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Reading Reviews for Nobody's Perfect
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Review #1, by a I've Never Felt Like This Before

9th October 2008:
what's the name of the sequel

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Review #2, by CloudsAreMadeOfCandyfloss I've Never Felt Like This Before

11th January 2008:
That bit at the end confused me... who was talking to who in the bold bit...?

Very good story. What is the sequel going to be called or what is it called?

Candy x

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Review #3, by kali*g/nost@lgia I've Never Felt Like This Before

31st January 2007:
Aah, you, I hate you. Those little quotes at the end make me want to read the other on so bad! You are one brilliant writer.

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Review #4, by the hinter The Aftermath of the Idiotic Plan

30th January 2007:
I said no more whilst

Don't make Blaise sound redundant, it's rediculous.
In fact read over all of it for redundancies, they tend to crop up here or there. I like the imagery when shes walking back to slytherin.

Don't apologize for the shortness. Its actually a really good stylistic move. so thumbs up and keep up the good work.

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Review #5, by kali*g/nost@lgia A Slytherin's compulsion to win

30th January 2007:
omg this is like totally awesome *squeal* no, seriously this is the best stuff I have heard in a long, long time and i am sooo loving it
>Hey, just an idea but wy don't you include some family abuse in her past, as a kind ofinstigation for her bad girl atttitude. It would go with that one part where she's feeling truly safe for the first time in her life (I first thought it would work when she was cleaning during the 1st detention. like reminding her of memories where her abusive mother forced her to clean for hours or something)
I bthought them getting into bed together was kinda presumptuous (slutty of her not to at least offer to sleep on the couch downstairs but then he would have taken the couch and they wouldn't be sleeping together).
Any way, terrific work and feel free to take any of kali*g/nost...'s ideas cause I wouldn't mind seeing them in the story.

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Review #6, by kali*g/nost@lgia Dangerous games

30th January 2007:
Dang, girl, now THAT'S what Im talking about. This is pure gold! Genius! That was such an awesome twist, as soon as I heard it I was sittin' here raving, man. Now you're thinking like a true writer!

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Review #7, by kali*g/nost@lgia Sabotage

30th January 2007:
I love you, you little genius.

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Review #8, by kali*g/nost@lgia Miss Andrews aka goddess of Slytherin

30th January 2007:
i luv this idea i luv this idea i luv this idea i luv this idea... And I want this story to rock!
>read aloud to yourself to check flow (like the Pansy marrying Nott part)
>take out every 'whilst' (I despise that word in this story)
>is she a chaser or a seeker? check your writing for consistency
>Don't be so nervous about sexual tension (her foot on Draco's balls) enjoy it, smooth it over, savor the experience
>'Winter's decided to come early' should be italicised because it's part of her thoughts, also doesn't fit at the beginning of the school year because summer is just ending, you skipped Autumn
>don't have Alexa pout, it gives her a sense of weakness - either try to have her work the system or just not care (I lean to the latter because indifference is just damn cool!)
When you started this I fell in love with your idea of Alexa, this aloof confident thing who could play every one around her like a fricken piano... but toward the end you kind of peetered out on her Goddess characterization and made her seem, well, normal. But I still like what you've done so don't stop!
Hey, do you have a Beta-reader? cause if you don't I'd REALLY like to help you out with that. If you're interested my e-mail is . Gluck!

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Review #9, by shadowfaxlvr14 I've Never Felt Like This Before

27th January 2007:
I loved this fan fic. It was funny, original and completely unique. I was very lucky to have stumbled upon this wonderful story. Your writing is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to read more of your stories and the sequel!! KEEP WRITING!!

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Review #10, by pinkxhouses I've Never Felt Like This Before

22nd January 2007:
Oh my dear lord. Those tidbits are enough to make anyone want to read the sequal. So now as i am anyone, off to read the sequal!

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Review #11, by smitzfitz I've Never Felt Like This Before

5th January 2007:
wow this is good. i think she should go to Blaise for advice.
wait whats the name of the sequel?!

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Review #12, by smitzfitz The Aftermath of the Idiotic Plan

5th January 2007:
ur not gonna make blaise mean ru?!
oh good job by the way!

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Review #13, by smitzfitz The Wager

5th January 2007:
wow this is a really good story! you do a awesome job on makeing all the charecters 'real' keep up the good work.

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Review #14, by paris I've Never Felt Like This Before

22nd November 2006:
good story cant wait for sequel

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Review #15, by im_mrs_malfoy I've Never Felt Like This Before

14th November 2006:

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Review #16, by eyeslikestars I've Never Felt Like This Before

25th September 2006:
i just read this thing straight through, and i ADORED it! i haven't read a draco/oc/harry story that i liked before this one. it's funny and feels natural and it's not cheesy. i'm hooked.

Author's Response: thank you xxxxxxxx

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Review #17, by you are not even close I've Never Felt Like This Before

23rd September 2006:
AAAHHH!!! Now I have to go and read the sequel! Great job!

Author's Response: lol xxxxx

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Review #18, by you are not even close Miss Andrews aka goddess of Slytherin

23rd September 2006:
This story is really cool. I really like the idea and everything. I'm putting it on my favs. I can't wait to finish this one and go onto the next one.

Author's Response: aw wow thanks xxxxx

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Review #19, by GinnysTwin10 Miss Andrews aka goddess of Slytherin

3rd September 2006:
It's very good! Can't wait to read more!

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Review #20, by hermioneiskewl I've Never Felt Like This Before

19th August 2006:
what is the sequals title? please tell me before i EXPLODE...with anticipation that is.

Author's Response: Lmao, the sequel title is

Into The Void

If you go on my authors page its up there. Im just about to submit the second chapter :)

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Review #21, by WinchesterGirl15 I've Never Felt Like This Before

2nd August 2006:
great! ! !

Author's Response: thanks xx

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Review #22, by SmexyVampire I've Never Felt Like This Before

25th July 2006:
Yes, you are evil! *Claps* This was a very good story!

Author's Response: ahaha I am evil!!!

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Review #23, by SmexyVampire Disaster at the Quidittch Match

25th July 2006:
I'm here for modivation! *sings* Modivation, Modivat---ion!!! Yeah, it was kind of short, but it was good. Did Malfoy kiss her goodnight?

Author's Response: lol modivation?

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Review #24, by SmexyVampire The Aftermath of the Idiotic Plan

25th July 2006:
I like Blaise in this chapter. I've always thought Blaise was a kind...nice...person. Wait, who am I kidding? Sw33t-o chap!

Author's Response: ahahaha blaise is one of my favourite characters in this story

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Review #25, by SmexyVampire A Slytherin's compulsion to win

25th July 2006:
I like this part. Harry is so cute! Don't have doubts. If I didn't like this story would I be reviewing every part? I

Author's Response: thank you soo much for reviewing every chapter. i promsie im carrying on the story. xx

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