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Reading Reviews for Behind Silver Eyes
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Slytherinlover Chapter One

17th November 2008:
Well... that was a good start although I had to read it twice for it to make sense.

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Review #2, by Butterbeer365 Chapter Four

13th October 2004:
it's interesting

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Review #3, by Elektra Malfoy Chapter Four

26th June 2004:
*grin* i like it! keep going... i like the whole tragic character portrayal... it's interesting and i think that's how malfoy is... sort of lonely and 'tragic' on the inside and cold, sort of emotionless and almost impassive or unreadable on the outside... *hmm*

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Review #4, by lisa Chapter Four

2nd June 2004:
ooooh interesting! por malfoy (i never thought anyone would make me feel sorry for malfoy!) plaese update soon....

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Review #5, by lillykk Chapter Four

16th October 2003:
hi! yahoo, new chapter. love it.

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Review #6, by AmylinFelton Chapter Four

11th October 2003:
ooooh! i cant wait to find out what draco writes in his diary (excuse me...journal) great job

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Review #7, by Novkalwen (2lazy2login) Chapter Four

9th October 2003:
I love this story even though it has no real plot! I can't really help you in the suggestion department other then maybe have some sort of event occur which tests Draco to go against his father or something like that....great story though! Keep on writing!

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Review #8, by *_WolfGurl_* Chapter Four

9th October 2003:
One word ¤ wow ¤ This is a great fic so far! Keep Going!

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Review #9, by lillykk Chapter Three

8th October 2003:
yaaaay katreth! good for you, i like the story. keeeeeeeep going

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Review #10, by Novkalwen Chapter Three

5th October 2003:
Oh goody a journal...now he can pour out all his thoughts in this...this will make the story very interesting

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Review #11, by Novkalwen Chapter Two

1st October 2003:
Your words are like a flowing poetry and they resound through my mind like a beautiful dream. You are an excellent writer and this chapter was fantastic! I can't believe Lucius is treating Draco like that and he is only 9!!! 9!!!

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Review #12, by Novkalwen Chapter One

30th September 2003:
Wow! This is an amazing story so far! You really get into Draco's emotions and it allows the reader to really feel everything that is going on! I love it! Please continue and I look forward to the next chapter! btw...this story is going on my fav list!

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Review #13, by aikakone Chapter One

29th September 2003:
Philosophically, I tend to wonder if Draco even knows what love is because of his father. I mean it in the sense that if he isn't being loved (as I am sure Lucius is not loving), how does he know it's missing in his life? Just some "deep thought" that came to me after reading this. And next I wonder if this is a one-shot or if you will continue.

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Review #14, by lillykk Chapter One

29th September 2003:
whoohoo... yay for a new story! loving it so far

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