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Review #1, by Anastasia It was all a lie

5th January 2006:
Wht does Ginny hide?! lol Very good story, well done Christina!

Author's Response: cause she's supposed to be a good girl...seeing the fact that she comes from a "noble" family..anyway she can't afford to be considered the black sheep of the family. we have the twins for that afterall.:)

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Review #2, by nido It was all a lie

29th October 2005:
giny or heromine! it have a good start in the middle it is excelent i felt that iwas truly reading harry potter but the end is .....u may say non fictinal girls are always like that u can write good

Author's Response: yks nido. well ... i kinda liked the end of my story, but, hey, everyone has a different opinion. i'm glad you liked the rest

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Review #3, by HELENz It was all a lie

27th October 2005:
This is really good. Keep writing!!

Author's Response: tks

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Review #4, by Unicorn Girl It was all a lie

25th October 2005:
WOW! Freaky...I hope you'll continue it....u will, wouldn't u? PLZZZZZZZ

Author's Response: nope! that's all!

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Review #5, by blue dragon It was all a lie

25th October 2005:
Its really quite a good story but if you actualy made a summery you'd get more readers. Just saying. Even something short like 'a story about Ginny Weasly TRUE love afairs' you know. Iit'd be better thn Err...just read it and find out or what ever you currently have. Okay sorry tha might sound kinda harsh but its such a nice story so far.... I was just trying to help.....

Author's Response: well... tks. it's not to harsh. i just didn't know what to say. i'm glad you liked it

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Review #6, by BKJ_Wands It was all a lie

25th October 2005:
WOW ginnys evil??? or is she??? anyways i like this story and cant wait for you to write more and see how it turns out.

Author's Response: well...i'll write more, but not on this story! this is the end. glad you liked you

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