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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93 Magic

11th December 2010:
Beautiful! Cried like a baby - I think this deals with what it must be like for those who have brain-damaged loved ones and have to decide whether to wait or to let go, even though they know the chances of them ever coming back are closer to zilch than anything. The quotes of the song intertwine so beautifully with the piece, it seems like the song was made for this story. Well done - you deserve a 10/10 and a favourite.

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Review #2, by lostlovegood Magic

21st January 2007:

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Review #3, by _Mischief_522 Magic

14th June 2006:
oooh. this made me cry. you are truly an amazing author. wonderful job.

Author's Response: Dry those tears. Thank you so much... means alot.

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Review #4, by Jordan Magic

26th May 2006:
That was beautiful... it made me cry that Hermione died :( you wrote it beautifully...

Author's Response: Thank you. I hold this story near and dear to my heart, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by NightmareEmily Magic

7th May 2006:
so very sweet!

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #6, by Mystic Moonstone Magic

20th January 2006:
AWW! that was soo sad!great thougH!!!!

Author's Response: I thank you -- sometimes sadness is needed in life... :)

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Review #7, by HermioneG Magic

19th January 2006:
I've never imagined it possible that people can remember names and talk when they don't have a soul, but I don't know; I've never experienced it. Beautiful and sad. You almost make me a Harmony fan! Almost.

Author's Response: Harmony -- converting one reader at a time. I took some liberties with the soulessness... because I just wasn't really sure of the ramifications of the condition. So, I tweaked to fit my needs! Thanks for reading dear :)

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Review #8, by someone Magic

15th January 2006:
A truely wonderful story,it really made me cry. But it also a kind of happy ending, as his love is strong enough to make him realise that it's better to let her go. And the ending was wonderful ("For a well-organised mind death is just another adventure" as Dumbledore might have put it). It also doesn't ignore the tragedy in life as some of the other fan-fiction stories do; this makes them a lot easier to read, but I think for there to be comedy there also has to be tragedy, which makes your story more "complete" and not just fulffy etc. I really like this story.

Author's Response: There are a few things that I'm a sucker for... and one is complete, complex emotion. Another is honesty, and I feel that this story addresses both of those beautiful things.

Tears are a great compliment... I'm glad that I could move you. This is my favorite story that I've ever written, and it continues to effect me everytime I read it. You're sweet... and I appreciate your kindness. And I agree -- Death is just another adventure... I imagine it to be something like flying. I wanted to show that the unknown is okay... as long as you're at peace. I hope that I could show you that here.

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Review #9, by faith4u Magic

31st December 2005:
awww....that was so sweet and cute. It nearly made me cry! I love it! good work

Author's Response: I thank you faith! I'm glad I could effect you. You're sweet. Thanks for reading!!

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Review #10, by tonksandlupin Magic

14th December 2005:
ok, Jax, now that was thoroughly depressing! I liked it, but your stories, at least your one shots are so sad....

Author's Response: Its just the one shots :) I've noticed that!!! I guess I'm just being moody when I write them :) I'm glad you liked it! You know I can write happy!! You've seen it!! :) Thanks Jen!!!

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Review #11, by Jamie Magic

12th December 2005:
omg...that was the sadest yet most brilliant fan/fic I've ever had the pleasure of reading. THAT WAS AMAZING!

Author's Response: Most brilliant? wow. Thanks Jamie! I appreciate it so much! You're sweet. It was an easy one to write for me, and I'm glad that it touched you :)

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Review #12, by Kat Magic

11th December 2005:
*cries* Beautiful...this fic symbolizes that the ones we love the most, never truly leave us.

Author's Response: How right you are Kat. Thank you for reading, and I'm very glad that you saw the meaning behind it. :) You're sweet :)

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Review #13, by alwaysforever Magic

1st December 2005:
wow....... that was beautiful.

Author's Response: thank you very much

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Review #14, by Nitingale Magic

14th November 2005:
Absolutely beautiful song-fic, I almost cried when I read it. You really know how to tug at the heart strings. Keep on writing. :) Nitingale

Author's Response: Thank you dear... I pride myself in yanking on those heartstrings as hard as I can ;) Don't worry -- I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. Thanks again!

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Review #15, by Programmer Magic

8th November 2005: moving! It touched my soul. This is DEFINITELY going onto my favorites. You should write more stories like this! Mu, ~Programmer~

Author's Response: Thank you so much... It isn't very often that a story like this comes upon me, but I hope that one happens soon :) thanks again :)

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Review #16, by Scarhead Magic

7th November 2005:
Absolutely beautiful Jax I was sitting here in tears...and I am not a big fan of Harry and Hermione. Great job!!

Author's Response: JaxGranger: Converting to Harmony... one fan at a time :) Thanks so much, hon... I really appreciate the love!!! :)

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Review #17, by quillpenandink Magic

6th November 2005:
wow... that is the first fanfic i've ever read that actually made me cry...amazing...

Author's Response: and for this fanfic, I believe that tears are the ultimate compliment. Thank you so much... I am really glad you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #18, by Paige Weasley! Magic

3rd November 2005:
It is like sooo sad.OMG.I like totally cried!It is a great story

Author's Response: thanks paige :) I'm glad you liked it!! :)

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Review #19, by *Tears* Magic

27th October 2005:
So sad... But yet so beautiful...

Author's Response: Isn't that always the way? Thank you for reading:)

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Review #20, by BabyMagicWitch (not signed in sry) Magic

27th October 2005:
That was a really touching story. I loved it

Author's Response: Thanks so much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it... :)

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Review #21, by crystal allan Magic

27th October 2005:
Hello, dear. I’m sorry I didn’t get to this last night – my sister came over and we were scrap booking (sounds rather geriatric hobby, doesn’t it?). Well, I’m here now, so I’ll stop babbling :)

I love the way you began this piece – with the ‘eyes’ monologue. Those small things like that really bring a piece to life and you accomplished that well here. I think the perspective was a nice touch as well, you were able to draw more from Harry that way - though you do seem to have knack for that in general.

Why are all your stories so terribly sad? I love them, I really do, but each one is laced with such a gut wrenching sadness. The emotions here were amplified, they were powerful, and left me with an ache in my chest. I don’t know how you do it but you’ve managed to write all those thoughts and emotions so perfectly, so amazingly well, that they are nearly tangible. I cried – I feel silly telling you that, but I really did. The desperation you put Harry through, the need, and almost helplessness were all so overwhelmingly beautiful. It was simply breathtaking.

I think you could have added a bit more description of Harry’s feelings during the death scene, which was absolutely wonderful nonetheless. There was so much here that I can’t put into words, and I hate that I can’t describe what the story did for me, nothing I could say could cover the scope of your writing. You have an amazing amount of talent, and it simply shines through with this story.

Author's Response: Aw, I made you cry! Don't feel silly at all, I take it as the ultimate compliment :)

I feel the same way about the death scene. There was something missing!! I could see it, but the words were just lacking. Ah well... no one is perfect ;)

Why are my stories so sad? Well, in this case, I was kinda sad when I wrote it... so I projected alot of the things I was feeling onto Harry... poor thing.

You don't know how much it meant to me to read this, Crystal. I was pretty sure that this baby sucked when I posted it, and I was sure that you would be honest with me :) Thanks again, oh she who is so much older and wiser ;)

Oh, and scrapbooking is pretty cool ;) Geriatrics unite!

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Review #22, by DarkWizardKiller Magic

27th October 2005:
This is one of my very favorite stories. It is very touching. You are a very prolific writer. I could actually see Hermione dancing in the moonlight! Very well done. I am very impressed. Thank you for your brilliant imagination!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so glad that I showed you all the detail, that's so important to me. :) Thank you for reading... that was a wonderful review!

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Review #23, by Ever Lasting Nightmare Magic

26th October 2005:
Hey-It's me, Elizabeth. I thought this was very beautiful-quite poetic. I've always cared for sad romance stories in which one of them dies. *smirk* I've never read Hermione/Harry, but I did enjoy this. You're a great writer, never lose faith in that. Ever yours, Elizabeth

Author's Response: oh Charlie! That's just what I needed to hear!! I love ya :) Now, you've never read Harry/Hermione?! That needs to change. They are the best :) Anyways, thanks for reading. I appreciate your kindness... you've made me happy :)

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Review #24, by xx Magic

25th October 2005:
Wow!!! I totally LOVED that. Well done. hope you make more stories.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #25, by Light_My_Way Magic

25th October 2005:
That was sooo was really a very beautiful story. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you... beautiful is a nice word. :) I appreaciate the read :)

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