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Review #1, by Juliet_Romeo Lack of Heat Equals Cold

2nd June 2009:
You should so totally continue this, I would like to read it.

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Review #2, by Samara Delacroix Lack of Heat Equals Cold

14th March 2009:
That was really good. I really felt for Draco in this. I usually don't read angst stories but this makes me want to open the realm in which I usually read. :]
I would love to see a sequel in which you explain how they came together in the first place.
Again, well done. Great story.

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Review #3, by _xDraco Lack of Heat Equals Cold

23rd May 2008:
ahh, bless.
that is actually really sad.
i. love. it.

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Review #4, by deeps85 Lack of Heat Equals Cold

29th April 2008:
i seriously hope u write a sequeal to it
but it stands as much being one shot
u write well

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Review #5, by x__leigh__x Lack of Heat Equals Cold

11th February 2008:
i love your draco/hermione pairings i reckon theyre great. AND i really like your banners!
awww this one makes me sad . :(
or a sequel
either way, it'll probably be great

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Review #6, by Laura Lack of Heat Equals Cold

24th September 2007:
I dont think you have to make a sequel or continue this.. its perfect as it is.. one-shot.

beautifully written once again!

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Review #7, by Manifesty Lack of Heat Equals Cold

12th September 2007:
Sad, so Sad! I love it and hate it at the same time, if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I love this story but I hate broken hearts.
Great job, this is brilliant.

P.S. This is really original. I haven't read anything quite like it before.

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Review #8, by Williamscj Lack of Heat Equals Cold

1st September 2007:
you need to write a sequel!! one with a happy ending!!

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Review #9, by sunshinedreamr Lack of Heat Equals Cold

22nd August 2007:
Aw poor Draco!! :( I felt so bad for him. I love the way you conveyed his emotions in this.

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Review #10, by quidditch77 Lack of Heat Equals Cold

13th August 2007:
Wow. So I'm not a huge D/Hr fan...I've always loved her with with Ron...but since I love your writing so much (I've read "Taste of Revenge" ) I decided to read it. And..once I got over the whole Draco thing..this was amazing and well written. I'm glad I read it.

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Review #11, by groteskq_fatality Lack of Heat Equals Cold

5th August 2007:
awww.poor draco. :[

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Review #12, by hallyweasley Lack of Heat Equals Cold

31st July 2007:
ah please make this more... but I totally get doing a one shotter of this...

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Review #13, by xxxMagicx13 Lack of Heat Equals Cold

29th July 2007:
Very nice

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Review #14, by avalanche Lack of Heat Equals Cold

29th July 2007:
please don't do a cheesy sequel where they get back together and live happily ever after and hump like rabbits and have lots of bratty children. it's really good without that.

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Review #15, by ColorMyWorld Lack of Heat Equals Cold

5th July 2007:
I think this would make a good series to be completely honest with you.
It was good, but it kind of left me hanging, as if I wanted to know more.
But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Review #16, by Queen Starla_wierd93 Lack of Heat Equals Cold

29th May 2007:
I usually don't read one-shots but I really liked this one especially the ending not all stories end with a happy ending i like how you put that here. But' I would like it alot more if you continued so plz continue

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Review #17, by Lack of Heat Equals Cold

17th May 2007:
you are truely amazing writer . . . as i said before

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Review #18, by witch2005 Lack of Heat Equals Cold

22nd April 2007:
So sweet, i live it!

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Review #19, by JustSuper Lack of Heat Equals Cold

16th April 2007:
Draco has to get his revenge... Maybe Hermione ends up with Ron and Draco ruins it... but Bravo very cold very him!

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Review #20, by delta Lack of Heat Equals Cold

26th March 2007:
Wow. Very well done. I loved your portrayal of Hermione and especially Draco. The way you wrote their relationship - the fact that you didn't really describe how Draco fell in love with Hermione exactly - made it more believable and realistic. I also liked the bittersweet nature of this and how lost Draco is without her. Nothing in life is perfect, and you captured that bittersweet nature of life wonderfully here.

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Review #21, by Childish_Fairy Lack of Heat Equals Cold

26th March 2007:

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Review #22, by MajiKat Lack of Heat Equals Cold

23rd March 2007:
that was gorgeous! i adore you! *sniff* aww poor Draco - i just want to give him a hug! the emotion in this piece was amazing, and your writing is spectacular darl. beautiful stuff. i don't know what else to say, other than i loved it and its going in my favs.


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Review #23, by Lawza Lack of Heat Equals Cold

21st March 2007:

That is one hell of a story. That is one hell of a good story. I'm crying. Real tears. The imagery, the memories, the detatchment- I love it. Every word, every feeling and every moment when you're sniffling into a tissue.

It's real. Really real. And that deserves a 10/10.

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Review #24, by dontjudgeme Lack of Heat Equals Cold

15th March 2007:
i must say - WOW. and that's saying something, considering my hatred for d/h fics..brilliant story.

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Review #25, by xxMugglePrincess Lack of Heat Equals Cold

15th February 2007:
It was very interesting to see how Draco forced himself to be numb. I adored it, great work!

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