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Review #1, by jibbajabba28 Prologue and Remus Lupin

29th June 2006:
Very good and very poetic. Can't wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2 :) Thank you so much :)

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Review #2, by forget_me_not Ginny Weasley

23rd June 2006:
Brilliant! You explored Ginny's character to find a side that we have not really experienced in canon and made it believable by threading her attributes through the story. As well as you characterisation, your wording was excellent. I especially loved the last two lines. Thanks for the great read.

Author's Response: You're very welcome. I always love reading your reviews, and this is no exception. Thank you so much for your support... so wonderful :)

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Review #3, by forget_me_not Prologue and Remus Lupin

16th June 2006:
Such a beautiful and soulful chapter with an excellent characterisation of Remus. I especially loved the comparison of Tonks and the summer rain, it just fitted perfectly. I will read the next chap soon, and I will be greatly disappointed if you abandon this fic, because you have made such a brilliant start to it. Thanks for the great read :)

Author's Response: I promise I am not abadonning this story. I love it far too much... it's just a tough one to write. I'm glad that you enjoyed the parallels I drew, and I hope that you will join me for the next chapters when they go up.

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Review #4, by sherbet_lemons Prologue and Remus Lupin

16th May 2006:
wow, that is an amazing story. few fan fictions make me properly cry. please! carry on. i think the first chapter made me cry more, but they're both great.
it's a really good idea as well, walking in the rain.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I appreciate your tears... means I did good.

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Review #5, by Animagus_Girl Ginny Weasley

28th January 2006:
OMG, they're both awesome....plz update fast!

Author's Response: Thanks hon :) I'll do it as fast as I can :)

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Review #6, by HermioneG Ginny Weasley

27th December 2005:
I almost cried as well. Poor little Ginny...

Author's Response: I know... she's been through some tough stuff. Thanks for reading!

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Review #7, by octopudding Prologue and Remus Lupin

15th December 2005:
o_O that was remus's pov?? freaky, but interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks.... I think. ;)

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Review #8, by gothicpotter Ginny Weasley

10th December 2005:
Truly sad and beautiful at once. You write with cinviction and confidence, which allows you to communicate the very depths of each characters hidden feelings. Fantastic work, pleasure to read, til the next chapter. ~Goth.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're too kind, but I appreciate it so very much. Thank you for reading, I hope to update real soon!

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Review #9, by Scarhead Ginny Weasley

9th December 2005:
Jax, my dear, you did an absolutely brilliant job on this chapter! Ginny is one of my favourite and you got her character perfect!! As with your previous chapter to this story I love the journey that this chapter takes Ginny on. "Even the rain can’t take away my tears now…" A beautiful line to end the chapter with!! Great work!!

Author's Response: Have I told you lately that I love you?? ;) Thanks partner.. :)

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Review #10, by Jude Harrison Prologue and Remus Lupin

15th November 2005:
Hey J! You know I love this! :D Update soon! Please!

Author's Response: YAY! Thanks Lil!!! I'm working on updating all my stories soon, actually... don't worry -- its coming!

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Review #11, by Scarhead Prologue and Remus Lupin

7th November 2005:
Remus Lupin's mind is definitely a place i would like to explore!! One of my favourite characters! You really brought him to life with this story! I love the full circle that this story pulled him, in one little walk through the rain...right back to where he started. Beautifully written Jax! I cant wait to read chapter 2 this one is going in my favourites list for sure!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Actually Wintershadows is as much to thank for this one as I am. It was her challenge to inspire it after all. It was really fun to write, and I'm hoping that I can get back into it really soon.... perhaps Ginny will be next... any suggestions? :) Thank you so much again, hon. :)

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Review #12, by HermioneG Prologue and Remus Lupin

18th October 2005:
Oh that was a perfect Remus! Very much in character for him! Good luck with next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you and thank you! It will be coming atcha soon :)

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Review #13, by Wintershadows Prologue and Remus Lupin

17th October 2005:
*cheers* You did it Jax! It's up and posted! And I love the banner by the way, it was worth the wait =D I've told you once and I'm going to tell you again, this is amazing! You portrayed Remmy's world in just the right amount of words, and still manage to convey the mysteriousness of the rain. It's sunny outside my window right now, and I so wish it was raining, just so I can have the right atmosphere for reading this, lol! I've gone through it three times, but I still love it to bits. Maybe because it's a perfect answer to my challenge, hehe, but it's also because I have so many more chapters to look forward to! -grins- Your last line was so sweet, and fits perfectly into the theme. Excellent job, do continue writing!

Author's Response: More Chapters to come indeed!!! I believe next will be Ginny... But we'll see where inspiration takes me. Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it!!!

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