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Review #1, by Punk Girl Trying

19th September 2007:
Fabuo story what is your email im thinking about writing a story i was wondering if we can work on it together email me with the answer at

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Review #2, by harryforever Trying

21st June 2006:
ahh i love it u have to more! more more more!

Author's Response: i'm trying i'm trying!!

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Review #3, by game13show Trying

28th May 2006:
please write more

Author's Response: i am darling, i am :]

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Review #4, by wicked wiccan of the middwest Trying

11th March 2006:
asom chapter great most ussuly i hate when harry looses to malfoy in stories but with the way you have him acting i love it stomp harry into the dust

Author's Response: hahah you're great. i'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #5, by hailey Trying

10th March 2006:
finally a new chapter hehe fun. :) you need hurry up with another chapter because i am waiting, and i wanna know what happens. ~hailey~ P.S: I'm bossy aren't I

Author's Response: i know i know! i'm sorry i'm balancing sooOooO many things right now. but i'm glad you liked it, and no you're not TOO bossy. LLLLLOL.

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Review #6, by 1majbubba Trying

10th March 2006:
awesome!!!!! please hurry with this story i just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: kaee, calm down!! lol. i'm working on it.

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Review #7, by firefarieyofusa Trying

10th March 2006:
huh i never relize that harry and lee actually where a couple!!!!!!! fariey-laura

Author's Response: you gotta read between the lines, durr. lol i hope you liked it.

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Review #8, by HScarlett You Need Me Like A Bad Habit

9th March 2006:
You're writing really isn't my favorite, but I can tell that you're serious about it so I figured I might drop a note. I think you might want to use more description in your writing, especially to explain how people said things/did things. I also suggest that you reserve slang for dialogue. Anyway, I'm sorry if any of that offended you. For the record, I never review stories unless there is something about them that I like. In this case, it's your choice of a strong female character.

Author's Response: This really didn't affect me in the BAD way at all. It really did hit home in the good way though. This is what I NEED. This is the kind of thing I need to hear. I don't much like my writing either, but I get reads and I get reviews and I guess I satisfy some people in that sense. I'm really glad you chose my story to review, I'm glad you took the time to even READ it, and I understand what you mean about descriptive writing, and I'm working on that. I'm glad you somewhat liked it, I really do appreciate it.

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Review #9, by 1majbubba Have Some Composure

4th March 2006:
please hurry and finish!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol, i will!

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Review #10, by hailey Have Some Composure

16th January 2006:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaah i absolutively love this story you are an amazing writer i have rerad on ofyour other stories i loved it almost as much as this one this character person reminds me of my bestest friend katy she moved away from me omg that is soooo weird oh well whatever you don't want to hear 'bout my life soooooooo keep writing and i still love your stories \m/-_-\m/ hailey

Author's Response: oomggg. thank you so much! and it`s okay to tell me your life story. i do that like all the time when i review people. i`m glad you love my stories and i`m glad you took the time to read them. i appreciate it :):):)

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Review #11, by wicked wiccan of the middwest Have Some Composure

15th January 2006:
keep it up

Author's Response: i will.

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Review #12, by Ms_Malfoy I'll Come Out Stronger In The End

29th December 2005:
your A/N sounds exactly how Leelyn talks...she sounds very american (as a fellow USAian i talk exactly the same) great job! i like, like all of your stories, i think i'm gonna add you to my favorite authors!

Author's Response: lol. she is very american cause i def. put some of myself in her. and i`m crazyamerican. and that`s completey sad. but i`m getting outta here sometime when i`m like. 20. haha. YOU BETTER ADD ME TO YOUR FAVOURITES. just kidding i don`t really care. but it would be incredibly sweet. thank you :)

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Review #13, by 0_tish_tash_0 You Need Me Like A Bad Habit

26th December 2005:
hey this story is great! Leelyn is a cool charater with an awesome name! Please update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!. hmm, i don`t even remember where the name leelyn came up. but i did good, didn`t i? lol. i have so many different character names. what with saren, leelyn, elle? and other stories that i`ve never posted have random names too. my stories all seem the same don`t they? omfg. i`m rambling lmao. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!

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Review #14, by Radcliffe_PotterFan319 You Need Me Like A Bad Habit

9th December 2005:
Taking Back Sunday is awesome.....yeah, the story is pretty good. i say continue it.

Author's Response: taking back sunday is love. i will most def. continue. YOU'RE AWESOME& me too. laterrr.

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Review #15, by Chels I'll Come Out Stronger In The End

18th November 2005:
i loved your stories and i cant wait to read more from you! =)

Author's Response: =) you make me happy. you will read more from me someday. maybe noday. JUST KIDDING. soon - promise.

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Review #16, by MalfoysMistress I'll Come Out Stronger In The End

6th November 2005:
yay, new story! I like it, though I have to say, I hate! I repeat, hate, Hilary Duffster, so that might make me a bit biased towards not falling in total love with this story. It is good though, keep writing! Much love. -MM (formerly known as 'muah')

Author's Response: hey i'm sorry but she just completely fit the character and i've already used britney spears and ashlee. so i had to of course use another one. i dont like her much either, but i guess i'll live. KEEP READING EVEN THOUGH I SUCKED THE FUN OUT OF IT FOR YOU. =(

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Review #17, by sweetdeath I'll Come Out Stronger In The End

19th October 2005:
please continue with this story

Author's Response: i will!!!!!!

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Review #18, by goldfish demon I'll Come Out Stronger In The End

18th October 2005:
your structure seems to need a dab of fixing up, but the story seems good so far. Never can tell much from the first chapter though

Author's Response: constructive critcism - that is what i need. thank you. i will work on it.

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