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Review #1, by mickayla1014 Visitors

25th July 2013:
Please, please, please write more of this story. You can't just leave us hanging like that!

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Review #2, by hagen5690 The Rescue

18th November 2007:
i dont know if u have an account on Fanfiction net, if u did it would be so much easier to send PMs.

im wondering how u are feeling. u havnt updated in a while. im hoping everything is going well with u. and i hope u feel better if u arnt already.

Author's Response: I am ok- its a loud of things piled up. I will get there.

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Review #3, by Camelia Visitors

17th November 2007:
Hey, I love all of your stories. They are all written very well and realistically, and the plots are really creative as well. I hope you get everything worked out and that you can keep writing because you really are a very talented writer :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much

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Review #4, by dart87 Visitors

31st October 2007:
ok it is great so fare i was just wanderin when you are gonna post another chapter or if you are done with this story

Author's Response: Nope not done. I just needed sometime to recover. I have had some serious health problems recently. I am posting. Promise I am on holiday soon- more time to relax and write. I apologise for lateness

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Review #5, by jocelyn Visitors

15th September 2007:
please continue this story!!!

is harry going to kill all the weasleys and sirius and ect.

Author's Response: I am actually having a block with this one. I have the story but i can't write it the right way... you know!

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Review #6, by Orbital Visitors

10th March 2007:
Great story so far, kinda always wanted to read a story with a plot like this. keep up the good work :D

Author's Response: I will thank you. New chappie soon.

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Review #7, by Bert Visitors

3rd March 2007:
great story. Can't wait to

Author's Response: I am currently writting it. Next weekend. I know its long but i am had a major flu and migraines as well as a hectic few days.

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Review #8, by blackruby Visitors

26th February 2007:
Want more soon

Author's Response: Will be one soon.

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Review #9, by k2_vet Visitors

26th February 2007:
wow. This is amazingly brlliant! You are a fabulas writer well done so far and please update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: I will. I was down with a major case of flu recently so be patient, please. One up soon. Promise

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Review #10, by LovlyRita Visitors

26th February 2007:
Well I really enjoyed your story. the dialouge that Harry has is quite curious but very interesting. He kind of reminds me of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels...except before the evil stuff. In his dialouge, anyway. I find that Ron and Hermione have absolutely no point in this story so far other than to be there and be curious. I hope that changes. I do like the AU universe of the story, and when I found out a few chapters ago about the ministry keeping him, I think I actually said out loud "that's a brilliant idea." It's very original, I'm digging this story hard core, I can't wait to see where you take it!! FANTASTIC job! :)

Author's Response: Ron and Hermione are to help him- gradually. They will be more later. Thank you. New chapter soon!

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Review #11, by cameo ruby Visitors

7th February 2007:
oooh! i love this story like so many of your other stories! you are such a talented writer! :P :D please add a new chapter very soon!

Author's Response: Will do.

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Review #12, by blackruby Visitors

31st October 2006:

Author's Response: Thanx.

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Review #13, by mr & mrs potter Visitors

22nd October 2006:
This sooooooooooooooooooo good keep the great work up I cannot wait for you to get the next chapter up

Author's Response: It will be posted this weekend or the next. Thank you.

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Review #14, by hagen5690 The Weapon

1st September 2006:
hey its me agian. this is the 2nd time im reading this story. i love this one. im trying to read all i can before school starts on tuesday. this story is very good. and u are a very good writer. i wish u good luck to all ur writings and ur health.

Author's Response: Thank you. Much appreciated.

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Review #15, by APRIL Visitors

28th August 2006:
I really love this story, it's a really well written story? When will you update? Update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: I promise i will. But Haunted is nearly finished and the readers are begging for an ending. So, i am finishing that first. Sorry, but then i can really concentrate on Weapon.

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Review #16, by DementorDreams The Burrow

27th August 2006:
they are sooooo evil!!!! omg, i feel so bad for Harry *tear tear*. this is so sad yet so good

Author's Response: Thanx again. Glad you like it. I hate stories where Harry's fine and barely Harmed. He's a teenager involded in a terrible war, of course he will be hurt. Anywho, thanks for reivewing.

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Review #17, by hagen5690 Visitors

29th July 2006:
man ur killing me with the suspence, u have good stories keep going with them! please i want to read ur stories

Author's Response: Read away. new rules slow everything down.

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Review #18, by hagen5690 The Recovery

29th July 2006:
wow u are really good at fan fiction. i really hope u finesh haunted soon, so i can finish it

Author's Response: Yep, i am just rereading the last chapter and will post it in a day or two, validation my take longer.

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Review #19, by Talon05 Visitors

13th July 2006:
Can anyone Say

Author's Response: Perfect. I was actually looking for a decent chapter title for the coming new chapter. Mind if i use this one?

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Review #20, by HHR_LOVER Visitors

23rd June 2006:
I really love this story, it is really well written. Exactly how tall is Harry? And when exactly will you update? And I really think it would make a great H/HG story. Please update as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I am trying. Loads of problems have arisen. Soon, wednesday the latest.

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Review #21, by lilyprongs A Natural

20th June 2006:
INteresting will they fall inlove (H+H)- random guess here!

Author's Response: Might. Can just be friendship. He knows something of her that no one else does, except her obv. I am still thinking about that, but first, lets get Harry to Hogwarts.

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Review #22, by lilyprongs The Recovery (Part Two)

20th June 2006:
I really love this story, i feel so sorry for harry

Author's Response: I know, thank you for your review.

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Review #23, by lilyprongs The Recovery

20th June 2006:
I love this story, its really good

Author's Response: Thank you. More soon, promise. Just a little writers block with the next chapter!

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Review #24, by Hufflebuffle Visitors

31st May 2006:
WHY???? HARRY DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE THIS!!!!!! THIS STORY IS SO DAMN SAD!!!!! Is there going to be any H/HG? I know I don't support it but who doesn't like a good H/HG once in a while? Good story!

Author's Response: Very true. I am for any pairing as long as its well written. Well, thank you for reviewing. New chapter coming soon

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Review #25, by APRIL Visitors

29th May 2006:

Author's Response: The update system is long and slow here. I can only update one chapter at the time and my health isn't the best at the time. I am going to post a new chapter this weekend, though. Promise!

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