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Review #1, by voldielocks Dust in the Wind

14th December 2005:
I think its really great. Can you please write more soon. I have to read more. Update as soon as possible.

Author's Response: O! Thanks! This story is just a one shot, though. But my other story, Same Direction, 's chapter should be up before Christmas day. It makes me so happy to see that someone like me work! *glee*

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Review #2, by astronomylover Dust in the Wind

3rd December 2005:
That's a great interpretation of "Dust in the Wind." I never would have looked at it like that before. Oh, and Kansas is brilliant, I've listened to a bunch of their stuff.

Author's Response: Aww! thanks! You know, I never really thought about using one of their songs for a story, until i was fresh out of idas and them it comes on the And they are brilliant. Thanks!

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Review #3, by jtsoccer Dust in the Wind

23rd October 2005:
That was really good! I'll make the banner now... I just had to get an idea for what to put on there.

Author's Response: Goodies!!! Milk and cookies all around!!!

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Review #4, by purplepygmypuff Dust in the Wind

23rd October 2005:
That was excellently done.

Author's Response: omg thanks. : ) that brightned my day!

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Review #5, by Charmed Ravenclaw Dust in the Wind

23rd October 2005:
The owl was most certainly interesting part to add in here. Poor Sirius. I was going to write something for the Halloween story too but I was too lazy as well and I wanted to write this from someone else's point of view.

Author's Response: lol, i totally understand. And i actually thought about the whole owl thing after and it just sorta hit me.

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