mushy enough for someone to listen to. I like this chapter more for them bonding with each other like it 's like they are just the same, but oh so different?

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Review #8, by babette Chapter 2

4th February 2007:
wha??? Wait-?! You mean his mom??!! pleasetell me i'm wrong, please be his stupid excuse for a father!!!?? wow, he whimpered?? *whisper*
I thought he only did that in bed? Tee-hee!

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Review #9, by Babette Chapter 1

4th February 2007:
OOHH, hermione, she should tell them right now, ' harry, ron, malfoy was telling the parents are dead' then she breaks down in to tears.
so i thnk this is going very well you mentioned Draco and Hermione's
parents, and Hermione in an appartment? well not like i didn't see that coming. lov it! sounds great and read on!

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Review #10, by Babette Prologue

4th February 2007:
wow, this was great, it sounds like one of those sort mysterious stories.
i wonder wat's go'n to happen, love prologues make it sound more like
an actual book.

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Review #11, by pools Chapter 8

18th July 2006:
update? please?! =)

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Review #12, by Algebra_Geek5 Chapter 3

22nd June 2006:
Swifty!!!!!! Something is REALLLLY wrong with me!! I was just sitting here..and I randomly wanted to read a Draco/Hermione fic! *gasp* Soo...I went back to your fic...and read another chapter. It. was. AWESOME!!! Gah!!! I think...I think...I think I'm starting to LIKE Draco/Hermione! *hides* Anyways...Amazing job..and if Ethan wasn't hitting me to use the computer...I'd keep on reading!!! 10/10!~~Emma~~

Author's Response: I don't think there's anything actually WRONG with wanting to read a Dramione, Eb. And I think I know why... it's JAIME'S fault!! A good thing, I assure you! Lollll..... Ethan, when will you learn that taking Emma away from the computer is BAD?! Honestly... *sigh* Lmao thanks Emmi-Bear!!! swifty xx

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Review #13, by sagesolon Prologue

24th May 2006:
Hmm... it sounds yummy. It is a little confusing at times, but with a quick reread it all falls into place. BTW Long time no talk, glad to see you on the site. I saw you were online and decided to check out your penname page. Good to see you have some fics for me to review!


Author's Response: Oooh 'ello sage! Aww thank you for reviewing, it's vair sweet of you! Long time no talk indeed :) Hehe thank you again! swift xx

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Review #14, by Dracosmybabisdaddi Chapter 8

27th March 2006:

Author's Response: Lol I would if the submissions were open.... but although I want to, I CAN'T. I'm sorry!! I've had a really busy month and just haven't had the time to write.... so so so so so so so sorry!!! *hugs and comforting* swift xx

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Review #15, by Algebra_Geek5 Prologue

19th March 2006:
Hey swift! Ok...Ok...I know..I'm reading a D/Hr fic *gasp*..and well...gah! I dunno..My mom said that I would just love this here I am reading it. It's really good so far. =D~~Emma~~

Author's Response: Omg! Alge!!!!! *huggles* Yay yay yay yay yay see, it's good, I TOLD you so!! Thank your mommy :D Swift xxx

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Review #16, by June Riddle Chapter 8

14th March 2006:

Author's Response: Awww thank you. As I said, I'll try my BEST!

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Review #17, by Silent Words Chapter 8

12th March 2006:
Amazing! I love it! At first I wasn't so sure, because its incredibly out of character for Voldemort, whose supposed to be so heartless. And I can't wait to find why exactly he wanted Hermione. Anyway it's very well written. I can't wait for more. ~Lots of Love, Silent Words~

Author's Response: Awww thanks Silent :) I will try my BEST to update, but I have exams.... it sucks, majorly. Thank you for reading and reviewing! swift xx

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Review #18, by liz Chapter 8

11th March 2006:
when is the next chapter coming out. this is an awesome story. i love the story line please continue

Author's Response: thank you :) unfortunately, I don't think i'll be updating for a while... i have exams..... *whacks school* thank you soo much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by black sisters Chapter 8

3rd March 2006:

Author's Response: lol... unfortunately, I can't. Sorry... I'll do my best though! Thanks for reading!

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Review #20, by Emma Chapter 8

28th February 2006:
I love it!!! But, how could Hermione accept? that's so horrible, now shes working for You-Know-Who!!?!? we need more information please!

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Review #21, by Carlie Chapter 8

27th February 2006: can't just leave me hanging like that!! Please let Miss Emma know when you put a new chapter up!

Author's Response: Hehe I can! I shall do :)

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Review #22, by Carlie Chapter 7

27th February 2006:
No No! I liked the ending! Very nice job on this chapter as well. How is it that my daughter signs all of her reviews that she sends? Some funn little ~ thing. Ha ha. I can't wait to keep reading this amazing story!!

Author's Response: Oh, you mean her little... "~Emma~", I think it is. Yes, she enjoys the suiggles.... :D Thank you!

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Review #23, by SlytherinGirl93 Chapter 1

26th February 2006:
Very nice i have one ?? HIPOGRIFF id advise u NOT to do that again

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Review #24, by Carlie Chapter 6

26th February 2006:
Up to scratch?---No No No. This was another amazing chapter of you amazing story!!

Author's Response: Yay thank you! Shame you had to go and get kicked off by /someone/. *glares* Hehe thanks again!

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Review #25, by Carlie Chapter 5

26th February 2006:
I just love the suspense that this story has. It is just wonderful! This might just be the best Draco/Hermione fic. I have ever read! I can't wait to get to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Awww thank you! That means a lot, thanks! (I think I've made Em mad...oops.)

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