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Review #1, by looneylovegood Retreat

7th December 2007:
please update soon


p.s 10/10

Author's Response: I am getting there.

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Review #2, by EmberIce Retreat

12th August 2007:
-has steam blowing out of ears-WHAT HAPPENS!!! I HATE CLIFFYS!! Please review!-curtsies politley-

Author's Response: I am going over it- alot going on in my life at the mo so my writing as taken a back seat. But i promise to update something by the end of this week.

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Review #3, by DARKHEART Retreat

19th June 2007:
update son

Author's Response: Deja vu- same answer

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Review #4, by DARKHEART Retreat

19th June 2007:
update son

Author's Response: I promise i will have a chapter for you very soon!

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Review #5, by Rosalie Cullen The Beginning of the End

31st May 2007:
I love this story. I dearly hope that you are going to continue with it. It has been AGES since you last updated. I know that it can take a while to update, but 9 whole months is a little long, don't cha think? It has been nearly a year since you last updated. I can only remail patient for so long (this is my record). I hope you don't feel like I am angry at you, because I am not. You are one of my favorite writers on this site! JUst please, update before August. I don't think my sanity can hold out much longer. lol. 10/10


Author's Response: I know i need to update but i have a lot of stuff going on- i am writting the chapter and i am trying to make it as good as possible for you. You know, worth the wait. Sorry, before august diffinetly.

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Review #6, by marauderzgirl Retreat

21st April 2007:
bring on the nxt chapter

Author's Response: I'm having a mind block but i'll try and have one up this weekend as i have successfully got the internet on my brand new laptop!

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Review #7, by voyagemaiden Retreat

22nd February 2007:
AAaaah! I ran out of story to read! This is great. I'm not usually into Lily/James fics, but I am really interested in this one. Please update soon! This is not a good place to stop reading...the suspense! lol Great job so far!

Author's Response: I am finishing the next chapter. It shall be up by next week. I am sorry its soo long but i have had writters block. But i am finishing it now.

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Review #8, by laughable_black_storm Retreat

13th February 2007:
Please update soon! I really like this story, although the voice in his head is kind of like your story Haunted. But it's still fine, I don't suggest changing it.

Author's Response: They all are really (voices in heads really). I am writting at the mo'

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Review #9, by Rosalie Cullen Retreat

11th February 2007:
I LOVE this story! You are one of the best fan fiction writers on this site, in my opinion. PLease update soon! I love how it is getting darker. Is Voldemort the voice in James's head?
"“Yes, but sometimes a good attacker can bring down that strongest of personalities.” Sara said softly." That is my favorite line so far. It is just so poweful in a subtle way. Does the ssream at the end of the chapter belong to James? I have a very larde suspicion that it does. When did James come into contact with Voldemort (or whomever it is inside of his head)? I am ampaciantly awaiting the next chapter. PLease update before Thursday, since I am leaving for Disney right after school on Thursday. I am soo excited! I am going for school. We have to bring our suitcases to school in the morning. Well, you are bloody brillant. Brava, brava, bravassima! 10/10

Author's Response: I will try. I am free most weeks now, but its getting to the internet.

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Review #10, by The_British_Leaf Retreat

4th February 2007:
Please update! Ack! It's been, like, forever!

Author's Response: Will do. I am currently writting it.

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Review #11, by emerald_princess92 The Beginning of the End

30th December 2006:
i love it!

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #12, by emerald_princess92 Retreat

30th December 2006:
i hope you update soon! 10/10

Author's Response: I will but the site won't allow at the moment.

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Review #13, by SexyDoorFrames Retreat

15th November 2006:
This story is so sad, But I love it. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you. New chappie soon.

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Review #14, by Lil lily71 Retreat

30th October 2006:
Hey i just read all five chappies yay go me lol they were really really gud!!!!! so plz update as soon as possible and i agree wid ur motto 'Its Quality not Quantity that matters!' And u left it on a cliffy lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wat happens next? Anyways ur story is awesome so plz contiue wid it b4 i die not knowing wat happens next lol

Lil lil71:)

Author's Response: I'll have a new chapter up by this sunday or next saturday. Apologise for wait, but i have a busy schedule to keep too during the week.

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Review #15, by Balletforarainyday Retreat

5th October 2006:
ok who is the person screaming james or someone else!?!? i don't know!!! Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thats what i wanted. Next week.

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Review #16, by balletforarainyday Retreat

5th October 2006:
oh update soon!!

Author's Response: I will. Next week, hopefully. I have a lot on my plate at the moment and it will take me a while to sort out the chapter to something good. One more week, promise.

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Review #17, by Radcliffe_PotterFan319 Retreat

29th August 2006:
Excellent. I can't wait to see what happen next. Nice job. Keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thank you. new chappie soon.

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Review #18, by Sirius Lee Brilliant Retreat

28th August 2006:
(brilliant beyond words)

Author's Response: Fanx. I'm flattered.

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Review #19, by lia Retreat

27th August 2006:
it was good but please update soon

Author's Response: Will do.

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Review #20, by Dyia Retreat

27th August 2006:
I really like how you had the little voice in James' head come into play and the little bit you threw in with everyone wanting to keep James and Lily apart... It's getting really emotional, and that's just the way I like it :D

Update soon, please!

Author's Response: I am not trying to be too emotional. But i am glad you enjoy it. New chapter nxt week.

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Review #21, by DementorDreams Retreat

27th August 2006:
By God, im scared for James.i almost dont wanna read the next chapter.. but i gotta... i dont know what to sya but ur one hell of a writer.

Author's Response: Thank you again. I am beginning to like your reviews.

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Review #22, by LoveIsAlways Retreat

26th August 2006:
I love this story! please update again soon! Please. I want to know what happens next 10/10

Author's Response: I will soon. promise. Please be patient and validation takes time. And they are very strict here.

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Review #23, by MissLilyEvans Retreat

26th August 2006:
What happend to James? Wow...that's really really scary. I can't wait until you update again, I loved this chapter....

Author's Response: Thank you, Happy you enjoyed it. Thanx for reviewing. Love reading them (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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Review #24, by BillyBobWriter Retreat

26th August 2006:
OMG! This Story is Sooooo good! It's so sad I cried! i'm so adding it to my favorites, update soon!

Author's Response: I will, i will. Saturday. But just warning, Haunted is my number one priority at the moment, as readers are desperate for an ending. And it was one of the first. But i will update this one... soon.

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Review #25, by Dreamer Retreat

26th August 2006:
Woow... who's the voice? It's spooky.. very good; update soon!

Author's Response: Will do. Mon/Sat.

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