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Review #1, by drinny1997 Betrayed Love

12th June 2012:
what happens at the end!?!?!?!?!?!? please tell me!

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Review #2, by moonlit_roses Betrayed Love

30th October 2007:



Author's Response: perhaps. not sure I want to make it a trilogy, but I'll consider it.

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Review #3, by daisyCHIC963 Betrayed Love

26th July 2006:
gah! must--Know--WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!

Author's Response: haha, I don't even know ^_^ lol. I may write a sequal

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Review #4, by sharon Betrayed Love

7th February 2006:
r u going to add to this that would be sweet i realy enjoyed it so far

Author's Response: I may just write an aftermath to it to clear up what happened since Ginny just kinda...fainted, lol

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Review #5, by ravenclawprincess Betrayed Love

5th January 2006:
good story...with a twist!!! im a lil confused as to what happened in the end.

Author's Response: well, it was the sequal to dishonesty or truthfulness. All that happened really is either Ginny blacked out before the doctor could say, or something tragic happened. I'm so evil

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Review #6, by Susy Betrayed Love

23rd December 2005:
So is the doctor like Hermione ? I'm slow . Sorry .

Author's Response: ah, no...I just had Ginny fainting....I need to write a sequal, and don't worry, my friend asked something similar

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Review #7, by PaMuggles Betrayed Love

21st December 2005:
An Interesting and different story. I like your style and the content was wonderful. (tear for Fred and George, thought) I think you did it well, but the story would be better with more description and if it were a little bit longer. Since the character’s actions differ so much from cannon, I think it takes a little more info to be convincing. Cliffhanger was great! Also, small type it think [“I thought he had changed! And Hermione! I could have sworn she was gone!” Hermione begins to turn red in the face from anger, much like Ron does.] Where it says Hermione turns red, you meant Luna or Ginny right? Anyway, great work, finish the end soon!

Author's Response: thank you. (always have to love fred and george) I also had a prequal to this, but I don't think it explained much of Draco's Oc-ness. I have a tendacy to write makes people come back and read the others. I think I was probably talking about Ginny turning red, thanks for noticing that. I'm going to go change the typo now. I'm going to try to write the last of it over winter break, so it'll end up being 3 one-shots. I've never been good at writing them into actual long stories

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Review #8, by blacksouledbutterfly Betrayed Love

30th November 2005:
Hmm....cliffhanger, but I like it. Hermione really is evil in this one isn't she?

Author's Response: lol, pay back for your one cliffhanger. I said I had a story or two with Hermione being the evil one. I like putting twists on things every once in a while, its fun

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Review #9, by Life after death Betrayed Love

27th November 2005:
Hermionie would never do that and the ending is so sad. What happens? Are you going to update?

Author's Response: I know she would never do that, but I just felt like making her the bad girl for once. I'm going to write a sequal, probably during Christmas Break

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Review #10, by Emma Betrayed Love

24th November 2005:
its good! not many ppl portray hermonie like that, but i want to know what happend to draco and whats wrong with ginny!

Author's Response: lol. I'll write a sequal after I write a story for the non-Harry Potter fiction site

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Review #11, by laura Betrayed Love

21st November 2005:
is that it? BOOOO! write another u twit !! im suspenseful now!

Author's Response: erm...well...thats the point, to leave you in suspense...and I don't appreciate being called a twit.....

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Review #12, by katieweasley Betrayed Love

16th November 2005:
ight another sequale PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE did ginny die what happened!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Only I know the secret to that :)

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Review #13, by Urvi Betrayed Love

7th November 2005:
Wow, that's a hell of a love triangle. It felt a bit rushed was a good read anyway...

Author's Response: it was a one-shot, really random type of thigns. I'm glad you liked it though.

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Review #14, by draco_is_hott_07 Betrayed Love

6th November 2005:
I think that the story is very good and at the same time its sad.

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so. I have another story I'm starting waiting for validation

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Review #15, by beautiful_tragedy Betrayed Love

30th October 2005:
interesting one-shot, hehe.

Author's Response: thank you :) isn't it so lovley

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Review #16, by dracolover4ever Betrayed Love

25th October 2005:
Oh leaving us in suspence. Can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: can't help it. I love leaving people in suspence :) I'm trying to write a sequal in my free time

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Review #17, by gelatoisyummy Betrayed Love

25th October 2005:
I really think that u should write a sequal!! i want to know what happens soooo badly!!

Author's Response: thank you! I may write a sequal soon :)

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Review #18, by birdsong Betrayed Love

25th October 2005:
This was an unusual story. I found it interesting. I've never read Hermione as a villan. Will there be a followup? The story seems to have some loose ends.

Author's Response: yeah...I felt like making it unuasal :) I may write a follow up

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Review #19, by Snake Betrayed Love

22nd October 2005:
update! please!

Author's Response: I'll try to put a sequal

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