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Review #1, by baldurpotter Meeting with Mad-Eye

17th August 2009:
just read first chapter and was wondering where i can find the phoenix letters its not on the site. i would like to read it before i continue with this story please let me know. i am so confused right now.
thanks again

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Review #2, by dancer Meeting with Mad-Eye

14th September 2007:
Ok where do I find the first story? it's not on this website.

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Review #3, by Ydnas Odell Tainted Happiness

18th July 2007:
And review 200. I suppose a graffiti review to ensure you get a 200th, but seriously you should get a reward for best use of a Rubik's Cube in a fanfic. LOL!

This was a spectacular story all around.

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Review #4, by Ydnas Odell A Friendly Prank and the First Attack

18th July 2007:
Did you have fun making the lesson plan for this chapter? :-). This was one of my favorites. Do you teach this way? Try to make lessons fun in order to encourage students to learn?

Which Hogwarts teacher did you think you channel most in your teaching? I hope not Snape?

Excellent chapter and this was a brillant idea for a plot point.

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Review #5, by Ydnas Odell Lullabyes and Good Nights

18th July 2007:
Fluff is great, there is never enough fluffinutter, especially about Harry's kids. This was one of the better chapters and one of my favorites. Your potrayal of litte kids especially is perfect. And if your daughter is as sweet as Kas...well you must have a truly happy life.

A perfect ten!

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Review #6, by Ydnas Odell One Good Turn, One Saved World

18th July 2007:

It took me a couple of nights of staying up later then I should but last night I finished this whole fic. And I see why Anne loves it so much. Every single word was read from begining to end.

Let me say first that you have a grand talent for plotting and also that every word aches with your love for children which makes sense since your a father and a teacher.

You'd probably be an awesome childrens writer.

The first couple of chapters were kind of slow and I found some of the dialogue a little to stilted, or a little to much about the story and not about the characters, but once the kids came in you hit your grove and I was hooked. And the dialogue got better though sometimes here and there it did sound a bit to sophistacted for their age.

You made a common error of fantasy fiction though in making Jetta seem too powerful. It hard to keep suspense that way, the only reason you can is that Jetta is still so young. The Mercury's Star basically makes her a god like Superhero and at the end she has ordinary magic too. Maybe she still shouldn't have been able to wield a wand, it would have left a difficult limitation (though she could still throw flames and ice).Stopping time is an extraordinary power and she has others.

Really as long as she is alert, she can't be beat.

To be honest she seems more powerful then the Huntress and the Guide which I assume were important in another follow-up fic of yours. (Where is that, I'd like to read it?)

Your best character here by far is Spartan and he's continued somewhat in Two Lives in One which you co-wrote with EllsiandreAnne, but what is the connection between the Spartan in this fic and the Spartan in that one or is there?

Great job on that fic too. Sage and Sorka are pretty much my two favorite OC's, well maybe after Firefawn's Kally but it is a close run thing.

I love the entire Potter clan as depicted here, they are so much fun.

And the 'Hogpen' is a perfect name for their home.

And also before I forget the action scene in the last scene and Spartans 'betrayal' in twenty-five and twenty-six is very well done.

A special fic all the way through. A ten.

I'll add in a few other simple reviews of this, so you can reach 200 before DH comes out.

And What's the web address of ficwad?

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Review #7, by jenjen Meeting with Mad-Eye

18th July 2007:
Hey, I didn't read The Phoenix Letters and I wanted to read it but I can't fnd it. I didn't read this chapter eather. I'm waiting for the fisrt story. Please send me the link to The Phoenix Letters please. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Author's Response: That's because it was pulled from the site. I'm going to start putting my stuff on ficwad so when I get it up there I'll let you know.

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Review #8, by crazy_Dane One Good Turn, One Saved World

3rd April 2007:
Wow... It's even better than the first one!! Can't wait to read the sequel
Well done =D

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment! The sequel is on hiatus for a while. I've got so many other fics to figure out first.

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Review #9, by ElissandrAnne One Good Turn, One Saved World

20th March 2007:
Me again... I made something for you, because this fic deserves a lot more reviews and most people ignore the fics that don't have a banner. Here is the link:


Hope you'll like it. ;) Now I'm making one for HP and Portus Litari. hehe. (I'm glad you liked the one for Fire and Earth.)

Author's Response: Hope You're right! Thanks Frenchie!

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Review #10, by ElissandrAnne One Good Turn, One Saved World

15th March 2007:
Wow! That was great. The whole fic, I mean, not just this chapter. I love it, of course. What a great ending! I knew there was something brewing with Ron and Spartan. Spartan couldn't just go back to Malfoy Manor for the summer. And I knew too that Spartan was beginning to like one of Harry's daughter. hehe. *thinks about the ships*
Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with me/us. I just love the way your imagination works. lol. I always think I know what you're capable of, and the next instant you have me surprised. That's just amazing. lol.

Author's Response: Thanks Anne. I love reading your reviews because you make me love my own stories so much! lol. Of course it's nothing compared to Sage and Sorka's fic though!

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Review #11, by ElissandrAnne Tainted Happiness

15th March 2007:
I just can't believe Victor is dead. *wipes a tear* Why did you have to write him that way and then kill him off??? Poor Lilly, just as they were going to get married. Amazing chapter. You almost had me convinced that Spartan was an evil git after all. And now he's... what? That's just like Lucius Malfoy to try to kill his own grandson. Evil bastard. I didn't know you were that good at inventing spells. hehe. Harry is a bit paranoid, but that may be why he, his wife and their kids are still alive. When one's been through so much, no wonder one's a bit paranoid anyway. OMG, such a good chapter... on to the last one! *hugs*

Author's Response: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! lol. I guess Harry takes the words to heart, eh? lol. Yeah, Lucius is a great evil character to write! I love writing him as the next big evil thing in hp world.

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Review #12, by ElissandrAnne Moving On

15th March 2007:
OMG! That's so intriguing... and the ending. Grrr!!! They better not hurt Lilly and Victor. Not after such a romantic date - that part is great, by the way. Not that the rest is not, but you have the knack for writing romantic scenes without them sounding too cheesy. Now I wonder who are the spies among "our" friends, and who is the spy among their enemies. And let me tell you, only kids could think about pulling pranks when they have that kind of recording in their pockets! lol. Amazing job again...

Author's Response: hehe. thanks! glad you enjoyed!

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Review #13, by ElissandrAnne The Key to a Great Offense is....

15th March 2007:
Let me tell you that this fic has definitely not the reviews it deserves - reads, I don't know, but it would deserve a lot more reviews. And I'm just sorry I didn't start to read it earlier. But you knew I would get to it, right? lol.
Ok, what's that between Ron and Spartan? I know what Ron said, but obviously, despite being raised by Millicent and his grandfather, Spartan hasn't turned out like his father. I do agree with Harry: Spartan is not draco. I love the bit about the Quidditch robe having been Harry's. And you wrote the game amazingly. I certainly couldn't do that. *sighs* And with such an ending, I can't wait to read the next chapter... Awesome!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. Now that I've put on the banner, maybe it will have more reads.

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Review #14, by ElissandrAnne Flying Lions

15th March 2007:
A very sweet and heart warming chapter. But intriguing too. Spartan is really a good boy. Maybe he thinks a bit too much, but he's still so young for that kind of responsibilities and yet he shoulders them. They all have to grow up faster than normal kids, like Harry said, don't they? The flying part was good! Flying... I'd like to try that! LOL. Ron and Spartan... Is there something brewing there? I wonder what Ron will tell the boy. None of them liked Draco... But they are adults now, and if Harry himself can talk about him and keep to the facts, I guess Ron can do that too... I hope. LOL.
Love the chapter! Amazing job!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you caught the connection between Ron and Spartan. You'll have to wait and see!

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Review #15, by ElissandrAnne Pranks and The Speed of Time

15th March 2007:
Tsk, tsk... professor, you shouldn't give the kids so many ideas! Good thing there are no young witches and wizards around. lol. Seriously, I don't think adults have to give any ideas to the kids - they have them on their own. haha. I'm just glad the Raiders pull pranks but are sometimes caught at it. That's just fair - I do love them, however for their own good, and for the sake of the story, it's a good thing. I love the part about Harry and Kas - love the interactions between those two. And Harry and Spartan becoming closer - it was unexpected, so great job! It's nice to see the boy turning to Harry as he would to a surrogate father. I also love the interactions between Ginny and Jetta. And of course, I'm very happy Jetta now has a wand - and a very special wand at that! LOVE this chapter! 100/10. ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, Kas is the only character that is actually based on an actual person... my daughter. So, I write her how I see her acting. She is a prissy pot, but she loves being outside, and LOVES books. If we gave her the chance we would read her entire library every night!

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Review #16, by ElissandrAnne Redemption

15th March 2007:
Ah, so Rebecca finally got more than just a date... hehe. The part about 'cunning linguistics' and the rest cracked me up. OMG, you are so... I just love your ways. Those little treats here and there in your fics. Please, tell me I'm going to read Court asking her brother THE question later... Pleaaase. LMAO.
That was the question I forgot to ask you in a couple of my earlier reviews: does Jetta really freeze time or just for the people in the same room. I guess this chapter answered it. Thanks ;)
I love the way you write McGonagall, strict, but always concerned about her charges - and anyone who would endanger one of them, beware! lol.
The pranks... OMG, you're good! And now I just wonder what will come next. Between Harry and his 'gifts' and McGonagall giving them a special 'assignment'... Is it still a school??? LOL.
Awesome chapter. *big hugs*

Author's Response: Yes she did. I'm glad you caught on to the word play, and as for Jetta, she can actually freeze time. Thanks for the reiview.

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Review #17, by ElissandrAnne Learning How to Lose

15th March 2007:
"Know your friends. Trust your friends. Help your friends. Keep it simple.” I love that! I love the way Harry shows each of them their mistakes. In short, I love the way you wrote your professor Harry Potter, the way he teaches the kids - not just so they will learn something useful for the classroom, but above all, things useful for the real life and their survival. And of course, I love him all the more for being very tempted to turn the Aristocrats into ferrets and slugs. hehe.
The argument was very well written. Nah, I didn't think for a second that Harry was about to lose Ginny. But I'm a big girl. Ginny's animagus form is a lioness? Ginny's an Animagus? Of course, Ginny got some good points, but seeing as they aren't a normal family, only made of normal people, Harry was right - they can't have a normal childhood. It's sad, but realistic. To conclude, I love the interactions between Harry and Kas. She's such a sweet little girl. The more I read, the more I love this story...

Author's Response: haha. i love that saying too. kids learn best through failure... so, they had to fail a bit here and there. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by ElissandrAnne Occlumency Success

15th March 2007:
You obviously have your own way to deflate an ego. lol. Spartan succeeds in pushing Harry off his mind during his Occlumency lesson, then he's defeated by the Aristocrats... Gr!!! Oh, all right, I still luv ya, even if you like torturing innocent kids. hehe. LOL. Seriously, the good guys can't always win - too predictable. So their defeat makes for a better story and should teach teh Raiders a lesson. But how could the Aristocrats trap them? Oh, well, I guess I'll know that soon enough.
Meditation to help in Occlumency, that was a brilliant idea! I love it!!! And I love that you changed the tense in the last paragraph - it stresses the actions perfectly. Awesome, once again. *hugs*

Author's Response: Thanks Anne. The Aristocrats aren't dumb, like the Slytherins of HP world.. They're just jerks, so it's not out of the world odd that they could capture the group. Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it.

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Review #19, by ElissandrAnne  Enough Seriousness, Time for a Prank War

14th March 2007:
This is my 500th review left. I wanted it to be for my favorite author and friend.
That was just... great! Awesome! Amazing! Were you a prankster when you were a kid? Are you still? LOL. Or is it working with kids that gave you all those wonderful ideas for pranks? Anyway, I LOVED it! Good thing I wasn't drinking or eating while reading - I would have had to clean my screen, and more than once. Your characters are so wonderful. They seem so real. And the way you described it all, I had the feeling I could see it! That's one of the things I like best in your stories. But then I've never found anything I don't like in your fics...
That was great! Awesome! Amazing! Oh, well, you got it the first time, right??? LOL.

Author's Response: haha. no i wasn't a prankster as a kid, it's just sort of evolved! lol. Working with kids does give me ideas of pranks I would love to try on them though. lol.

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Review #20, by ElissandrAnne The Guide’s First Task

14th March 2007:
Well, what was in Molly's cube saved more than one life. Good thinking! Oh, and it's always so true that baddies are predictable. hehe. And that the brutes working for them have to brag. *rolls eyes*
That sure was an action-packed chapter. I guess you're the only author able to write a more than 3,000 words chapter with action in avery paragraph and sentence, and make it coherent. You are amazing. ;)
I loved the ending. It's always funny to see a grown man squirm. hehe.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate that because it means alot to have such an action packed chapter that flows nicely.

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Review #21, by ElissandrAnne The Joys of a New Arena

14th March 2007:
The classroom scene was brilliant again. I would have loved to have a teacher like Harry. And he's fair, too. The scene with Viktor and Lilly, and of course Molly, was funny. I guess Viktor really has to figure out what to do next... and I'm not talking about the masked witches and wizards approaching Hogwarts. hehe. The cubes... Oh, I remember those! lol. Since you said there are things inside that are on Filch's list, did he buy them at WWW???
Awesome chapter! *hugs*

Author's Response: Of course he bought them at WWW. And Vikie plays a major role in this fic.

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Review #22, by ElissandrAnne A Friendly Prank and the First Attack

13th March 2007:
Um, no, Jetta is not a Metamorphmagus, contrary to what I wrote in my last review, just a Metamorph... lol. Sorry.
Another great chapter. I've always loved the way you write action - I've always had the feeling, while reading, that I can actually see the scene. These kids have such a vivid imagination, as regard to pranks. LOL. Molly, I can understand, since she's half Potter and half Weasley, but the others... hehe. That was awesome! I just hope McGonagall won't be too hard on Harry...
Aaarrggh... I gotta go back to work. I'll read more soon. (I can't wait!)

Author's Response: glad you got to make some time to read!

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Review #23, by ElissandrAnne Friends With Good Intentions

13th March 2007:
I think I've never told you how much I love the "adoption" part of this story. I love that Harry and Ginny, who have many children of their own blood, still want to share the love and the warmth of their family and home with Jetta and Lilly. Because love is something that can be stretched without thinning - I'm not sure it makes sense, sorry. Well, it just seems right in your story, because of the way you're writing them all. Your Harry is a wonderful father. The last part brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad Jetta calls them mum and dad now. And now she's a Metamorphmagus!!! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: My favorite part of this story is the adoption part.

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Review #24, by ElissandrAnne Chain of Blood

13th March 2007:
Haha, 'something in the water'. lol. Seeing how Viktor and Lilly look at each other, they might want to drink anything but water for a start??? The story about Hermes/Mercury's Star is very interesting. The gods of Ancient Greece had a real fascination for mortal people, eh? hehe. Um, right, I've always been very interested in Ancient Greece, so... But back to the chapter. Of course I shouldn't forget the three prophecies about the Chosen One, the Huntress and the Guide... So now with that Mercury's Star... Wow! There are so many mysteries and good things in this story!!! Just love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I think Ancient Greece is fascinating as well. Yeah, the Greek gods did have quite a thing for mortals..

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Review #25, by ElissandrAnne Detention Nights and Diamond Days

13th March 2007:
You're really writing an amazing grown-up Harry. I'm sure JKR couldn't do better. He's smart, he's got a twisted mind... The Occlumency/Legilimency lesson was great. All your original characters are so good... but it's no surprise they are. You're an awesome writer. Too bad JKR will never include a Muggle Defense class in the series. That could be useful though - spells are good, yeah, but a different style of fighting could be useful too, in some situations. Oh, it just gave me an idea! I'll tell you about it later... hehe. It was nice to see Viktor again, and with Ron. haha. OMG, I love your classroom scenes, Professor!

Author's Response: Thanks Anne. yes, I try to have all my classroom scenes straight out of my real life classroom... HAHAHA. not! JK.

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