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Reading Reviews for Lost Love
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by KaMaKaZi_PeNgUiN Prolouge

25th March 2006:
pretty good do u like gren day or the auditionor any of those bands?

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Review #2, by ab Prolouge

2nd October 2005:
this is a great storie

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Review #3, by OliviaWeasley Prolouge

9th July 2005:
hey, u havent up-dated in like EVER! If ur not going to write on it anymore, like take it off the site! or up-date, ill read it!

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Review #4, by Mixie Prolouge

19th December 2004:
this story is wonderful. i can not wait to read the next chapter!

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Review #5, by twinkletoes Prolouge

11th July 2004:
excellent writing skills, the plot is quite abstract, but you can definitely relate to the characters. as far as i can see, there is nothing at all wrong with this story :)

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Review #6, by dramaqueen Prolouge

14th May 2004:
very nicely written. please continue it, it sounds like its going to be very sweet.

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Review #7, by Q' Prolouge

26th April 2004:
How did you make the "~" be on your penname?

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Review #8, by Padfoot_Girl16 Prolouge

23rd April 2004:
Do You Like Or Own The Sims :) ??

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Review #9, by Hannah Prolouge

5th August 2003:
I think it\'s great keep up the good work. I can\'t wait to hear what happens next!

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Review #10, by hotPotfan Prolouge

11th July 2003:
4 gods sake WHEN r u going to update this story?!?!?!?!? i have been waiting 4 practically ever! (goes all professour Trelawney) i see a great sweet story about the hottest bloke in harry potter (sirius) ahead. (perfume, music) please update!!!

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Review #11, by Amy Prolouge

5th April 2003:
OMG! Ur story is really good! U should keep writing more! I kno u dont kno me but could u do me a favor and read my story? That would mean a lot to me if u did. my story is called \"We\'re friends and that\'s all we are\". p.s.- keep writing more on ur story

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Review #12, by LizPsky Prolouge

31st March 2003:

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Review #13, by Senna Prolouge

7th December 2002:
this is AMAZING! i love how you have written this in diary form, and you've made sirius into something more than just a horny bastard, which is how he is portrayed in most stories. excellent! keep up the good work! i love it and i NEED the next chapter NOOOW!!!!!!!!!! pretty please? :) Senna

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Review #14, by Kayla Prolouge

23rd November 2002:
Good so far, keep reading and e-mail me if u decide to write more I NEED TO KNOW

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