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Review #1, by GriffinClaw I would never let her go

19th April 2007:
Aww, short but sweet (and while im on the 's' path, sad!) Really good though

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is short I know. If you continue to read the series of one-shots I would be interested to know your thoughts of them also. Thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by Black_Hearted I would never let her go

13th April 2007:
That's true talent.

Author's Response: Wow I've never been told that before. *Hugs* That made my day. Thank you.

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Review #3, by the_zerbiac I would never let her go

19th February 2007:
*sniffle* sadness.

good story by the way


Author's Response: Thank you. I am glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by Belle_Rose I would never let her go

11th February 2007:
That was so sweet! *gushes*

~ Leah

Author's Response: hehe I'm glad you thought so.

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Review #5, by annonomous I would never let her go

9th February 2007: cute. Gonna go read #2!Thanx for posting it

Author's Response:'re welcome? I'm really glad you liked it and I hope you enjoy #2.

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Review #6, by Adaleine I would never let her go

9th February 2007:
*Sniff* Aww, sad. I know I'm generally a Dramione shipper, but this was really cute. Very good.

Author's Response: Oh thank you. I'm glad you liked it. There is a second part to A Promise now and the third part will be up soon.

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Review #7, by tarataratara I would never let her go

9th February 2007:
Awee, short but sweet.
I saw the sequel to this at the top of the one-shot stories page and so
the summary for that one was good and so I went and found this one.
Off to read the sequel...

Author's Response: aww... I'm glad you decided to read them both. Though the story may not do the summary justice for the other. lol Please to see that you liked the first one.

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Review #8, by Mellissa lupin I would never let her go

25th November 2005:
aww good job. deffinately amazing for your first shot!

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much. I really appreciate the review. :-)

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Review #9, by ?? I would never let her go

17th November 2005:
not bad, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you. :-)

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Review #10, by DarkMarkGirl I would never let her go

31st October 2005:
a little confusing... ya lost me there with the begining...wait this is a one-shot right?

Author's Response: I'm sorry. Yes it is a one-shot.

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Review #11, by Sarah I would never let her go

31st October 2005:
Nice short story I really liked it I always love sweet hermione/ron fics though but i give this one 4 stars it was really sweet i like to see the sentimental side of ron

Author's Response: Oh thank you for reading and reviewing. I also love hermione/ron fics, obvious. ;-)

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Review #12, by candy_shop I would never let her go

30th October 2005:
AWWW That is so cute! Very sad! Best pair! :P Love it

Author's Response: Yay! I conveyed emotion. That is what I'm always worried about doing. Thank you for the R & R.

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Review #13, by Joela I would never let her go

20th October 2005:
I saw her lips move but her voice didn't carry to my ears. Instead it soared straight to my heart. That was so beautifully phrased I thought I'd cry! This is a great little piece. I think for a long time I was one of the few Ron/Hermione supporters...I love them together and you captured their romance just right. I'm really loving this challenge...I've read so many good pieces from it! Good job!

Author's Response: Aww... really? Thank you. I love sweet little phrases like that but I didn't think it was anything significant. I have always been a R/Hr supporter never swaying in that opinion. I know she made a good call on putting this challenge out there and good authors took her up on it. Good challenge+good author=superb stories. Thanks for the read & review. :-)

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Review #14, by CarlaBlomst I would never let her go

18th October 2005:
Made the banner, so I thought I'd check out the story... And it was sad!! Very good too=) Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely banner and the review. :-) It's encouraging to get good reviews since this is my first one shot.

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Review #15, by MascaraTears I would never let her go

17th October 2005:
Oh my! I never expected this to be Ron/Hermione. I saw the name Hermione and immediately skimmed the text for the name Ron somewhere afterwards. This ship kills me slowly on the inside and is pure torture to read, BUT, this one-shot was amazing. I loved it and I loved the ending. (Sadly, though, I'm not converted :p)

Author's Response: Aww. That's too bad. Oh well glad you liked it anyways. XD

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